Vampire Diaries Season 8 Cast Promotional Photos and New HQ Group Photo

Yesterday in gearing up for the premiere of The Vampire Diaries 8th and final season, the cast released some individual shots from a recent photo shoot on their social media. We now have all 7 shots of each cast member.… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Tonight! TVLine Releases New Cryptic Season 8 Poster!

That’s right folks, the time has come! The Vampire Diaries last season premieres tonight. And TVLine has exclusively released a new poster celebrating the Season 8 premiere! But in this particular shot, the cast is in mourning…Check it out below… Continue Reading


NEW Vampire Diaries Season 6 Promotional Poster via Buzzfeed

Thanks to Buzzfeed, we have our first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 6 promotional poster. Check it out below, then head on over to Buzzfeed for a breakdown of the poster, and speculation as to what everything means! UPDATE:… Continue Reading


New Vampire Diaries Season 4 February Sweeps Poster via TV Line “Give Him Enough Rope…”

Thanks to TV Line we have our first look at a brand new promotional poster for The Vampire Diaries February Sweeps! Does Damon sacrafice himself for Elena?…their title reads. You can view the larger version over at TV Line. The poster says,… Continue Reading