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TV Line and Forever Young Adult have more Vampire Diaries Scoop from Julie Plec. With TV Line, she talks Rebekah, killing Klaus and graduation!

On Rebekah’s Role as the ‘Mean Girl’ Queen Bee | “What I’m excited about with Rebekah [in Season 4], specifically, is that we have never had a true antagonist on a human/teenage level,” she noted. We’ve never had our Valerie [from Beverly Hills, 90210] or our Amanda Woodward [from Melrose Place]. And with Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl. As we get into the second half of their senior year, here’s Rebekah, still in Mystic Falls, heading back to school, completely ostracized from the community of people that she knows because of what she did to Elena and Matt [in the finale]. She’s completely loathed by the one guy [Matt] that she had a crush on, and also by her past love [Stefan]. What’s she going to do about that? How does a vampire, who has all kinds of mind control capabilities and sass, carve her way into the high school world when the people that we love hate her guts? Once she gets over the hump of being “World’s Most Hated” in the yearbook, how will she live? And what will her life be like?”

Read more over at TV Line.

Here Julie talks with Forever Young Adult about one of The Vampire Diaries greatest strengths. (Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up on this!)

G: I think another of the show’s greatest strengths its insanely good ensemble cast. At one point did the cast seem to gel as a whole? Were the elements just there from the start, or has it been a process of building and refining?

J:When you’re doing a pilot, you’ve got 41 minutes to introduce about 10 characters, and a world, and a story. So when you consider that you’re pilot is centered around probably just two of those characters, and there’s about eight characters that get about 2 minutes of screen time per, so it’s very difficult to make your mark as a supporting character in a pilot. And yet the beauty of a long-running series is that, theoretically, by the time you get to the end of the series your supporting characters have become your co-leads, if not sometimes become the true leads. I think that Caroline’s character is on a journey to by the end of the series — should she survive it — be one of the strong female leads of the show. So what’s fun about it is the evolution of all these people.

Read the rest of this interview over at Forever Young Adult.


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  1. Sick of the originals.

    After willfully trying to kill Matt, why would Bex think he’d want her? Why would he want her? Ugh.

    High school has barely been a blip since season one, who cares about it now?

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