Vampire Diaries Music: Episode 8.15 “We’re Planning a June Wedding” Song List

Thanks to Chris Mollere, we have the song list from last night’s episode “We’re Planning a June Wedding”. 1. Secret Colours “Changes In Nature” – 2. Billie Holiday “I’m A Fool To Want You” – 3. Secret Colours “Pins and… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Music: Episode 8.13 “The Lies Will Catch Up to You” Song List

Thanks to Chris Mollere, another great song list from last week’s episode “The Lies Will Catch Up to You”. 1. Rafferty “Apple Pie” – 2. Oil Boom “The Great American Shakedown” – 3. The Courteeners “No One Will Ever Replace… Continue Reading

Michael Malarkey’s New Single “Scars” Available for Pre-Order – Featured Tomorrow on TVD!

Hey guys! Just giving you a heads up, you can now pre-order the single from Michael Malarkey that will be featured on tomorrow night’s episode “We Have History Together” as we mentioned previously. The title of the single is “Scars”.… Continue Reading

Michael Malarkey Talks TVD Fans, Music and More with London Live’s Anthony Baxter

Thanks to Anthony Baker of London Live for providing this video of Michael Malarkey’s appearance on the show yesterday evening in London. Michael Malarkey is set to perform this Friday in London at the Boston Music Room. You can purchase… Continue Reading

Vampire Diaries Music: Episode 7.01 “Day One of 22,000, Give or Take” Song List

Check out the song list from last night’s season 7 premiere “Day One of 22,000, Give or Take”. Once again, the music in this episode did not disappoint. You can download them from iTunes below. 1. Beck “Dreams” 2. Nielson… Continue Reading