#Legacies Snark, Episode 8 “Maybe I Should Start From the End”

This episode had – like most of the episodes from the TVD/The Originals folks – so much snark. I especially loved the back-and-forth between Hope and Alaric in this episode. My favorite was when he catches her trying to steal his… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies, Episode 8 “Maybe I Should Start From the End”

Last week’s ending had us wondering what was happening with Landon, and what it meant when The Necromancer said that the first lock had been broken to Malivore. Oh, right. And our sweet MG . . . is a Ripper!… Continue Reading


Legacies “What Was Hope Doing In Your Dreams” Trailer and Episode Stills

These Are NOT Dreams… In my book, they are flat out nightmares! Check out the trailer and episode stills for next week’s episode titled “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams”. Related | Legacies Episode 9 “What Was Hope Doing… Continue Reading


Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies, Episode 7 “Death Keeps Knocking on My Door”

It has, literally, been a month since this episode aired so having this recap done now seemed like decent timing! Where we left off, before the extended holiday break, was . . . we had just met the Necromancer. He… Continue Reading


Legacies “There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True” Synopsis and Episode Stills

Lizzie Has a Wish… The CW has released the synopsis for the February 7th episode titled “There’s A World Where Your Dreams Came True”. SPOILER ALERT!! UPDATE: We’ve also updated this post with the latest episode stills Legacies airs Thursdays… Continue Reading


Legacies Episode 1.08 “Maybe I Should Start from the End” Synopsis & Episode Stills

Discovering Landon’s Past The CW has released the synopsis and a few episode stills for the next episode titled “Maybe I Should Start from the End”. The episode airs January 24th after a month long hiatus. SPOILER ALERT! Legacies airs… Continue Reading