Julie Plec Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 7 with Alloy & THR

Alloy Entertainment had the chance to chat with Julie Plec at the most recent TCA Sumer Press Tour. Check out what Julie teased about the upcoming 7th season of The Vampire Diaries.

Alloy Entertainment: We’ve witnessed the year of the Originals, the Doppelgangers, and more. Is there an overall theme to the seventh season?

Julie Plec: There is a bit in the beginning of the season. Stefan and Damon’s mother is present, and it’s them trying to work out how they feel about her as she’s ultimately mothering this group, the family that she’s chosen over them. What’s the most challenging part about writing episodes without Elena? It’s actually only challenging in that we know how much the audience misses her. But on a writing level it’s actually fun, new.

Read the rest of the interview over at Alloy Entertainment.

Julie Plec also recently spoke with THR where she discussed The Vampire Diaries and how The Heretics will come into play.

Looking toVampire Diaries, what can you share about the impact the heretics have on Mystic Falls?

I feel, in a small way, they’re bringing that family dynamic we had back with TheOriginals [on Vampire Diaries]. They’re not blood related, but they’re completely bonded. They fight like cats and dogs, and they fight for each other and against each other all the time. It’s fun to watch them do their thing. They have no regard for the rest of the people in the community, and they have no regard for Stefan and Damon, who they consider to be the stepsiblings they don’t want to know. For the heretics, I would say, what I like most about them is they’re droll and mean and in-fighty and [argumentative] and funny and snotty and sparkly in all those ways we love characters on Vampire Diaries.

Read more from the interview over at THR.


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