Vampire Diaries Music – Episode 11 – Bloodlines

Once again, and always expected a wonderful selection of music for tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “Bloodlines”.  Thanks to Christ Mollere for providing us with the list!

1. Florence & The Machine – “Cosmic Love” – Florence + The Machine - Lungs - Cosmic Love

2. Editors – “An End Has A Start” – Editors - An End Has a Start - An End Has a Start

3. Dandelions – “On A Mission” – The Dandelions - On a Mission - EP - On a Mission

4. Black Mustang – “Between The Devil And The Blue Sea” – Black Mustang - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

5. The Black Hollies – “Can’t Stop These Tears (From Falling)” – The Black Hollies - Softly Towards the Light - Can't Stop These Tears (From Falling)

6. Hope Sandoval – “Trouble” – Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - Through the Devil Softly - Trouble

7. The Steps – “Push” – The Steps - Take It All In - EP - Push

8. The Upsidedown – “Pepper Spray” – The Upsidedown - Trust Electricity - Pepper Spray

9. The Stereotypes – “The Night Before” – The Stereotypes - 1 - The Night Before

10. The Dig – “Look Inside” – The Dig - Look Inside - Single - Look Inside

11. Alex Band- “Only One” – (Unavailable to download) – Watch On YouTube

12. Julian Casablancas – “Out Of The Blue” – Julian Casablancas - Phrazes for the Young (Deluxe Version) - Out of the Blue

13. The Bell – “Nothing Is Logical” – The Bell - Make Some Quiet - Nothing Is Logical


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  1. Alex Band- “Only One” is actually available for download off the Artist’s own website.

  2. heyyy does anyone kno where i can watch this episode online!!! thanks <333 i luv this show!

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