Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 2.01 – The Return – Song List

And we are back! Here’s the song list for last night’s episode “The Return”. Chris Mollere, music supervisor for The Vampire Diaries, didn’t disappoint. Like last season, he was right there once the West Coast episode aired with his incredible music selections for the show. Here are the links to download from iTunes:

Gemma Hayes “Out Of Our Hands” – Out

Piano Tribute Players “How To Save A Life” – How

Piano Tribute Players “Breakeven” – Breakeven

Hurts “Wonderful Life” – Wonderful

Mads Langer “The River Has Run Wild” – Live In Concert on YouTube

One Republic and Sara Bareilles “Come Home” – Come


Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. I loved the music for this episode! And this was a BRILLIANT episode, got my attention right away and I can’t wait for next weeks! eeeeeep

  2. Ruthie honey thank you darely for the song list one more request can you get the info ont he shoes Katherine was wearing in this epsiode.. please and thank you..

  3. You can download Mads Langers first and only album so far, Fact & Fiction.
    The song from this Episode, is one of songs from his next album.
    He is from Denmark By the way.

  4. ,hi I’m one of your no. one fans,,,,,just say hi to all the characters of the vampire diaries,,,oh my gosh i really lyk the movie coz suspense,,laughter,,and romance,,,hope you’ll visit us here in the Philippines,,and hope i’ll see you in personal,,mwaaahhhh lov u all

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