Elena Gilbert Makeup Look by Accessorial Anna

I should have posted this ages ago….a few weeks ago, when Nina, Ian and Paul were in London promoting The Vampire Diaries launch in the UK, I happened to meet this amazing person via Twitter who just so happened to be on her way to the Apple store Q&A the cast was doing in London.  We connected and she agreed to record the entire Q&A  for all of us, and we posted the videos that evening.  What I didn’t know until I happened to check out her YouTube account was that my new friend Anna had posted a series of videos of really cool makeup looks.  And right after the Q&A she said she would be recording an Elena Gilbert look.  Here’s Accessorial Anna’s idea of a very natural “Elena Gilbert” look, and she shows you how to create it!  Not to mention, she dedicates the video to me and all her new Twitter friends, which to this day, I find very touching.  Thank you Anna, and so sorry I was late posting this.


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