Matt Davis Talks Vampire Diaries and Ernesto Riley with PopWrap

Great interview from New York Post’s PopWrap with Matt Davis aka Alaric Saltzman aka Ernesto Riley?? Haha…the last name is actually the name that Matt Davis has been using on Twitter, and just recently Zach Roerig (@zgeorge222) outed him! We were a little disappointed when we saw he hadn’t tweeted in over a year, but that was immediately dispelled when he started tweeting with amazing pictures from set, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Anyway, check out what Matt Davis says is in store for our favorite History teacher!

PW: You delivered the biggest shock of the season for me the other week when I thought Damon killed Alaric!

Matt: [laughs] You know, I would have been nervous reading the script if I didn’t know that I had a contract in place. So I felt pretty confident that they wouldn’t kill me.

PW: I like that he’s still extremely mysterious — are we going to learn more about him as season one winds down?

Matt: Oh, absolutely. That’s all going to come to focus starting next week. Like a colossal “bing!” and all his connections to all the other characters, which are very surprising, will come to the surface. I will say that Alaric makes a very unlikely ally in the show.

PW: And I’m hearing the season finale is going to be jam-packed with cliffhangers?

Matt: Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s going to be ridiculous. We haven’t seen the script, but you start to hear the rumblings and from what I’ve been hearing it’s going to be very intense.

PW: Lastly, I have to know where your Twitter name — Ernesto Riley — came from.

Matt: [laughs] That’s so funny. Ernesto Riley came to me in a dream, he’s the truth, he’s all things and he is nothing. He is all the things I am not.

PW: Do you ever give out that name at bars to brush people off?

Matt: Exactly, I give them a fake number with Ernesto’s name on it [laughs]. He’s my mysterious doppelganger.

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