Total Eclipse of the Heart

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on the upcoming breaks The Vampire Diaries will be taking during the 2014 Winter Olympics, etc. Thanks to The Futon Critic as always, for providing the details! There are also a couple of one week breaks scheduled during March as well. So not too bad, since in the past we’ve had to endure a hiatus during the ENTIRE month of March.

2/6/14 (Thurs) – Episode 5.13 “Total Eclipse of the Heart – NEW

2/13/14 (Thurs) – NO EPISODE

2/18/14 (Tues) – Episode 5.11 “500 Years of Solitude” – REPEAT

2/27/14 (Thurs) – Episode 5.14 – Title TBA – NEW

3/6/14 (Thurs) – Episode 5.15 – Title TBA – NEW

3/13 /14 (Thurs) – REPEAT TBA

3/20/14 (Thurs) – Episode 5.16 – Title TBA

3/27/14 (Thurs) – Episode 5.17 – Title TBA

4/3/14 (Thurs) – REPEAT TBA


Heads up guys! Wouldn’t you love to dine at The Mystic Grill? Well, for those visiting Mystic Falls, VA (aka Convington, GA), you can! After months of renovations, the restaurant is now open for business! Fore more information, you can read all about the new restaurant and view photos over at CovNews! Check out a sneak peek above! Make sure you are also following The Mystic Grill on Twitter and Facebook! Their official website is coming soon! I can not wait to visit Covington, and check it out!

Thanks to Ian Somerhalder, we now know the title of episode 2.17. Check out the photo Ian tweeted early this morning! The title will be “Know Thy Enemy”. I’m assuming that this episode will air April 7th, since the CW announced their season finale dates earlier today. The Vampire Diaries season two finale will be May 12th. Thanks to The TV Fanatic for the heads up on that information. Also, a reminder that we have two more episodes left before the show goes on another hiatus for the entire month of March.

As many of you know, some fan emails surfaced last week from L.J. Smith about how she had been fired from writing The Vampire Diaries. You can read more on this over at Vampire-Diaries.net. Well today, Ms. Smith posted a blog post confirming the rumors. Thanks to @CrissyCalhoun and @tvdnews for the heads up on this.

First, I want to thank my readers for all their messages of support.  I’ve gotten far too many emails to answer, and I really appreciate the kindness and emotional sustenance you’ve given to me at this difficult time.

Second, if you’ve asked me a question about the future books or the endgame of The Vampire Diaries and I’ve been vague about what’s in store, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize.  I really wasn’t  looking forward to the day when I would have to talk about this.

Third, and most importantly, I want to ask anyone who was thinking of it, not to boycott Harper’s or anyone.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Although I wanted and still want more than anything to be able to continue The Vampire Diaries series myself, there’s no point in not trying the new books.  (And remember, for fans of Bonnie and Damon, and strict Stefan and Elena fans, the immediate dynamics may be more to your liking.)  Besides which, Midnight, which is all mine, is coming out in March, and I believe there may be some of my writing in Phantom.

Thanks again to all the fans who have shown loving and loyal kindness to me.

In case you didn’t already know, the CW has taken on another one of L.J. Smith’s popular book series, and is creating a TV series. The Secret Circle pilot script is currently in production, and Deadline is reporting that The Vampire Diaries’ Kevin Williamson has joined the project. This is very exciting news! Also, if you want to follow the progress of this pilot (still hasn’t been picked up yet), the production and casting go to Secret Circle Online and follow on Twitter @secretcirclefan.

Williamson has come onboard another CW drama project,Secret Circle, which is based on a three-book series from The Vampire Diariesauthor L.J. Smith. It centers on a California teen who moves to her mom’s hometown of New Salem and discovers that she is a witch. To complete the reunion, the project hails from Alloy Entertainment and WBTV, the companies behind Diaries. It was first set at the CW in October with Angel alums Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain as executive producers and Andrew Miller as writer/exec producer. Williamson is now working on the script and serving as an executive producer on the project, which, with its auspices, has emerged as a strong contender for a pilot pickup. Just like with the potential Diaries companion, on which there was talk about Plec joining Williamson, while not currently attached toSecret Circle, Plec could come on board in the future.

Read the rest of the story at Deadline.

TVD Family Members In Need

January 26th, 2011 | Posted by Ruthie in For A Good Cause | News - (3 Comments)

Listen up guys. Some of you may have already heard about this, possibly on Twitter or other fansites. But my very dear friends, Jessica and her daughter Brannan of Mystic Falls Tours and Vampire Stalkers, need your help. You see, a few weeks ago, Jessica’s mother passed away unexpectedly. This has been very devastating for them, and our heart continues to go out to them for their loss. Well, due to the fact that Jessica’s mother and father were on a fixed income and had just used all their money to put towards buying their own home, they did not have the money for funeral costs or to buy her mother a headstone. If there is any way possible, that you could find it in your heart to donate to this family, it would be greatly appreciated. They have been through so much already, and really don’t need the added stress of this burden.

I’ve made it really easy and have embedded Jessica’s donate button to the bottom of this post. Whatever amount you can spare will help them out more than you will know. Thank you guys so much!

Finally…we got confirmation from ITV2 via Twitter today, that The Vampire Diaries will be returning to the UK February 1st at 9PM. So not too much longer for you guys! Be sure and follow ITV2 on Twitter and Facebook for all your UK Vampire Diaries related updates!

HUGE thanks to Jarett of New York Post’s PopWrap. Not only did he list The Vampire Diaries in his 2010 Best Television as his number one choice, he gives an amazing shout out to the fans of the show. Thank you so much Jarett! We love you too for all your wonderful Vampire Diaries scoop and amazing support of the fandom!

Scoff if you will, but for my money, no show on television has better pacing, plots or performances than The CW’s “Vampire Diaries.” There is never a dull moment in this mythological smorgasbord — which achieves the near impossible task of seamlessly crafting a series that is at once a comedy, a thriller, a drama and a character piece.

The world Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec created is lush, rich and filled with amazing personalities — characters that are in good hands with the excellent actors who have assembled to bring this tale to life (Ian Somerhalder is particularly exceptional as the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold).

But what “Vampire Diaries” has done better than any other show currently on television is foster a fervent fan community that feverishly — and publicly — count down the minutes to the next new episode. And that, my friends, is the rarest occurrence of all.
Best Episode: “The Return”

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