Win 2 Normal Passes to Spain’s BloodyNightCon Vampire Diaries Convention!


Great news for our Spanish fans! We are teaming up with KLZ Events, to offer you a chance to win 2 normal passes to Spain’s 2nd Annual Vampire Diaries convention in Barcelona, Spain BloodyNightCon!

The convention will take place May 5 – 6, 2012 in Barcelona, to be held at the Barceló Sants Hotel, featuring confirmed guests, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Matt Davis, and Michael Trevino.

What’s included in a normal pass?

– Reserved Rows (4th Zone)
– Access of all panels, special activities and merchandising.
– Possibility to buy Photoshoots and Autographs.

Visit the BloodyNightCon website for more info, including their shop. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Giveaway Rules:

We are going to make this very easy. Just leave a comment on this post why you would love to win these passes! The giveaway is open Worldwide, but does NOT INCLUDE transportation or hotel accommodations. The winner will be chosen via Random.org.


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  1. I would love to see them because I french and Lebanese but I live in Lbanon and they’ll never come here and whant to see Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan soooooo badly !!! this would mean the world to me if I win thoses tickets !

  2. I’ll love to go because my dream is meet those amazing actors. Please make it true!

  3. I absolutely want these passes because my love for The vampire diaries doesn’t have any price at all! I’m italian, so it’s difficult, quite impossible for us to have them in our country… I just need to tell them how much I love this beautiful series, and how they are so perfect in their characters! Why not take also a trip to barcelona, it’s a beautiful city, I’d like to visit it! anyway talking about tvd, I love anything about it but I totally “adore” Ian and Paul so it’s definitely a daydream to meet them!! please please make my dream come true! maybe I can take my mother to the Con, she’s a big fan too!!

  4. I am from Germany and I would really LOVE to visit Barcelona! I wanted to attend the con last year but unfortunately my flight got cancelled. So I’d love to give it a try again this year. Well and to meet Ian, Paul and the rest would be another highlight of course! :)

  5. Wow what a great competition. Very good of you to do. Good luck to everyone including myself ;)

  6. Hey! I’m a spanish girl who is in Belgium as an Erasmus. I would like to win these tickets because I love TDV, I love the characters. I think that it’s a great opportunity for me and my little cousin who is completely in-love with Vampire Diaries’ world and I would like to give her a big, big surprise :) I know that it will be impossible but if I don’t try it, I won’t win anything :) Anyway, I’ll try to be there :D Thanks!

  7. I would like to go because the vampire diaries is one of the best series that I have never watched. I have improved my english since I started watching TVD and it’s a really good way to learn. Also because now I’m studying at Barcelona and meeting Ian Somerhalder and the other actors would be a dream coming true.

  8. Hello everyone! I write you for my daughter, not for me, I’m quite older to get to this Con but my daughter does, she’s the craziest girl in the world, don’t try to get close to her when it’s time to watch TVD! I have to tell the truth, I’m a fan too because of her! I’m absolutely sure that this would be a daydream for her to meet the cast. She knows about this contest but she doesn’t know if it’s worth enter it because we come from another country and she thinks that the problem could be the money for the hotel and plane but I want to pay for her. I think she deserves to win it!

  9. I’d love to go because I am ready in Spain that week and would be a dream come true to attend. Something like this tends to happen in America so or it to be el’s in Spain is amazing.

  10. For over a year , I have loved in secret. Hiding under the covers , alone in my room (watching TVD). Until now. I am in love with TVD and this is why ! I adore ian somerhalder and paul wesley and nina dobrev ! I think they’re all amazing like truly and non-negotiably talented ! The past 3 years of my life have been epic because the vampire diaries has changed my life ! I couldn’t imagine my life right now if they weren’t a part of me. Ever since September 10th 2009 , there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I haven’t watched a clip or episode of vampire diaries on a daily basis ! Its my favourite show ever ! I love it to absolute bits but …………. The worst feeling I get , is when I watch it , I know that I will never meet them , I mean , I want to meet then and believe me I’ve tried and I tweet them everyday non stop ! I’ve even been tweeted by katerine graham but I want to meet ian and paul and nina ! It would be soooo amazing , I would just be blown out of my mind if I had the chance to hug them and tell them how much I love them ! I’m 14 and I’m from the UK and I have one dream ! To meet them , just to meet them man ! I’m just a girl , I may love blind and recklessly …….. But its worth it when the thing I’m loving is TVD ! Please , I mean , I love TVD and its because I love TVD I can’t be selfish with it . I don’t deserve to meet them , but everyone else does , and why iyou can’t know this ! But I need this I dooo ! Sp please consider this tiny paragraph which contains some of my undieing eternal love for ‘The Vapire Diaries’. Oh and I almost forgot. We haven’t officialy met , I’m sahar XD

  11. my name is Marina. I am a huge vpd fanatic and would absolutley love the opportunity to meet my favorite cast members. I live in pa amd a chance like this rarley comes. It would mean the world if I won this. Please consider me. Thanks.

  12. I would like to win, because, i love the show, and this year bad things happen to me, so, i think after all i deserve to win something good for me… maybe once in my life. Thanks for this oportunity. Please, consider me. Thanks and regards and hugs from Spain (sorry if my english is not very good).

  13. I would love to go because I live in Barcelona and I really love The Vampire Diaries, I’d be a dream see Ian or Paul! The thing is.. I don’t have enough money to buy the normal pass.. and I can’t imagine know they will be here, just a two steps from me and I won’t see them!

  14. I would looove to win this because it’s just so awesome! I’m from Belgium but I would fancy a trip to Barcelona to meet the cast.

  15. It would be amazing to see them , because I’ve never been to this kind of event and I’d be really happy to attend one in Europe, because Comic con is a bit far away. Beside that Barcelona is a charming city perfect venue to meet the TVD cast.

  16. I will love to win those tickets, because otherwise I’m not going to be able to go :) It’s a fantastic gift!!!

  17. I would like to win, because they don’t come to Hungary, but I really would like to see them. Especially Ian. On the other hand it’s a great opportunity to go to Barcelona, where i’ve been only one day, and that was not enough fot that amazing city. I have no money to buy the pass, and travel, and for the accomodation, but if I win, I can go.:) It would be so great!:)

  18. Hello! My name is Laura,I’m a Spanish girl.
    I’d like to win the normal pass, because since the series began I have been following to the point of looking at the chapters in English with my friend, we are always watching news about the series. Ami I like the Salvatore brothers, but perhaps I would choose more for Damon, wants to be the bad guy, but deep down you can always count on him. I’d like to win the contest, because I could not buy it for money issues, and last year I could not go.
    Thanks for making contests :)

  19. Hi!
    I’m an exchange student in Belgium, and my friend and I have are dying to see the cast of the vampire diaries! Especially since my friend is from iceland, it’s very difficult for her to ever see them because not a lot of touring groups visit iceland! We would be sooooo happy to visit barcelona during our exchange trip and see the actors of the vampire diaries! It would make our experience that much more magical! Bisous, kisses, and good luck to everyone! <3

  20. Hi every lovely! I’d like to win cos i want to see our super cast in person even though i lived in Hong Kong ~~ very far away. Good Luck to every one here

  21. I’m Zoe and this opportunity would be incredible to meet them they are the hottest guys on the planet!:D Not to mention so sweet and just to see them once would be extraordinary. ahaha listen to me i sound like Klaus, but the thing i hate is that i cannot choose which guy is better, there all pretty awesome, and I’ve always wanted to go to Spain which is a bonus!:D Please pick me ;p

  22. Hello, I’m Carla.
    I was always a huge fan of L. J. Smith and her books, so when the show started was like all I’d ever dreamed of. The cast is amazing and the authors did the impossible: they turn the books into even better stories! For the past 3 years I live waiting for new episodes every Thursday in the middle of the night, because of the time difference here in Europe. But they always make my week!
    I’m also the administrator of “The Vampire Diaries Portugal”- a Portuguese forum about the show, so it’d be great to be able to send fresh news and tell the experience to the members.
    I live in Portugal, so it wouldn’t be difficult to go to Barcelona for a couple of days and finally get to meet all those people I’ve admired for years with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    Thank you for giving us this chance and good luck to everyone.

  23. I always dream to meet the cast of The Vampire Diaries and, for once I have the chance, and now they’re comming here, to Barcelona (I live near to Barcelon) it would be a pleasure to see them . Last year I tried to go to the convention, but I couldn’t because the tickets were so expensive and I also had the final exams.

  24. Hello! everyone!!!!
    Well, the reason why I’ll love to go there and meet all of them, because, I think, that everyone’s hoping to get this tikets like me, and we never have tha chance.
    Like I said I never have the chance to meet anyone famous that I admire, like them. Unfotunately I wasn’t in Barcelona, and it was impossible to go. But this year I could have a chance if I won this tickets.
    Thank you,
    With love, Anna. ;)

  25. I’m from Spain and adore TVD, I think is super fun, thrilling and truly moving, and no doubt one of the most underrated shows on tv nowadays. I would love to win those tickets!

  26. Hello from Barcelona !!

    It would be a pleasure to win this tickets because I love Vampire Diaries, specially Ian Somerhalder, and it would be amazing to meet them, so the dream of my life will come true.
    Last year I couldn’t go and I was very disappointed.

    Thanks a lot,

  27. HI!
    I would love to win this competition, because, like everyone else here I love TVD and I would love to meet the cast! I think it’s great that this con is in Barcelona, because I live in Sweden and the cons in the US are too far away. It’s the perfect place, with the perfect cast, and all that is missing is me! :)

  28. Im from Sweden and I love TVD, really the best tv-show ever! I thought that I was lucky last years when the convention were held in Barcelona because I knew that I would be there to play soccer around that time, but I missed it with 2 days… But this years Im not gonna miss it, i really really want to win tickets, it would be so much fun!!!

  29. Hi!
    I’d looove to win the tickets. I heard about TVD because a friend told me about it 4 and a half years ago, and when I read the books I was OBSESSED!! I couldn’t talk about anything else, and when I found out that they were making a show, I freaked out. I was sooo happy, and getting to meet the characters that I´ve been loving for sooo long would be my dream come true <3


    GRARRRARRRRRRR RRRRRRL (meaning= with love from:)


  31. I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries, and it would be an honor and a pleasure to win this giveaway. It would make my life! I don’t travel much, so the fact that this takes place in Spain would be a bonus. I would love to have the opportunity to see the men of TVD first hand! Thanks for the opportunity!:)

  32. I would love to win these passes as I’d love nothing more than to meet Joseph Morgan. Plus Barcelona is a beautiful city I’d love to visit. And I am a huge TVD fan. And it would be an honor to meet Matt, Ian, Paul, Trevino and most of all Joseph. :) So pretty please, let me win! ;) *keeping my fingers crossed*

  33. Stop with your comments !!! I’ll be the chosen one :-D !!! Well, I’d love to visit Barcelona … and I LOVE TVD <3 !!! It will be great to see Paul & Ian, and Matt & Michael … and OH Joseph, Gosh Joseph … I really would like to see him !!! SO ??? Waiting for my PASS !

  34. Hi;
    I’m economist in Istanbul, Turkey.
    I have twins 11 years old. A girl and a boy. The girl has only one subject to talk about. “Vampire Diaries”
    We can not sleep, we cannot have our dinner etc. Her name is Ecem. She is crazy about Vampire Diaries. She always say “They will not come to Turkey”. I always say “Believe miracles :))” Today, I went to her college: she pulled me to her classrom and said “I will show you something.” I was shocked when I saw something writing on her desk with play dough. She said “I haven’t finished yet. It’s DAMO now. After N it will be DAMON. I have enough play dough to write it.” Than I came to work to checked your web site.
    If we can win 2 passes I will bring her to Barcelona from Istanbul. She will be happiest little Vimpire Diaries fan. Pease make her dream becomes a miracle…
    Thank you,
    Best wishes…

  35. I love the story, books, actors, series, anything having to do with the vampire diaries me cool. Dying to go to the convention and meet Damon and Stefan. Thank you!

  36. I love, love, love, love, love, love, I love everything everything everything everything. It is the best series, best actors, everything is great. I love it! Thank you!

  37. dear vampire dairies.
    my name is cem. i’m writing you from istanbul, Turkey, probably as the greatest TVD fan’s father worldwide.
    well, i bet on everything that my 12 years old daugter is the greatest fan of the vampire dairies. her dream is to meet ian, nina and other vampires and hybrids :) she is collecting all her pocket money without spending a single penny to make enough money to go to USA where the vampire dairies stage is. she doesn’t have a minute without talking about them. she begins telling them after she wakes up, till she sleeps. i want her dream to come true. because she really deserves it. she makes more than a hundred tweets a day, and they are all about TVD. she has more than 500 followers (i have 21 :((( ) and i can say, she is a real trendsetter on twitter. she works hard to make more TVD fans in Turkey and she manages it as a volunteer marketing representative of TVD. please make this dream come true (otherwise she’ll bite you)
    with my best,

  38. i hola !
    soy de turquia.
    If I win these two tickets, I’ll give one of them to my sister. She is ultramaniac-crazy vampire dairies fan, looking at the vampires artists photos all day. She will be unblievably happy with that and will never forget this favour in her entire life. And I will sell the other ticket to find the money to go to a Barcelona football match. Because that is my dream. Isn’t it fair? I love you.
    con todo mi amor !

  39. Hallo,

    I live in Austria and this is really frustrating for me some times. It is not common that actors are visiting this country. Especially the cast of TVD is normally located in the US when it comes down to events like the one which is held in Spain. Unfortunately, now I would have the chance to visit the event because it is not that far away, but now I don´t have the money for the tickets. As I work for a airline the flight tickets would not be that expensive and I could live by a friend of mine during the whole event.
    I cannot say how much I would love to see my favorite actors from TVD in real live! I especially admire Paul because he is one of the best actors in the whole world. In season 3 he is incredible … he has to pretend (act) that he pretends not to care about Elena. His acting is so realistic … simply indescribable!

  40. Hi everyone! I’m Alessandra,I’m 29,and I’m Italian … I would love to win this competition ’cause I worked hard to be able to pay this ticket, but now I have to use that money to solve a big problem with my parents … I am very sad because I wanted to be there … but my family is obviously more important. For once in my life, I hope to be lucky … thank you so much for this chance!

  41. I would be incredibly happy if I won these tickets, because then I could see Ian in person! I would probably faint if I stood next to him, but that’s so worth it ;)
    Thank you for this chance to win the tickets! :)

  42. I am spanish and I love TVD, pleaseeeeeeeeee every week I comment the episodes with my best friend………I need the tickets so much!!! Muchas gracias

  43. I would love to meet the cast and be part of this great event. Im all the way from other side of Europe, but I will travel to Barcelona if I win, maybe even travel anywayz to meet them if I dont win :)

  44. I would love to win the tickets, because I am a big fan of the vampire diaries and the cast and a dream would become true to can see them in person.
    kind of regards

  45. I am such a dedicated vampire diaries fan that i would fly from australia to barcelona to see my favourite boys! it would be the most perfect birthday present =) please send the tickets my way!

  46. I would love to win the tickets, because I love the vampire diaries. I’m Spanish and I’ve never been in Barcelona.
    Thank you!!

  47. i would love to win these tickets i am from the UK and a huge vampire diaries fan i love all the actors they are amazing and would be fantastic to meet them good luck every1

  48. Hello i’m Laura and I live in Barcelona and I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries since when I read the books a few years ago. When I saw in a web that they were going to adapt the book series into a series I drove crazy. From then I spent a lot of time thinking who would play the diferent roles. When I discovered that Elena was brunntte and not blond I actually couldn’t believe it. I neither couldn’t believe that Elena’s little sister turned out to be a boy. But didn’t stop liking TVD for that, therefore I got used to it and now I watch every episode the day it comes out. Last year one of my friends went to the convention and she said it was her best experience ever. I think it’s a big opportunity to talk with them in the pannels (I watched some of the videos of last year’s panels and it looks a-maz-ing) and if I only could see them once even if they’re kind of far I would be the happiest person ever in the world! I adore Paul and all of the cast and it would be really frustrating not to go and thinking that my idols (Paul, Ian, Josep, Matt and Michael) in my own city!!! Now I can’t go because I can’t afford it but if I won these tickets, I repeat that I would be the happiest person ever and very very thankful!! Thank you very much, good luck to everyone and I hope I get the tickets!

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