Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in TNT España Promo

Check out this completely adorable promo from TNT España featuring Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Just watch…enough said. Thanks to @awolfinarcadia for bringing it to our attention!


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  1. Oh gosh, I totally laughed at this. But I’m not suprised, they have more videos and pictures I can laugh about, they just know how to make someone laugh, I think.

  2. LOL. omg paul lifted his shirt ;) ian in the beginning is real funny, jumping around

  3. can anyoneee find what song/music is playing in the background

    they are soooo hott

  4. Ian & Nina are datingg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughh I’m soo happy , I love Delena & love them even more :)

  5. Yup Jackie but there is one thing left in each one of the places so there are diferents between that video languages and other diferents Languages between Barcelons and Mexico and i m from Mexico but not neseserly in mexico i live in Monterrey CD Cd it means City of Monterrey Ciudad de monterrey traducing in enlish plus spanish thankx Gracias

  6. *falls over laughing* OMGosh.. Ian and Paul are just hilarious! What a wonderful video of them both.

  7. jajajaj, solo pueden pensar en carne?
    Se puede pensar en tantas cosas con ellos dos, sean su personaje o no…

  8. I watched that about ten times, it’s a sin to be that damn good looking. They are just so f*@^ing cute!!!!

  9. I thought they were soooooo cute! They are sooooo handsome! I really loved how they smiled a lot! tooo sexy for their shirts!!!

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