So exciting! Today Buzzfeed announced that Paul Wesley will be making his directorial debut with The Vampire Diaries Episode 5.18. This is something Paul Wesley has been interested in, and is finally getting his chance. There were reports of Paul in Covington, GA the other day on a tech scout. We are so happy for him!

After five years of playing immortal vampire Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, BuzzFeed can exclusively reveal that Paul Wesley will make his directorial debut on an upcoming episode.

“It’s an honor and the cast couldn’t be any more supportive, which I feel truly grateful for,” Wesley told BuzzFeed of landing the gig, and becoming the first actor on The CW series to helm an episode.

Wesley will direct Episode 18 of Season 5, airing later this year, and he said the hour is “both nostalgic and suspenseful.” “It feels like our world, but something is a bit askew. It feels uneasy. And I respond to that,” Wesley added.

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500 Years of Solitude

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and several Vampire Diaries Executives, including Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, look back on 100 episodes in this feature from THR. Check out what the trio had to say about the “Fan Frenzy”. Thanks to THR for sharing the above BTS photo from tonight’s episode as well.


SOMERHALDER: Hot Topic did mall tours where we would go to a store and do a fan Q-and-A. Our first one was at a Georgia mall food court; we got out of the bus and there were 5,000 screaming girls. We went to London in 2009 and again had this crazy pandemonium, and we hadn’t even aired in the U.K. yet.

DOBREV: I remember when The O.C. came out. If you didn’t watch The O.C., you had nothing to talk about, and somebody told me that’s what our show was to people in high school and junior high. Some people would tell me, “My friend has your poster on their locker.” I can’t believe I’m that girl now.

WESLEY: We’re in our own bubble in Atlanta, but people started coming up to me on the streets, old and young, male and female. People were obviously watching this thing and it became a big deal pop-culturally.

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TV Fanatic has posted more of their red carpet interviews, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Steven McQueen and guest star Nathaniel Buzolic talk their favorite moments and TVD’s 100th Episode.

Ian Somerhalder

Paul Wesley

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Spoiler Alert! Paul Wesley continues to count us down until The Vampire Diaries 100th Episode with this new clip! Only 4 more days!!

The CW has released episode stills for Episode 5.04 “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Thanks to TV Guide, we have another video interview from their recent visit to the set of The Vampire Diaries. Paul Wesley teases Season 5, Stefan and Silas. Also make sure to head on over to TV Guide for some more scoop from Julie Plec.

The CW69 out of Atlanta, GA has posted more cast interviews from their recent set visit to The Vampire Diaries set. Check out these lengthy interviews with Paul Wesley, Candice Accola and Kat Graham.

Paul Wesley

Candice Accola

Kat Graham

The CW has released a cool new video! Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder answer fan questions (read by Executive Producer, Caroline Dries).

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