TVD Nashville: It’s The Vampire Diaries Reunion We Had All Been Waiting For!

Photo Credit: Paul Wesley’s Instagram

Yep…that’s right! Many good times were had this past weekend, at Creation Entertainment‘s first tour stop for The Official Vampire Diaries and The Originals Convention in Nashville, TN! The first being that we all got to see these two above reunite after several months!

I, personally, had the pleasure of attending the event this past weekend. I had an amazing time seeing the cast again and meeting up with old and new friends! The tour has 5 more stops this year in Chicago, San Francisco, New Jersey, Seattle and Phoenix! Click HERE to choose your destination and get your tickets!

TVD Nashville Highlights

Check out some video highlights, photos, fan stories from TVD Nashville. If you attended the event, and have some photos, videos are personal stories you would like to share, feel free to comment below, I’ll contact you and will update the post!

Video from Ian and Paul’s Exclusive Gold Panel – Ian talks about last scene he filmed with Paul

Fan Story from Cassidy

“When I met Ian, I didn’t have my glasses on and I told him “I can’t see you” and he got really close to my face and said “why can’t you see?” I said, “I don’t have my glasses” he said “someone get this girl her glasses” grabbed my glasses put them on my face then put his hands on my cheeks and got close to my face again and said “can you see me now sweetie?” and as I was walking away he grabbed my hand and said see you later cutie.”

Paul Wesley Gets a Valentine’s Day Proposal!

Photos from TVD Nashville

Photo Credit: Jenn G. – Please credit if shared!

Photo Credit: Susan – Please credit if shared!

Photo Credit: Kara S – Please credit if shared!

Photo Credit: Marcy – Please credit if shared!


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  1. There’s Carys, the teacher, and good-looking Ian; Ashley, who keeps her apartment freezingly air-conditioned round the clock, and Chad, her amiable New Zealander husband; Sara, who, like Sarah, is Asian-American, and John.

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