New Ian Somerhalder Interview from The CW Atlanta (Video)

Check out The CW Atlanta’s interview with Ian Somerhalder. The local Atlanta affiliate spent some time on set recently! Check out what Ian had to say about Damon and why he’s a lot like him.


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  1. Ian somerhadler trips me out and he is very smart whenever it comes to answering certain questions in interview… notice how he didn’t elaborate very much on what he thinks the show mean so the fans, smooth move on his part. That way there’s no controversy on what the fans may Thnk about his view on how we feel about the show and why we watch it!:-) well that’s my opinion on his response anyways. I fell in love with the rich history, back story, compassion, stelena’s LOVE, and how its so much more original than other vampire shows… and I gotta say the.whole dopplegangger approach drew me completely in! Although adding another kindda weird for me but we willsee hhow it goes!:)

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