Vampire Diaries Cast pics – Elena and Stefan

Even more Vampire Diaries promotional pics have surfaced today These are courtesy of Nina-Dobrev.info. Elena and Stefan look great together!






  1. I still think Elena should be blonde but she looks stunning
    Stefan has a cool jacket… x3

    and is that pic from the graveyard? :O

  2. Thank you for the pictures and sorry for my english, i’m italian XD *___*

  3. yeah she is pretty. but when you pick a book as a tv show. wouldnt it make sense that if the character is described as very blonde. wouldnt you try to find a blonde actress?…many of the viewers are going to be people who read the books and thats going to bother them

  4. good job on Stefan and damon and Elena and since shes going to have blonde hair then i’m fine with everything! will you please put up pics of Bonnie and Meredith and Matt and Caroline.

  5. I’ve disliked this girl since Degrassi, WHY WOULD THEY PICK HER TO PLAY ELENA GILBERT? The blonde hair/ blue eyes plays such a huge part in the book.

    Plus, the guy they picked to play Stefan looks atleast 30 years old…….

  6. OK not liking the guys. they do not look in anyway Italian. I mean come on they could not find 2 guys who could act and look the part in Hollywood for goodness sakes? Elena is fine she’ll do but these guys are so far off it is not even funny. If you want the show to succeed then at least give us what the book does. Good luck you’ll need it.

  7. I thinks their great together. I really can’t wait to see the show
    Stefan: awesome
    Elena: She should’ve played Bella in Twilight

  8. I loved all of the books but Elena not being blonde kinda disappoints me. A die hard actress would dye her hair to fit the part. Demi Moore shaved her head for G.I.Jane. If you dont wanna dye your hair then wear a wig. If Hannah Montana/Miley Cirus can pull off a blonde wig then why can’t this chick? I will still watch the show only because I loved the books and can’t wait to see it come to life. I hope that Elena’s hair isnt the only disappointment!

  9. I am bummed. Totally, completely bummed. Elena does not look like Elena. That ruined my image. Hope that won’t be the only dissapointment in the show, as Jas(comment above) said.

  10. okay. i mean really. through out the whole book the author has been stressing the fact that Elena Gilbert is BLOND!!! is it so hard to find a blond actress that could play Elena’s part. i think the guy that is playing Stefan is fine. but Damon NO!!! he is toooooo old to play Damon. not only that but he DOES NOT look like the Damon i had in my head. he is so wrong for the part. if you’re going to make a show out of a book and you want people to watch it then at least get the characters right!!!

  11. Elena NEEDS BLOND hair how could they not cast someone with blond haire like its not that hard and whats with Stefan chin!!!!!!!!

  12. I saw the trailer for this and I got so excited, even more when I realized that there were books out there. So I went and bought the books and I’m in the process of reading them. I have a picture of what the people are supposed to look like in my head, and obviously – as many of you have stated – Elena isn’t blond and apparently the guys don’t fit the profile?

    Personally, I think Nina is gorgeous. And maybe it’s because I’m Canadian and I’m biased – I think she’ll do a great job; she’s a good actress. I hope she’s confident in the show, like she is the books.

    And since everyone is commenting about Twilight too (and how the movie ruined the books for them) I’m gonna say that I’d have to COMPLETELY AGREE! Bella was ugly and awkward, Edward was a weirdo. I was SO disappointed the movie.

    So I just hope that this show lives up to the expectations – especially to the people whom have read the books and love them. Since I have just started, and only because I thought this show would be great, it’s not that big of a big deal to me if the storyline and characters don’t exactly fit.

    I think that in order to avoid people getting so upset over their individual expectations of the show versus the book, they should view the show as a whole different thing. The books can be amazing in one way, and the show amazing in another. After all, we know it can’t be worse than what they did to Twilight ;) lol

  13. okay, this should have been the cast for twilight. kristen stewart is so ugly, and robert pattinson just plain scares me.
    but stefan is exactly how i imagined him, damon will do i guess, but im completely disappointed with elena not being blonde. the story almost revolves around her being pretty with blonde hair! how can they LEAVE IT OUT?!
    When I was reading the books, I sort of pictured Elena to have Taylor Swift looks. Maybe they actually should cast Taylor Swift and have her wear blue contacts. Gorgeous girl + blonde = WIN

  14. I think that the two guys fit the part perfectly, and elena looks like she does too, but could they at least die her hair blonde or make her wear a wig? the author was trying to portray the fact that elena was the: ‘golden girl’ with those lapiz eyes. But all of the fans from reading the book won’t get that feeling and same emotion about the tv series, because she does not have blonde hair. Also if they don’t cast merideth that going to be a huge dissapointment. And isn’t bonnie supposed to have red hair? Also Elena has a younger sister not a younger brother. And isn’t it fells church not mystic falls?? And They have Matt’s last name wrong. And i never new that matt and vickie were siblings :S Otherwise the tv show looks good. Once again stefan and damon were chosen perfectly.

  15. good job with elena. i’m sorry and i’m not trying to offend anybody but i dont really like stefan. thats not how i pictured him. and he’s not cute but it might just be me! haha

  16. Elena looks fine, Damon is PERFECT! But Stefan looks too old for her.
    Now looking at the three, I prefer Damon and Elena, not Stefan and Elena.
    Stefan looks like he was flicked off the “Angel” set. Fellow looks too old. Hope it comes out well.

  17. Why is Elena a Brunette? the Movie is Going to be Horrible with a Brunette, Shes Supposed to be Blonde that Made the book so much BETTER and the Guys look nothing like the Characters, Damon should at least be buff and kind of cute, and Stephan is supposed to be Gorgeous. i wish people knew what they were doing when they turn AMAZING books into Crappy Movies.

  18. Why would they HER to play Elena?! Elena is BLONDE and has BLUE eyes! Did they not read the book or somethin? I think that how Elena looks plays a BIG part in this and they have totally wrecked that! :( And honestly I dont think the guys in it are good looking OR italian! :( I was really looking forward to in but ….


  19. Have just looked at the pics again. Seriously, how old is Stefan? He looks way too old … and ugly (sorry). I mean, Stefan is supposed to …. BEYOND gorgeous! (*sigh* :) )
    Amazing book turns to …. TOTALLY RUBBISH TV SHOW!! Whoever did this better be sorry! :@

  20. Are they casting a Meredith? Cos i looked on another website and it said that she wasnt on the show! I hope this is just a mistake as i think she is a big part of the book.

    And Bonnie? She’s supposed 2 have RED hair but she has brown. And Coraline has blonde hair insead of brown.

    In the show doesnt Elena hav a brother instead of a sister?

    Omg! everything has just gone all wrong! :O ! :( ! is there any point i watching it? I imagined the characters SO differnet :( ……
    this SUCKS!

  21. I thought that Damon was a good choice he is gorgeous! Stefan on the other hand should’ve been someone else. They kinda mixed up the characters but the most dissapointing thing for me was elena. She doesn’t look ANYTHING like shes supposed to and neither does Bonnie or Caroline, or any of the characters. So this sucks and elena doesnt have a brother Duh! They shoulda made a movie that was the same as the book instead of a series that really pisses me off.

  22. I love the books and the fact that they are changing all the characters kinda makes me mad.
    For all you twilight fans that think edward and bella shoulda been someone else i totally agree with you!!
    the film was so awkward and unemotional that i wanted to go to sleep.
    Its like they took a couple of kids and told them to kiss

  23. They look absolutely perfect together! I always like Nina Debrov since she played in Degrassi and the movie My Daughters Secret! But she shouldnt be turned ito a blonde for the show, even though it is a big part! She gorgeos and right for the part already! The guy playin Stefan doesnt look too old to me and not too young either like hes rite in the middle of the two and perfect! Damon is fit in character, charming yet dangerous! The cast is absolutely great and perfect! Even though its not exactly identical to the book its still great! Cant wait for the show come out! Fingers Crkssex For It To Be A Hit!* =]

  24. I read the books, and seeing the characters is SO annoying to me. Throughout the entire book the author stresses the golden hair and blue eyes that Elena has. She’s supposed to be confident and headstrong. Nina as an actress is too weak to play such a big part, her performance in Degrassi was nothing special- she didn’t stand out enough. And anyone who read the books knows that Elena definitely does not disappear into the crowd. As far as Damon and Stefan go, I’m iffy. Neither of them look Italian, which is so obviously a huge part of the books. Damon seems to fit his character a little more than Stefan, but he looks a little too old. Stefan is supposed to be this beautifulllll guy who Elena cannot resist. And although he is definitely good looking, his looks just don’t fit the book. The whole little sister, little brother mix up surprisingly annoys me more than I would have thought it would. It’s such a big deal that she has a sister, it makes it more special that way. I’ve seen a few things about Nina dying her hair, and I think that is totally appropriate. I think that for anyone who read the books, this will be the worst part of the character choosing- the fact that she is a brunette with dark eyes. She NEEDS to dye her hair PRONTO. I wish that these movie people and tv people wouldn’t bother making movies if they aren’t going to get some of the most important details right.

    As far as Twilight goes, I agree with all the comments listed above. The whole relationship between Bella and Edward felt forced and akward. I think that they chose every character perfectly except the 2 most important ones: Bella and Edward. Robert Pattinson is cute, no doubt. But was her Edward? Heck no! The guy playing Stefan actually more accurately fits Edward. As far as Kristen Stewart goes, come on! They couldn’t have picked a worst actress to play her. All her other roles she has been good in, because they were emotionless and flighty roles. Where as Bella requires tons of spunk, individuality, and EMOTIONEMOTIONEMOTION! Which Kristen definitely lacks in. Urghhh! I was very disappointed among see this movie. Like I said above, no one should touch great books/series like these unless they’re going to get them right.

    Sorry for all the ranting, I’m just putting it all out there.

  25. omg… is the pplz tht r doing the casting stuipd? cuz all tht ive been reading here is like the….scariest thing ive ever heard… bonnie with brown fecking hair….wtfh? tht aint bonnie tht like coraline…and wtfh? y does coraline have fecking blond hair its supposed to be elena with fecking blond hair…and wtfh? is with stefan and damon….stefan is supposed top be dam beyond gorgeous….and damon is supposed to be dam buff and a fecking lil cute…..and wtfh? is with elena’s sister not fecking brother…there was no fecking brother….and wtfh? with matt last name….and wtfh? is with matt and vickie being cuz or something????…..idk the proint in watching this fecking show….*sigh*….idk….shold they even show this show this show to us the readers of the show???……idk……peace out….*sigh*…

  26. Sometimes directors feel they need to put their own visions of characters on shows, it’s hard for die hard fans to be happy with shows/movies based off books simply because the show/movie doesn’t follow the story/characters or it follows it dead on making it too boring and predictable. I’ll give the show a chance. just because she’s not blonde and blue eyed doesn’t mean she can’t portray the character well, she’s still a gorgeous girl.

  27. I understand what you’re saying, Sandy.
    But I just have the biggest problem with Nina.
    Sure, she’s gorgeous, but she’s a baaaad actress.

  28. I was looking at some pics of the rest of the cast and they did a horrible job! Bonnie is a brunette and Merideth is a blonde. I mean I’m still excited about the show because I loved the books but you would think that they would try to find actors who fit the character descriptions!!

  29. omg…….. er wrong i love the books too and they make such a big thing about her hair and porcelling (cnt spell) skin. errrrr not a dark haired girl!!!! and the fact that someone said she should ave played bella in twilight!!!! I DONT THINK SO!!!they got it right. the guys dont bothere me soo much you kind of excpet too see twenty odd year old playing high school kids these days look at 90210 that is a great show tho. i am a little let down dont they understand that the details make it what it is. grrrrrr i really dont think its going too be tht much like the book i think we could be let down!!!if your going to copy the book COPY THE BOOK

  30. This is a complete outrage!! I have just finished reading all four of the Vampire Diaries so far and when i looked online to see the cast list i was extremely disappointed!!! THE WHOLE FACT, of Elena and Katherine being similiar is because THEY WERE BOTH BLONDE WITH BLUE EYES, AND FAIR WHITE SKIN. There are SO MANY actresses who could EASILY pull off that look! The cast is RUINING the vision of what us readers have pictured in our heads! And Stefan looks TOTALLY off track! They clearly stated in the book that he has WAVY dark hair, and in the preview he definently has STRAIGHT hair. And he was supposed to be more short, and not very like MUSCULAR. Damon, looks downright scary and like hes 30 or something!! They were supposed to cast a man who looked dark, but yet not like he could be Elena’s father!! And BONNIE is a REDHEAD. not a BRUNETTE! It’s one of her main FEATURES, her red curls!!! And who the heck is jeremy??!?! In the books, Elena has a younger sister, I don’t believe it EVER states she has a younger brother… I don’t know if that was later announced but for those of us who only read The Fury, The Struggle, The Awakening and Dark Reunion, we have no idea who jeremy is! I think the ONLY cast member who was correctly cast was probably Caroline out of all people! And even so, I think the actress they cast as caroline would better as an Elena. This is completly off track, and I think a lot of us readers will be sorely disappointed with the poor choices of the tv series. I think Elena and Bonnie were probably the worst though because they look TOTALLy different!

  31. i dont know about you guys but im gonna watch the show cause the person playing stefan is damn hot. I’d jump his bones if i was nina too.

  32. wow chill down a bit is show and they cannot copy the book if you dont like the fact the elena is BURNETTE then dont watch the show stop being mean.
    byee and stop it

  33. I just finished reading the first two books of Vampire Diaries. Elena may have blond hair and blue eyes, but she looks just as good as a brunette as she would as a blond. And Stefan looks just as good in these pics as I thought he would look in the book. It’s the same thing as the actor who played Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s not that bad as long as the intention to follow the book is present.

  34. To the poster who said they can’t copy the book….why not? There’s no reason that the directors should’ve steered away from the books. They could’ve hired an actress who had blonde hair and blue eyes. I do think that’s a big deal too, because it’s mentioned a lot in the books. Also, I hate that the guys are supposedly from Civil War era instead of 15th century Italy. I don’t get why people are saying that we Americans wouldn’t have the connection to the characters if they were from Italy. I think that’s just dumb. Jeremy never existed. There is so much that they screwed up with on the show. I do agree that the guy playing Damon looks way older than he should be. Seriously, how hard is it to find actors in the same age group as their characters? I highly doubt it’s impossible, but yet, all these shows on CW seem to think it is.
    Love the books – “iffy” about the show.

  35. So…all you people who are freaking out because she is a brunette in the show need to seriously calm down! Her being a brunette is not the end of the world people. I am sure there are things that are 100 times worse going on in the world or your personal lives that the fact that she has brown hair instead of blond is actually small compaired to the bigger picture. I have read all the books and even then (before the show started) I just couldn’t picture her a blond. I think her being a brunette suits her just fine. I also think they did a great job casting Bonnie. They said they were using the books only as a backbone for the show. Not that they were going to be identical to the books.

  36. I don’t mind the casting “mistakes” so much. Elena would have made a good Meredith, but what are you going to do? I think it’s far more disappointing that there IS no Meredith. The younger brother with the drug problem is annoying too. A cute little sister would have been better. She played a role in the books, since Damon used her as a way to get to Elena. As for Bonnie, I don’t even have a real problem with that. She’s not a cute, short little redhead. She’s a black girl (is everyone afraid to say that? She’s not a “brunette”, she’s black – saying so is not racist, it’s fact). She’s not really silly like the Bonnie in the books was, which is sad, but meh. She’ll do. The actress playing Elena is beautiful. I can deal with that. I was disappointed about the hair color and such too, but her face is perfect. Anyway, the casting is nothing compared to the other problems with the show. They changed so many things that didn’t need to be changed. I’m trying to pretend the show doesn’t have anything to do with the books. It’s fair. It hardly does resemble them. :(

    As for Twilight, I thought Bella was perfectly cast. Edward however… I feel like pointing and laughing at him every time I see him. He’s so… poofy. If I were Bella, I’d just off Rosalie and take up with Emmett. Much more hotness going on there. Maybe off Jasper while I was at it too, because he’s even more laughable than Edward. Poof poof poof.

  37. I’m sad to say I have not read the books, but I am really enjoying the TV Show! I can fully relate to everyone upset about even small changes. When the Twilight movie came out I refused to see it even though it was my favorite book. It’s hard when a book means a lot to you (not in some creepy way) and someone messes it up. I do think it is great in a way though, because now I have the show to watch and a book series to read! I think that they’re so different they wont ruin eachother.
    I was wondering though, in the book how does Elena find out about Stefan?
    and I’ve gotten the feeling from reading your comments that the Elena in the book is more… Stuck up, maybe? How do you guys feel about her personality, not looks, in the TV show?

  38. I really hope Elena and Stefan stay together in the show, cuz I have a feeling they wont get back together, and that pisses me off, they are so cute together!

  39. i love the first book and the show and dose ellana realy get turned? its just like moonlight exsept more thrilling!!me myself woul love for her to end up with damon because i see what damon dose hes not bad just lonly and confused.you should end the show with damon stiring at her it would be awsomw!!!by the way love the show and damon you rock love ya!!!

  40. Well, in my opinion it doesn’t really mater if Elena’s brunette or a blond Nina Dobrev does a really good job playing her. Damon’s perfect but Stefan well his chin i pretty big

  41. omg i hate all you people tha whine and whine and whine bcause they changed elena just cause the directore had a diff image despite the book you prisses all jump on your pink laap top to make fun of it its people like you who make me sick omg get a life you lifles lamos

  42. omg ive read some of your so called coments and dissing the show because they changed elena wow you liffless bimbos i hope when you sit down to whatch your t.v explods ooooooopppppppppssssssss! no more vampiers diaries for you low lifes

  43. wow michelle w. you go girl i know about the age group thing and the jeremy thing seriously but who really cares about the elena thing a little change never hurt no one but the so many changes they made on this show are ever so noticebel keep on rocken -kelly k


  45. they made elena have BROWN HAIr not BLOND HAIR! im very mad them! people who have read all of the books like me want elena blond. stefan is ok and damon is super HOT he was the perfect guy to play damon! but they could look a litlle more Italyan. and i cant belive they forgot meridith! shes an awsome character but not a very important one… and then they have to make the most anoying charachter BLOND! caralone is not blond(well she has bronze hair in the 5th book) but other than that she has amburn hair! come on ppl learn to go at least a little by the book! i have watched all the episodes and elena doesnt have a brother she has a sister, matt isnt related to viki, there is not logan fell, the town is called fells church, elena doesnt have a car crash(she hits a person in the turning point), stefan doesnt see 1 of his old friends, AND stefan doesnt have a diary! theres alot more so just read the books!
    ps for all the ppl who have read the books… cant wait for the sixth one to come out!!!(shadow of souls: the next instalment of the vampire diaries the return!)


  47. shocking, Elena is suposed to have Blonde hair, Blue eyes, how could they not cast someone like that. Stefan also supposed to have incredibly dark hair and long-ish, well they got this messed up.sometimes i wonder if they even read the books

  48. okay people clam down really its a show if your not happy with the picks don’t watch it easy as 1..2..3..get over it. elena is not a bad chose and stefan does not look 30 or whatever you said his age is fine and he doesn’t look old so get over it okay they did a good job for crying out loud not everything has to be the same as the book okay they change things okay dudes as for the other people they are good to there is nothing wrong that will stop you sleeping at night okay so they don’t fit the way there are in the book big problem no i don’t think so okay and yes i know i keep saying the samething over and over again -kinda- but i’m trying to get in your heads that it doesn’t matter that much okay i’m glad we all understand
    okay now the twilight thing if you read the books the only thing that bella did in the books was cry and be sad she never ever showed alot of emotions to beging with okay oh and the whole kissing thing how you guys said that it looked fake well it says -kinda- in the books that they can’t be very showy because he could hurt her maybe even kill her so in kinda has to look that way so there
    okay i’m done you don’t have to hear me anymore until someone makes me mad again okay oh and for the record i love twilight and the vampire diaries so bye

  49. I can’t believe they didn’t get a blonde actress for Elena! The whole point is that she’s supposed to look like Katherine, who was blonde to show her innocence.

    Stefan and Damon aren’t what I imagined either. And neither’s Bonnie, she’s supposed to be a red head!

  50. All of you people need to get a grip! Just because a book was written a certain way
    does not mean a movie has to be an exact replica of that. Personally the dark hair
    on Elena looks better if she plays a Vampire’s
    girlfriend, so get out of your valley girl head
    with like the blond hear and use your sense
    of imagination if you have any and be grateful that there is a tv series similar to
    the book!

  51. I am sorry but this T.V show is a joke compared to the books. None of the characters look the way they are meant to, whether they look good or are hot. The show doesn’t even follow the books even remotely closely. I mean they have create characters and taken ones out. What gives them the right to do that and ruin and amazing series? I mean what was the point in Lisa Jane Smith writting any of the books if they are going to be destroyed? I mean i understand they can only do what is in the books to an extent, but this is taking it too far. If i hadn’t read the books i expect i would enjoy the series very much, because it is good within itself, but you CANNOT in anyway compare it to the books.

  52. My name is really Elena, but wow… I think Stefan and Damon are way hotter then Jacob or Edward! And also I think Twilight coped off Vampire Diaries because the 1st book came out 2001. Haha I lvv this show so much better then Twilight and all the that crap! So much better! I have lot’s more to say but right now is not the best time… So peace!

  53. Jeez, can ppl relax? Nina is really beautiful even if she’s not blond as they say in the books. They all act good and I really don’t have anything to complain about. They are all awesome.

  54. VD is fantastic….elana is hot as hell, and the two bro are cool. book smook, the shows hottest thing since skinny jeans on chicks….!

  55. Vampires that sparkle in the sunlight…?wtf?
    This is a real vamp story, steaks, sunlight, blood and guts, love.Love the soundtrack of hole series, the soundtrack makes this series!underworld, blade and VD best shows…hehe

  56. I think it is grate to be opinionated, it is what separates us all from each other. I think it is ok to be angry at something silly, and I think it is ok for a person to think that someone is silly for being angry. I like both the show and the book, seperate them its better. Books leave the reader with the imagination, shows leave the viewers with the directors imagination. The books are so fictional anyway that unless they are aired on HBO like Trueblood, they could not show most of the things that happen in the books anyway. It would be impossible.

  57. I LOVE YOU!!!!! cant u come to worcester massachusetts to the DCU center!! think about it please I LOVE U DAMON!! <3 u make my heart pound make sure u behave!!

  58. yall are so like unfair cuz i think the show is great and ive read all the books but it doesnt bother me its still a great show and stefan and damon are great to they dont have to look italian they are vampires for crying out loud they are supposed to be pale and ian somerhalder the guy that plays damon is 30 and paul wesley you can guess who he plays is 28 so that doesnt matter cause i like the show and you all who dont like the show need to get over yourself cause it still a great show the hollywood people arent gonna make it like the show just like the books then we’d have 25 seasons on our hand and the people will age

  59. Elena is supposed to be blonde with blue eyes not brunette with brown eyes.

  60. I read the comments from a year ago about Elena being a brunette in the show instead of blonde. It’s just a hair color, people! And I like the Elena from the TV show much better. I like that the TV show doesn’t follow the books closely. And the actors all do a superb job.


  62. Elena is blonde and blue eyes.But, this Elena black eyes and brown hair. Your read book ? lolxD I love The Vampire diaries

  63. All of you please shut up. The whole point of this TV show is to be different, they said they wanted it to be different from the book. And everyone who is upset that Elena is not blonde, you’re weird. Nina Dobrev is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen, so just stfu. And Damon is soooo hot I can’t stand it, stefan is also quite hot, Nina is one lucky girl! And the reason why they don’t have a Meredith is because they combined Caroline and Meredith to make one character. There are things like Elena’s little sister becoming a younger brother, because they obviously have to add some things to stretch the episodes. It a TV show people!

  64. I totally dont like the tv show ,except for the characters’ names NOTHING is like in the book . i mean elena is not blond or blue eyed, bonnie isnt a redhead, stefan looks weird only damon looks suitable. After reading the books the show seems to suck. Elena esp. is a huge disappointment she doesnt look so exquisitely beautiful. im sorry if this offends anyone but i really dislike the show.

  65. Well i havent read the Book YET
    But i`ve watched the series and it`s really awesome,however i can tell i would hate the series when i eventually read the sequel.
    But to those that have already read the book give it a chance it may even be better than the book as it contines.
    I remember feelling the exact same way when Gossip Girl the series came out i had read at least the 1st 10 before i watched it.trust me i was really angry but i still watched it and turns out the series is a little better than the books.

  66. It’s not just because she’s not blonde that’s the problem, it’s that a big part in the first book is hinting a lot about Katherine, and what she looks like, how she’s so delicate. I don’t think that Nina does a very good job at portraying Elena, or the directors/screen writers. She acts way different in the book, and Bonnie is not like that either. Bonnie is supposed to be small and innocent and quiet. In the show she’s more aggressive. I don’t like how they mixed Meridith and Bonnie together. I understand that the actors don’t look they way you pictured them, and I accept that too.. but it’s different when it changes the story line. They changed the whole story too which is disappointing but i guess that the books are a little too short for a whole tv series.

  67. ok so really though. why in the world is elena’s hair not blonde. i mean at least twilight tried to get the characters to look the same. its like they didn’t even care. hey director how about you actually pick up the pick and read it!!! cuz there is no way you could have. bonnie’s hair is supposed to be red and curly. and where is meredith? such a disappointment. the books are way better. i was goin to watch the show but since the characters look nothing like they are supposed to never mind on that idea!!

  68. Hello

    I agree with every1 about the books being better then the series but I understand they have to change it A BIT so ppl will under stand what is going on! But I find changing it that much doesn’t go…. But tbh I dnt mind the series but it is not the vampire diaries…. I think they should mayb change the name of the previes vampire diaries and start a fresh… But I do honestly feel with mayb black contacts tat Damon who b perfect! But Stefan looks to much like Edward and they should not match them but make them different so ppl will like it for wat it is and not wat it’s not…. Can some 1 please tel me if there is a way to appeal to the produces of if one of the cast could see this I would like to kno wat ppl think contact me at Rhianneg@gmail.com Thank you

  69. Hmm.. I read the first few comments and it seems that a lot of people are disappointed of what who they chose to act as Elena. But they are really into the books so I’ll give it a shot, I buy a book every week anyways. I am starting to like the show. Lets see which one is better. In my opinion I think that Nina and Ian should have been the couple not because of their personality and all but they look better together. =/

  70. The vampire diarie is the best film.
    and it is very interesting
    The actors are very nice and very cleaver. i say for them do it again and again
    bereket matewos from Ethiopia Hossana

  71. it’s me bereket i ask some question’s that is the film it’s not end but how many discs are left? i see up to 11 part’s and how many part not finished it is sespensing all peoples.

  72. The serial is simply superb…………..’
    i enjoyed each and every episode of it……………
    i liked jermy gilbert and bony-the witch………..
    i feel very thrilling while watching………………..
    i am waiting for the 4th episode of season 2…………..
    :) :) :) :)

  73. hey sorry to comment on serial with out discussing the actual topic for which the above comments are meant for……….
    yeah as all said i agree that the guys profile is not much suitable to their part….its k with damon….but stefan looks a bit disappointing………….
    and about elena…i think blond hair wont suit her…..she is pretty but for the readers of book it may seem annoying to see elana with normal hair…..so it would have been better if u have selected a girl with such physic which suits elena in the books :(

  74. I personally havent read the books and im very happy with the show, personally i dont think elena should be blonde at all. Blonde is so common and to be honest, deosnt look that great, often makes people look like sluts. Anyway, glad the show is back on!!! P.S Stefans nose is really pointy

  75. Ive just watched series 2 ep 6. cant believe elena and stefan have actually propley split up. Very disapointed )’: . Cant wait till ep 7! it looks awsum, theres a trailer on youtube for ep7 if anyones intrested. It looks to be one of the best episodes so far! Just hope Stefan and elena get back together, it would make it more intresting and more dramatic as then she wouldnt be getin her own way! (;

  76. just wanted to say to girl that made one of the first comments said good luck to the show your gonna need it, said it make in 2009, ummm whos eating cake now

  77. hey stefen and Elena look so good together adn i hope kathrine dies because i don’t like her at all in this show and damen should kill her

  78. Though casting was quite a bit off compared to the books; I actually don’t mind. I hate how the books are always harping on about Elena and her bloody angelic looks.
    Book Elena is a bitch. Not a good character at all, and all attempts at giving her depth in later books fail miserably. I prefer the tvseries much more; they took the ideas and themes of the book, but they actually presented it in a good and interesting way.
    Unlike the books, which to be honest, is the worst series of books I have ever read. Strangely addictive though, I will not deny it has its attractions, but the literature itself is trash. Not even okay trash or typical trash which everyone expects to be bad; it is downright horrible. Barely a page goes by that I don’t sigh in frustration or laugh at the poorly constructed or presented concepts.
    The author has a way of telling you, instead of showing you. Or she does the obvious and annoying thing of telling you something and then giving you and example.
    Its extremely frustrating.
    To everyone who loves the books and thinks they are the best ever created as I know quite a few do……..please at least read some other fictions too, some actual good literature. Keep loving this series if you wish, but at least read some actual good books.

  79. I haven’t read any of the books and whoever is going to sit here and complain about the actors/actress’s then you’ve got some serious problems. If I were to read the books and then continue to watch the episodes then I would still watch it and I wouldn’t give a crap of how the book describes Elena and who gives a crap if they are italian or not as long as they make the episodes good then they’ll have more viewers then the expected

  80. Who gives a crap about reading the books and then comparing all of the episodes to the books how lame! Thats why I think that anyone who is complaining about how the show doesn’t have exactly every detail the same is freaken crazy! And btw the actors/actresses are awsome!

  81. I am so glad the show turned out the way it did. Compared to the show I was disappointed in the books… I love Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder. I think they couldn’t have picked better actors. I LOVE TVD! It is my life’s dream to meet Paul, Nina, and Ian. and I plan to do that one day… but i doubt it will happen… so anyways LOVE THE TV SHOWWWW!

  82. i luv vampire diaries,its the best my favorite characters r elena,stephan,damon,and and elenas little bro (i dont no how to spell his name srry) keep up the amazing awesome great work :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  83. I’m sorry even though the books state a stunning blonde with blue eyes thats just stereotypical to say they are more beautiful. Nina Dobrev is so perfect for the role. She is beautiful and in the flashblacks she represents classic beauty and elegance. And ps most Bulgarians are brunettes! I dont think I would of liked the show as much if she was blonde. Its a fantastic show with a wicked storyline so stop complaing about friggin hair colour

  84. welll VD is coool i have seen it season 1 and season 2 the movie is coool but sorry Twilight is the besttttttt everrrrrrr what ever u do u can’t come like twilight. Twilight the besttttttttttttttt

  85. I Am Like Obssessed With The Vampire Dairies! Stefan Is So Hot… I Love The Whole Cast But If I Had To Chose Is stefan salvatore( Paul Wesley ) <33 I Hope That For My 14th Bday I Could Have Them As A Present For One Day! That Would Be The Best Day Ever! I Wish That Could Happen. Btw , My Bday Is December 12th. I Live In North Fork, California

  86. Although I haven’t read any of the books, I prefer The Vampire Diaries the way it is. Nina Dobrev portrays Elena and Katherine marvellously. And just because Elena doesn’t have blond hair and crystal blue eyes doesn’t mean you should disapprove of the TV show. I think she’s extremely pretty! And as for Stefan and Damon, they’re perfect and Damon is so hot! All the other characters are splendid as well. If the descriptions were identical to the TV characters, I would be displeased. It’s good for the directors to alter the physical appearances and concepts of the show because it makes it more interesting and unpredictable. You shouldn’t get distressed or outraged just because you didn’t consume the satisfaction of the characters’ appearances. Go and trasnport your contradictory and atrocious remarks elsewhere. And I didn’t come here to commence an argument.
    I’m 12 years old and coincidentally, I’m Bulgarian like Nina Dobrev too ;)

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