The Vampire Diaries to be filmed in Covington, GA


A new teen television series on The CW network, The Vampire Diaries based on author L.J. Smith’s 1991 trilogy of books, will be filmed in downtown Covington beginning July 21.

Warner Brothers representatives spoke at Monday’s city council meeting to let the city know its plans and receive tentative permission to film on the square, and on Floyd and Washington streets among other downtown locales.

Representatives said they chose Covington because of the great incentives offered by Georgia and the film-friendly environment of Covington. Bonanza Productions in association with Warner Brothers will film 12 episodes in Covington, and will be shooting from July 21 until around April. Read full article here….




  1. love the website. since u are filming where i live maybe i can get a part or a pass to meet the cast…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………please
    gina sewell

  2. I live in Covington and am a Vampire FREAK! I’m super excited that this is being filmed right here in little ol covington. The casting call is on my birthday.. I’m definitly going!

  3. I’m in!! Made the cut for the casting extras for Vampire Diaries!! I am so psyched!! Start Friday night, so I’m polishing up my fangs……

    My people will call your people………..

  4. What are the chances of getting to be in one of the episodes or being an “extra” in an episode? Would it help me out if I told you that my dad is the Poice Chief here in Covington? Ha ha!


  6. I just wanted to know if they are still filming the show and if so where at in Covington?

  7. Hey Rayonna! Yes, they are still filming in Covington, probably wrapped up for the year though after today, and will be back in January. Here’s the info on casting via Cherrix casting:



    Wanna know how I know this?? Because I talk to the cast all the time via Twitter, and if you aren’t on Twitter, you need to get on ASAP! Several of the cast members are on, and update us daily with all kinds of info! You can find our Twitter button in the sidebar, and sign up! :)

  8. How do I know what there twitter, is so I can follow them, thanks so much.

    I am a biggest fan of Ian I like him so much………..

  9. omg i wanna be an extra where in covington are they shoting at and when are they coming back to georgia for a meet and greet at the mall

  10. I live In the united Kingdom but I absoloutly <3 T Vampire Diaries. I honestly think im obsessed.Its on our TV on Tuesday nights on ITV2 and I adore it, We are five episode behind America, but I watch them online anyway, and I <3 reading the books, I have them all and I can't wait for the next one to be released too in april next yr. I think the salvatores are hot. And Elena is cute (not in tht sort of way). But what I am desperate to know, how Is Elena related to Katherine. And will she ever become a vampire so she can Be with Stefan? x

  11. Wow just saying that too, it’s on your TV’s Tonight. Haha you are five eps in front. 4 days before and when Its on in the states it”l be something like midnight here.

  12. This is definitely my favorite show on television right now! I can’t wait for the 2nd season to come on! I actually just moved to Covington, GA…going to have to go check out where they film one day! :)

  13. OMG i really want to go to georgia to meet them! .. is there any ways i can? .. because i want to go meet them for my 16th birthday that would be so awesome for a birthday present lol..can someone let me know how!? plzz =]

  14. Does Ian somerhalder, have a personal facebook account? and the rest of the cast?

  15. I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! me and my friend really really really are dyinnngg to meet the cast ! especially nina dobrev, ian sommerhalder, and paul wesely! we absolutley loveee itttt, so is there any way that we could get to meet them?

  16. so.. according ta all da information, the mystic fall iz nawt frm Virginia and thurz no such town as mystic falls? @_@

  17. hi, i’m a crazy big vampire fan. i am a buffy lover and i love this show becuase is is SO close to bffylore! i love all of you geys and it would be soooo cool if i could meet some of you at some point. i live in east atlanta. love yall!

  18. ah i’m a fan too.. but i’m from romania.. i mean europe.. it’s hard to belive but i really want to see personal and to have just 1 hour with all team.. just for talcking.. i’ll say thank you for all the actors who made be a fan and i want more details about when is… i don’t know something which make me see them.. i’m disperate..pleaseee..even if i’ts hard for me coming from romania.. but i.ll do approximately anything for this.. thank’s for all you’re help..contact me

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