Check out this great audio interview with Candice Accola from our friend, Monica1236 on SoundCloud. Candice shares some TVD Season 6 scoop!

vampire-diaries-cast-2014-comic-con-signing-photos-6Check out the latest scoop from E!Online:

lilslim142000: Do you have any news on who will be the new Big Bad on #TVD?

You betcha! (This show is not Fargo.) I posed that very question to TVD‘s fancy-pants boss Julie Plec in between begging for her to keep Alaric alive forever and badgering her for scoop on when Delena will reunite. “There is a big bad. it’s a long, slow-burn mythology that will unfold over the course of the entire season and will really impact each of our characters in deep ways and it’s smart and it’s interesting and it’s small, which I like,” she teases. “Instead of trying to top ourselves year to year, we try to scale back and see if we can keep it really personal and rooted in character.” Right. But back to that whole Delena thing…

Access Hollywood Live chatted recently with Kat Graham, she confirms she’ll be back for season 6 (of course we weren’t worried…) and more!


Check out the latest Vampire Diaries Spoilers from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz.

Can someone please help me understand who The Travelers are and what their point is on The Vampire Diaries— Carrie 

I feel the same way! My colleague Robyn Ross asked executive producer Caroline Dries to explain. “What we’ve been trying to do with The Travelers is keep this undercurrent of danger through the whole season, but not quite explain what they’re doing because — shocker! — it will impact all the characters in a negative way,” she says. “[Near the end] of this season they’ll make their agenda known and their leader will come forth.”

No Exit

TV Line’s Andy Swift caught up with Caroline Dries to preview tonight’s episode. See what Caroline had to say about Damon’s dark path, and how will he and Stefan react to discovering Elena is really Katherine.

TVLINE | Even before getting infected, Damon was headed down a dark path. What, or who, will it take to bring him back?
It’s not going to be an easy road for Damon to come back, because what he did was pretty bad. What we’re trying to explore is, now that Stefan is moving on from Elena after this whole Katherine chapter closes, he’s trying to figure out the next big movement in his life. And since his brother needs him more than ever, Stefan will be the one to kind of pick him up — in a very Stefan kind of way.

TVLINE | I imagine Stefan and Damon will have very different reactions when they discover that Elena is really Katherine.
They definitely will, but their shock of discovering that it’s Katherine will be trumped by the fact that they need to figure out how to get Elena back. That’s the more urgent thing, so ultimately, they have to figure out how to mastermind the master manipulator. It becomes a ‘Katherine vs. our heroes’ kind of storyline, which is very fun.

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Line.

The CW has released the synopsis for episode 5.12 “The Devil Inside”. Click “Show” to view.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Fifty Shades of Grayson

The CW has released the synopsis for Episode 5.10 “Fifty Shades of Grayson”. The episode airs December 12th and will be the last episode we see in 2013. The series will be on hiatus until sometime in January. We do not have an official return date yet. Proceed with caution!!

DAMON’S PAST RETURNS TO HAUNT HIM — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) realizes Elena (Nina Dobrev) is in danger and enlists Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) help to find her.  The brothers pay a visit to Aaron (guest star Shaun Sipos), and Damon shocks Stefan by revealing his first-hand knowledge of Aaron’s family.  In an attempt to stop Damon, Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett) unleashes his secret weapon, forcing Damon to deal with a part of his past he thought was gone forever, as well as the consequences of his decades-long plan for revenge.  Meanwhile, Elena is horrified by Dr. Wes’ confessions about the dark history of Whitmore College and his own ultimate goal.  Finally, a frantic Katherine (Nina Dobrev) turns to Matt (Zach Roerig) for help, until she realizes that Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) may be the one who can solve her problem.  Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Caroline Dries (#510).


TV Guide and E!Online have some scoop for us! Who’s the next villain? And will we possibly see another doppelgänger surface!

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Now that Silas is dead on The Vampire Diaries, who’s the new Big Bad? —Yana 

ADAM: The new villain is waiting in the wings, according to Kat Graham, who we pressed for details. “You’re going to be really surprised and elated to see who the next villain is,” she says. “I’m so ready for him to be the villain.” So it’s someone we also possibly care about? “Yes, [it’s] somebody you’ve seen before.” Guesses?

Via E!Online’s Spoiler Chat:

Christina: I can’t lie, I totally geeked out over seeing three versions of Nina Dobrev in one scene on The Vampire Diaries, so I was sad to see Amara go. Please tell me Katherine will be OK!

Things aren’t looking good for our favorite sassy vamp-turned-human, which means she’ll have to rely on those around her for help. “As Katherine grows weaker, Nadia is fighting to take care of her and have her in her life,”Nina Dobrev spills. “You learn [Katherine] wants to have that relationship, but she keeps screwing it up.” But it seems like Dobrev’s workload might not lessen anytime soon as she spills to us, “Now they’re alluding to a fourth [doppelgänger], although we haven’t done anything, so I can’t say if that’s going to happen for sure.” Someone book this girl a vacation STAT!

We have two brand new preview clips for Thursday’s episode “Handle with Care”. One courtesy of YahooTV.

Handle with Care Clip

Bonnie & Jeremy Clip via YahooTV

The CW has released a VERY SPOILERY episode synopsis for Episode 5.07 that we now know is titled “Death and the Maiden”. Seriously proceed with caution…click “Show” to view.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

The CW has released another preview clip for Thursday’s episode “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Damon and Stefan are taking a trip down “memory lane” when Elena shows up.

Thanks to THR we have this exclusive preview clip from Episode 5.04 “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Matt tells Jeremy about the blackouts he’s having and puts Jeremy under pressure about needing to talk to Bonnie.

Original SinSo last night on The Vampire Diaries…it was revealed to us that this new character Tessa, is actually Qetsiyah, Bonnie’s long lost ancestor. TV Guide had a chance to talk to the actress who plays Tessa/Qetsiyah, Janina Gavankar. Check out what she had to say, and what we can expect from Qetsiyah.

Could Tessa develop feelings for Stefan simply because he looks the same as her first love, Silas?

Gavankar: Absolutely, that’s inevitable. But he’s not the first [dopperlganger] she’s watched, so she has a lot of restraint. But it is hard. You’ll see moments of her staring at him and trying not to fall in love. I read comments with people already ‘shipping “Stessa” and I’m like, “You might not want to do that because she will kill anyone who stands in the way of her ultimate goal no matter who they are.”

Does she have any other motivations aside from getting to Silas?
That is her No. 1 goal, but she’s had 2000 years of watching these doppelgangers find each other over and over and over again. So, she warns Damon about his future, that he has no shot, because she identifies with Damon a lot. She feels bad for him.

What about Bonnie? Will she help her return from the other side?
If she helps her, it’s only because it will further her own plan which is to kill Silas and trap him on the other side.

Read the rest of the interview over at TV Guide.

The CW has released the extended preview for next week’s episode “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Not the Camaro!!!

Check out the preview for next week’s episode! Wow…I am just in complete shock from the events that unfolded on tonight’s episode! One of the best episodes yet! Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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