Great interview from Clevver TV with Claire Holt. She chats about Rebekah bringing change to the future of the show and who should Elena choose?

So many interviews roamin around out there from Kat Graham, Michael Trevino and Nina Dobrev! So we are just going to post a link to each one! Much easier that way don’t you agree? All these interviews just feed the nerves and anxiety we are feeling leading up until tonight! I barely got any sleep last night…why does this show do this to me??? Anyway, as always, tread with caution. Spoilers ahead!

Kat Graham on the season finale and Bonnie’s possible dark side.

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Michael Trevino on Tyler and Caroline and the “Wow” Finale!

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Nina Dobrev on choosing between the boys and fan’s reactions!

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Holy crap on a cracker!! TV Guide’s Robyn Ross is offering up a doozy of a spoiler in the most recent TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite! Who does Elena kiss in the episode? Ya wanna know?? If not, then move along…

Thanks to Julie Plec we have the final producer’s preview for The Vampire Diaries’ season 3 finale, episode titled, “The Departed”. Spoiler Alert, watch with caution.

Here’s a roundup of the latest spoilers from E!Online, TV Line and TV Guide. 2 more days until The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale. Are you guys ready for this??? If you don’t won’t to be spoiled then I suggest you click that little x in the corner…and what’s going on in this episode still from the finale? I have some ideas…what are yours? Can’t wait!

Via E!Online:

Thomas: SO excited that Elijah is returning in the Vampire Diaries finale! Any hints on what he’ll be up to? Maybe facing off against Alaric?

Funny you should ask, because we served up that exact question to Daniel Gillies when we chatted with him about a cause close to his heart. “I can’t say,” he says of a possible Elijah-Alaric face-off. “But at this stage, if you were Elijah, wouldn’t you just want to get the hell out of a place causing so many problems? Elijah really has a thing for Elena if he’s sticking around.” Maybe Elena’s choice is…Elijah?! We ship it.

Via TV Line:

Question: Curious if you have any spoilers on who Elena chooses in Thursday’s Vampire Diariesseason finale? —Bridii

Ausiello: The only spoiler you’re getting out of me is that she does make a choice. [Beat] I lied. I have one more spoiler for you: The scene/moment/twist you’ll be talking about Friday morning involves a flashback.

Via TV Guide:

I can’t believe The Vampire Diaries finale is Thursday! What will we learn from the flashback to Elena’s parents’ accident? — Rachel 

NATALIE: For one thing, it wasn’t part of some bigger conspiracy. “That was an accident. Period. End of story. No supernatural influence,” executive producer Julie Plec says. But on the season finale, Elena and Matt’s impending accident will seem oddly reminiscent of the Gilbert family crash — including who saves them.

Cambio caught up with Candice Accola at Elle Magazine’s “Women in Music” Event, she talks about the season finale. Click the image below to watch the video over at Cambio.

Mystic Falls Messenger

Synchronize your watches, it’s all going down Before Sunset in Mystic Falls! Step right up and make a choice, nobody else can! Hybrids or family, Stefan or Damon, Original or Psycho, paper or plastic?

Editor’s note: A big gory thank you goes out to Ruthie, as usual, for CHOOSING the great screencaps to illustrate our story!


Picture this: School classroom, replete with Civil War artifacts, vintage books, dead toy soldiers and creepy battlefield death photos, presided over by PsychoRic Salzman, some-time Mystic Falls High history teacher. [In the interest of our typesetters, Alaric is effectively ‘gone’ at least for the moment, so we’re reverting to the shortened version ‘Ric’ for this edition!] And he has Stake 2.0, ultimate recyclable weapon of all weapons, in his hands.


Ian Somerhalder dishes on The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale in this video interview with THR. *Spoiler Alert*

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