Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 15 – A Few Good Men

Here’s the song list for “A Few Good Men”. Thanks to Chris Mollere for getting it to us! You can follow Chris on Twitter HERE. He updates everyone with the music right after the episode airs on the west coast, which is usually around 12AM Eastern, 11PM Central and 9PM Pacific.

1. Jet – “Black Hearts (On Fire)” – JET - Shaka Rock - Black Hearts (On Fire)

2. The Alternate Routes – “Time Is A Runaway” – The Alternate Routes - Good and Reckless and True - Time Is a Runaway

3. Sound Team – “Your Eyes Are Liars” – Sound Team - Movie Monster - Your Eyes Are Liars

4. Above The Golden State – “Real You” – Above the Golden State - The Golden Rule (Bonus Track Version) - Real You

5. Sweet Thing – “Winter Night” – Sweet Thing - Sweet Thing - EP - Winter Night

6. Free Energy – “Something In Common” – Free Energy - Free Energy - EP - Something In Common

7. Sounds Under Radio – “Portrait Of A Summer Thief” – Sounds Under Radio - Cinematica - Portrait of a Summer Thief


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