Ian Somerhalder Getting Vamped Out!!

Wow!! Take a look at these cool behind-the-scenes shots of Ian Somerhalder getting his make up, contacts and fangs!  Thanks to @MiLiCiCaMeRmAiD for the heads up and Ian Somerhalder Italy for posting them!


Click through for the rest!


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  1. he is so hot despise the wrinkles others talk about he is suppose to be an old age vampire . he is one of the sexiest vampires and he has such a great wicked smile that goes with it

  2. Ian looks like a grown man is supposed to look! His face isn’t wrinkly. It just shows signs of life experiences (being in the sun, etc.). I think he looks great. I’m over 30 and I like a man who doesn’t look like an adolescent.

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