Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 18 – Under Control

Song list for Episode 18 “Under Control”, thanks to @cmollere, follow him on Twitter!

1. Black Mustang – “You And I” – Black Mustang - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - You and I

2. The Golden Dogs – “Yeah!” – The Golden Dogs - Everything In 3 Parts - Yeah!

3. Phoenix – “1901” – Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - 1901

4. The Postelles – “White Night” – The Postelles - White Night - EP - White Night

5. Katy Perry – “Use Your Love” – Katy Perry - Ur So Gay - EP - Use Your Love

6. Paramore – “Brick By Boring Brick” – Paramore - Brand New Eyes - Brick By Boring Brick

7. The Virgins – “Hey Hey Girl” – The Virgins - The Virgins - Hey Hey Girl

8. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Does This Mean You’re Moving On?” – The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event (Bonus Track Version) - Does This Mean You're Moving On?

9. The Morning After Girls – “To Be Your Loss” – The Morning After Girls - Alone. - To Be Your Loss


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  1. Hello :) I want to ask whether you know what song was played in the last scene when Damon told Elena that he will always choose her :) its soooo beautiful music… :) thanks

  2. hey , at minute 23 there was a song sounded like ( Parapaparap ) I couldn’t know what’s the name of that song so please if you can help me out :S ?

  3. hey there is a song played at around 16 mins into episode 18 season one and its a cover of skinny love. do you know who sings it because the beat is really cool!

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