Chris Wood Talks Bonkai, New Show Cordon and More with Alloy Entertainment


Chris Wood had a chat with Alloy Entertainment to talk about his new show that was picked up by The CW, Cordon and The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale.

Alloy Entertainment: In the promo for episode 6×22, we spy a confrontation between Damon and Kai. What can you tease about this?
Chris Wood: It’s shocking that Damon and Kai would fight, that never happens on the show. [Laughs] I can definitely say we have some good moments with that and whatever is happening with Elena, Damon is extra mad at this guy who he’s hated and loathed from the beginning. But, we also get the Kai/Bonnie sort of face off that we’ve been hoping for all season, because they have a lot of unfinished business and they get a moment to sort of really duke it out. It’s epic, it’s messy, it’s exciting and dark. I think that fans will like it.

Alloy Entertainment: Speaking of fights, Bonnie lured Kai over to the 1903 prison world, only to stab him and leave him behind to rot. How did this act of betrayal affect his psyche, and does his revenge plan reflect this at all?
Chris Wood:
I think Kai was really trying to change and trying to be good, and everyone in his life rejected him. The one person that he maybe cared about the most is Bonnie, and that fact that she is responsible for trapping him – I think this is a moment where his mind breaks. He has a mental snap. Anything good about this guy seemingly has vanished; and at least the parts of Luke in him are dormant and suppressed. He’s on a mission to destroy lives and bay back anyone who has ever wronged him, he wants his cousin dead, he wants Bonnie, Damon, and Elena and anyone whose involved with him getting screwed over again, he wants dead. It’s pretty simple and I he’s willing to do anything and doesn’t care about the consequences for himself.

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  1. If Demon wants to fight with kai is going to b a messy episode and a very messy season if one day Demon fight with Kai

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