Kat Graham Teases Tonight’s Episode and More!


Kat Graham has been making the rounds, talking about tonight’s episode and what we can expect in the season finale. Check out what Kat had to say, and we’ll add more interviews as they come in!

Via TV Guide:

While we’ve been prepping our tissues for the Vampire Diaries finale — and Nina Dobrev‘s official exit — for weeks, one star warns you might just not need them.

“I don’t know if it’s a sad thing. Change for a lot of us, for anyone, is very difficult, but I wouldn’t say the episode is going to leave you sad,” Kat Graham tells TVGuide.com. “I think, I’m hoping, people will be excited for what’s next and our journey as a family together. I’m actually happy [because] I think there is some risk-taking in the finale. Even if one chapter closes, sometimes people don’t really deal with things and they don’t end things how they need to, and I’m excited for the fans to see that.”

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Via Access Hollywood:

There’s a lot at stake and Kat Graham said there’s “a really great scene” between her character, Bonnie, and Nina Dobrev’s Elena in Thursday’s episode, “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You,” as Elena mulls what to do.

“I think with girlfriends, you always want your girlfriends to make the decisions for themselves, not based on a boy, not based on anything other than, ‘Is this what you want?’ Is this you know what you want to do?’ And that’s real support to me. That’s real girlfriend support, so you’re gonna see a lot of that come through in the episode [on Thursday],” Kat told Access Hollywood.

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Via EW:

And thanks to Jo’s bachelorette party, Elena will soon find herself in a room with a few of her favorite women … and a lot of food.

So, what does aVampire Diaries bachelorette party look like? “It’s actually real sexy. And it’s silly,” said Graham. ”The writers know that we’re all very silly; we just like to have a good time, [so] you see a lot of silliness happening, lots of yummy food, milkshakes, french fries. I think Nina and I went through like two bowls of french fries during the scene. [There are] tiaras.” Of course, no TVD event could be complete without a surprise element—and Graham promised this party will include just that.

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Via E!Online:

“She has a bit of temper, so it really depends on who is pissing her off. Caution: Damon!” Graham says. “It’s not going to take much for her to stand up for herself now. You’ll see Bonnie use her magic in different ways soon, sometimes in a very threatening way and sometimes as her defense.”

But just because Bonnie may blow up at Damon (Ian Somerhalder) from time to time, that doesn’t mean their friendship is going to take a hit. These two are BFFs for life now!

“I don’t think their friendship will be affected,” Graham says. “Damon knows that Bonnie really, truly knows him now, and he can’t pull one over on her. If anything, their friendship is stronger now because he respects her more. She calls him out on his s–t which I think is super important.”

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Via Zap2It:

Even though there seems to be a mutual respect going on between Damon and Bonnie these days, the witch will be a lone wolf throughout the remainder of the season.
“Everybody thought that Damon was kind of her go-to and who she had a soft spot for, but at this point I don’t think Bonnie has a soft spot for anyone,” Graham says. “It’s really about what are the best choices that we all can make together.”
Even though at the end of Season 6, the show will bid adieu to Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), fans can look forward to a lot of fun before the tears.

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