Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Scoop On Ripper Stefan Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz

TV Guide’s Mega Buzz has some scoop on what we can expect from Stefan this season: Anything juicy on Ripper Stefan on The Vampire Diaries? Thanks! — Val, via Twitter NATALIE: Juicy is a choice word, Val. Stefan will be sinking his… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: Crying Wolf

You know when you walk into a bookstore, and you go the travel section where all the pretty Lonely Planet guides are? The guides covered in pictures that are meant to give you a visual feel for the place? Well… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: Daddy Issues

Alright, darlings. Lets play a game, shall we? It’s a little game I like to call ‘Last One to Swoon is a Rotten Egg.’ Because to be honest: if your heart didn’t stop for a moment or ten – or… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: The Descent

Jules wakes in the forest after another night as a wolf. Only this time, she’s been busy. She is bloodied up, and gets up to realise that she has slaughtered a bunch of campers in the night. Somewhat remorselessly, she… Continue Reading


Paul Wesley: In Next Flashback Episode Stefan is Very Damon-esque

Awesome interview from Paul Wesley and Zap2It. Paul Wesley talks about the upcoming flashback episode (Ep 2.15 “The Dinner Party”). We will get to see a glimpse of Stefan’s lustful and sinful side. Can’t wait! Here’s an excerpt from the… Continue Reading