Vampire Diaries Music – complete song list for episode 5 “You’re Undead To Me”

Here’s the complete list of music featured on last night’s episode courtesy of The Vampire Diaries music man @cmollere.  Thanks, Chris!

Imogen Heap “Wait It Out” – Imogen Heap - Ellipse (Bonus Track Version) - Wait It Out or Amazon
S.O. Stereo “When a Heart Breaks” – ?
Howie Day “Be There” – Howie Day - Sound the Alarm (Bonus Track Version) - Be There or Amazon
3OH!3 “Don’t Trust Me” – 3OH!3 - Want - Don't Trust Me or Amazon
Gabrielle Cilmi “Save the Lies” – Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons to Be Learned - Save the Lies or Amazon
Anjulie “Boom” – Anjulie - Anjulie (Bonus Track Version) - Boom or Amazon
Mads Langer “Beauty of the Dark” – ?




  1. i found “Beauty of the Dark”.that’s a beautiful song.and the lyrics”where is the light in your deep dark room,why the dark behind the moon” is so cold-beautiful…i loved it

  2. The actual title of the song is called “The Beauty” and it is on iTunes will have my sis update the post ASAP with a link for you guys.

  3. I’m ADDICTED to the show….Stefan, Dam, Elena, Elana’s Brother..it’s INSANE….I wait every single week 4 thursday’s…..I wish they expand to 2 hours show…because u WANT MORE, and MORE….
    ..LOVE from Ponce, PUERTO RICO.

  4. Ruthie’s got it wrong. The actual title was correct in the first place. It is Beauty of the Dark. The song can be downloaded for free on the artist’s website and you will find the lyrics there as well: http://www.madslanger.dk

  5. Apparently “When a Heart Breaks” is actually by Dave Barnes, not S.O. Stereo, and the CW listed it wrong. iTunes has got it by Dave Barnes anyway.

  6. can anyone tell me the name of the very last song that was played in his weeks epasode ..when Tyiler leaves town with the warewolf chik?

  7. Sorry the ..r..was a typeo,didnt notes it till after i hit subment.
    Anyhow if you could tell me the name of the last song in ..Cry wolf epesode ?as i cant make out of witch you mean,or even where your refurring to. if you could thanks..

  8. can any1 tell me what is the song that is playing on strings when the sheriff is talkking to that news guy, jennas ex, at the grill? i know that its a strings version of some orginal…but im lost…its on the tip of my togune…ummmm i have tori amos in my head the last time i listened to it but i know its nmot her. someone has to have a very very very good ear for music to help me figure this one out thanks. -jeannette

  9. i love ” Beauty in the dark” that song supposed to be primary song for Vampire Diaries,

  10. quelle est la chanson quand éléna se réveille Vampire Diaries 1×05

  11. damn i looove this show im so addicted to it that i even dream about it when im asleep i guess im struck. nina, paul and ian u guys rock. and ian somerhalder i am your biggest fan and… i love damon *wink*

  12. OMG I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so so so much!!! I cant help it I think of ALL the time!!! My Favourite parts out of season 1 are when Damon and Vikki dance!!!, when Damon and Elana kiss!!! and when Damon and start making fun of each other!!!

    BTW I think Damon Is a hottie<3

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