Vampire Diaries scoop: Salvatore is here to stay!

Ahhh I love late night Tweets from the Vampire Diaries team. You always get all the juicy scoop. According to one of the executive producers, Julie Plec, it turns out that Damon’s and Stefan’s last name on the show will be Salvatore after all. Whitmore is out. Can I get a hallelujah?

She also goes on to say that the correct pronunciation is Salvatore and not Salvatoreee and that it is Stefan not Stefahn. That’s fine by me because that’s exactly how I have always pronounced the names.




  1. first. why would they change the name? that would be dumb. second Elena is BLONDE! Bonnie is a druid REDHEAD! and where is Meredith? it doesn’t sound like they are doing the Vampire Diaries at all. and Who is Jeremy Gilbert?!

  2. Yay! Salvatore is back! I am happy to hear that, I love the way it sounds with Stefan and Damon, flows very nicely off of the tongue.

  3. yaaay leavs it open for the line:
    “It’s Salvator as in Savior”


  4. please read

    I am not watching this freaking show they have totally mesed up this
    show i do respect the actors they are all beutiful but
    I mean every pic I have seen of any of cast has really broght disapointment
    after disapointment I picture bonnie as super tiny like a litttle pixie and flame bright curly hair deep brown eyes and a bubbly loving and sort of underestimated personality , merideth i picture as beutiful tall dark sort of intimadating until you get to know her ( I know I am babbling but PLEASE READ THIS) but very protective of the ones she loves and Elena I picture as myself (but I am to younge though I could be her sis but nooo she has a brother) dark blue eyes with gold flecks sliken blond hair smart strong willed and sort of a b until she meet Stefan

    PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Im so happy that Salvatore is BACK, it just sounds so great and very sexy!!!! I think the actors they picked are perfect!!! OKAY ive read the books and i love them more than twilight, tho I am a huge fan!! will everybody stop complaining about elena not having blonde hair, and bonnie not having red they cant make it perfect… And stop saying the show will suck when u havent even seen it YET!!! I hate how people get excited cause they have been wanting it to be a show,,, then all they do is complain!!!! JUST DEAL WITH IT!!! ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME, Ian Somerhalder is sexy and so is Paul Wesley!!!!

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