Ian Talks Food With Vegas Magazine Plus More on the IS Foundation Via Zap2It

Thanks to @VDSource for alerting us to this piece on Ian Somerhalder with Vegas Magazine. Not only do we get a cool new photo, but we found out how Vegas holds a special significance for Ian when he got the call to audition for The Vampire Diaries. Also, he mentions his favorite places to dine in Vegas and his favorite home cooked dishes. Head on over to Vegas Magazine to check it out!

Zap2It spoke with Ian yesterday about his foundation:

“It’s a collaborative spirit. This is about educating and empowering people globally, especially the youth, to start acting now and understand that their environment and they have to start learning how to protect it. Education is going to be our greatest tool,” Somerhalder says. “Kids are fed up with the way the environment is being treated by people in power. We just have to give them the education and the tools to do something about it, and they will.”

He plans to work in collaboration with both Conservation International and Pew Charitable Trusts to encourage kids. “We’re going to be able able to put together contests and really cool educational trips for schools, whether it’s underprivileged or even over-privileged kids, rural or urban areas,” he explains. “I’m so stoked about this.”

Read the rest of this in depth interview at Zap2It.


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  1. Can Ian possibly be any hotter? Dear lord, I have to say “Thank You” for making a man that looks (and acts) like that:)

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