Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale Post-Mortem: Burning Questions Answered!

Thanks to Julie Plec, we have some major questions answered from last night’s season finale and what’s to come in Season 6. Julie talks to both TV Line, EW and more. And thanks to Kat Graham for sharing this awesome BTS photo above from she and Ian Somerhalder filming the last scene!

Via EW:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It seemed as if Damon and Bonnie found peace as The Other Side was destroyed. Let’s start with the big question on fans’ minds: Is Ian Somerhalder a series regular in season 6?

JULIE PLEC: I think the ending of the episode is meant to be left up deliberately for speculation of what exactly did happen to them. I can say for certain The Other Side is gone for good, and I can say for certain that when The Other Side disappeared for good that they had already been dealt with — whether it’s through finding peace or other means. Outside of that [laughs], I think I’ll let the speculation blow around a little while longer.

But can you say whether we’ll see Ian and Kat again?

We will definitely see Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham on the show. I mean, there’s a million different ways that you can do that. But as far as in what context — how, why, and where? — that’s part of the mystery.

Read more at EW.

Via TV Line:

TVLINE | Now, for some questions about the people who came back: Is Tyler fully human, or just back to being a werewolf?

He’s back to being a human with the werewolf gene, which means he’s going to have to relive that whole experience all over again, this time knowing about it much earlier. He won’t be that messed-up kid with all the aggression he can’t understand; now he knows where it’s coming from. But he’s still going to have to work hard to keep his temperaments reigned in, and to find an outlet for that physical frustration that comes along with having the werewolf gene. If he hurts someone again, he’ll have to go through that whole journey. And as we saw, it was not fun for him.

Read more over at TV Line.

Via THR:

“The way we look at it, season six is a beautiful and organic reset. The theme of the season is everybody gets to start over. That’s what we’re going to do,” executive producer Julie Plec tells The Hollywood Reporter.
The new season will be a departure from the “massive genre extravaganza” Vampire Diaries has become, instead putting the focus back on character and their often complicated internal and psychological conflicts.
“We’re trying to take the show away from the massive genre extravaganza where each season we try to top each other with the bigger bad, more exciting mythologies and boil it back down to the beginning, which is tension, suspense, romance, psychological horror, simple horror, vampires living in secret, people discovering their secret and coming after them,” Plec promises.

Read the rest over at THR.

Via TV Guide:

What did Grams (Jasmine Guy) mean when she told Bonnie she made sure she’d have peace?

Plec: It’s the biggest clue one can take in the finale as far as the mystery of what’s going to happen next year. That was not an arbitrary comment and Grams clearly did something and the question is what.

Read more of the interview over at TV Guide.


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  1. I think that right now, it’s not the right moment to mess with our heads ( the fans of TVD ) , we’re a little on the edge right now, still everything very raw and painful ! This kind of answers are nothing but confusing, She seems to be joking with us, Seriously, i respect Julie’s work and i like her, but after that emotional episode last night, after everything that went down with Damon and Elena ……how can she give such answers about Damon being a regular on next TVD season ???
    Damon must come back and be Damon, our Damon, TVD is nothing without Damon !!! Julie says ” We will definitely see Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham on the show. I mean, there’s a million different ways that you can do that. But as far as in what context ” – What does that mean ? I know thats part of the mistery and bla, bla, bla :( Another thing that i found very important, is the relationship Damon/ Elena . Last night didn’t left any doubts about their love for each other, so evidently, they should get back together. Once you went that road ” Damon and Elena love is endless” , there is no turning back !!! No more love triangle , including Stefan , because let’s face it , if there is such a thing, the show looses all is credibility. What was showed last night was a couple completly in love, soulmates, true and real love, and there’s no turning back from that kind of love . I hope Julie and the other writes figure that out, because let’s face it : If there’s no Damon ( Ian is the most popular and fav on the show) as a regular character, TVD will LOOSE fans, if love triangle starts again, show looses credibility, and looses lots of fans ( me being one of them ), Damon and Elena not get together, again show looses credibility and looses fans ( me included) , with all this , no more TVD or season 7…..

  2. i m very pleased to read that Bonnies is returning for a season 6 on the vampire diaries huray up up hurrayy up up huray

  3. look,s like two big gigant meteors broking each other when they hit each other Damon and Bonnie the important couple and there is a memories of Bonnie TVD 5X04 Damon Elena. everyone attends Bonnie’s funeral
    thank you 2 bonnie is being a privigie too see acting in the show just in case if i don’t see her or just quitting
    thank you for the love of Cyber-X i love you my favorite dear character friend Bonnie my sweetest Freind 4 u as Bonnie Kat Gram

  4. not is for nothing but seriously i truly love so much the finally of season 5 the final scenes of the vampire diaries so as the song of Birdy call the latter Wings so awesome and so beautyful i can’t stop repeatitly that final scene when is staring that song call Wings with this actress Birdy so lovely

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