TV Fanatic Chats with Chris Wood About Why Kai’s Trapped on May 10, 1994


TV Fanatic had a chance to chat with the new big bad on The Vampire Diaries, Chris Wood about Kai’s place in this whole mystery of why he, Bonnie and Damon are reliving May 10, 1994. Check out what Chris had to say about why Grams brought Bonnie and Damon to this place.

TVF: I’m definitely intrigued now! If they’re all in Kai’s Hell, why is it the place Grams chose to send Bonnie? Aside from helping you escape, will we find out why she’s there?

CW: Bonnie’s magic is very important to Kai. Like I said before, the prison world has its own rules and we’re going to learn about those and what Bonnie’s part in it is. Whether this was where Grams meant to send Bonnie or whether Kai brought her there somehow is the real mystery.

Read more of the interview over at TV Fanatic.


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