NEW CW Cast Interview: Michael Trevino Discusses Tyler’s Future

The CW has released another cast interview gearing up for The Vampire Diaries Season premiere, set for October 3rd! Michael Trevino talks Tylers’s future in Mystic Falls.


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  1. its about time to bring Michel Trevino Back in the show because he’s a second hero to Help Elena with Stephen and Demon Killed Klaus when Tyler rescue Elena from Klaus in he’s house Wuuuuwww

  2. and Now I m wrong because seeing the graduation party turning Klaus one of the good ones seeing the graduation Party when the 12 Wtches attacked the friends of Elena Klaus Help everybody to stay alive that’s the most beauty of the England People and Claire Hult my sweety love the friend of Elena I was wrong because Klaus and He’s family turned to Help Elena’s Friends the most Beauty of them how gorgeous is that my lovers people

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