Robert Ri’chard Chats with Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life caught up with one of the newest guest stars on The Vampire Diaries, Robert Ri’chard (Jamie). What’s next for his character and what role will he play in Bonnie’s love life.

Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) has one very good reason to return to Mystic Falls, and it goes by the name of Jamie (Robert Ri’chard.) Although Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) alleged “new love interest” didn’t get too much screen time with her on his inaugural episode of The Vampire Diaries, Robert assuresHollywoodLife.com he’ll be back to make some magic happen — and soon. ”There’s more story to be told, and it’ll drift towards Bonnie because, I guess, she has a pretty flawed love life,” Robert tells me. (Yeah, that’s a bit of an understatement.)

Like most people on the show, Robert is being kept in the dark about Jamie’s future with Bonnie, but he says viewers can likely expect the chemistry to develop between them, especially as he stays close with Bonnie’s mom Abby (Persia White.)

Read the rest of the interview at Hollywood Life.


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  1. Nope… no love from me so far… There are too many new characters this season to really appreciate them and we usually get more background for characters that only last a short story arc than other [more permanent] characters on the show. Jamie will likely die(or turn out to be evil and then die) by the end of the season cause lets face it Jeremy, Alaric and Bonnie have the WORSE love life I’ve ever seen!! LOLOLOL :D

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