Yesterday, The Vampire Diaries cast was honored at the 6th Annual Children Mending Hearts Fundraiser “Empathy Rocks: A Spring into Summer Bash”. Corbin Bleu presented the Cast of Heroes Award to TVD representatives, Kat Graham, Michael Trevino and Kayla Ewell. The Vampire Diaries cast was being recognized for their commitment to improving social change and awareness around the world. To view photos from the event, head on over to our friends at Vampire Diaries Russia.

Check out Kat Graham’s speech below, and you can view more videos from the event over at First Coast News.


Clevver TV has posted a snippet of their cast interviews from the red carpet of The Vampire Diaries 100th Episode Celebration last Saturday night. Check out what the cast say is their best TVD moments so far.

TV Guide‘s Robyn Ross chatted with Malese Jow and Kayla Ewell about tonight’s episode. Check out what the actresses had to say, and listen to TV Guide’s latest “Vampire Diaries Bite” in the video below.

“Tease” for Thursday’s episode

Both actresses agree that “Ghost World” will be redeeming for viewers. “It’s all really coming to a head. The question everyone’s been having this whole time — ‘Do they have the capability to come back?’ — we’re getting closer and closer to that answer,” Jow says. Ewell adds: “This one answers pretty much everything.”

Read the rest of the story at TV Guide.

Nicole Oebel of MyFanbase has an interview with Kayla Ewell. Here she talks about what we can expect from Vicki in The Vampire Diaries season 3.

What can we expect from Vicki’s storyline in season 3? Are you going to have scenes with Matt and Tyler or only with Jeremy?

Season 3 is jam packed with so much action and romance and Vicki is right in the middle of it all. The writers have really started to explore the brother/sister relationship of Vicki and Matt. It’s been emotional and chilling at the same time. It’s been a lot of night shoots and stunts. The fans will be very pleased with the unexpected twists and turns.

Read the rest of the interview at myFanbase.

Here’s some scoop from E!Online’s Spoiler Chat:

Harrison: Can. Not. Wait. For The Vampire Diaries to return. Can you tell us what’s up with Jeremy seeing the dead chicks? How long will they be on? And does this mean things are over with Bonnie?

Nothing like some “dead chicks” to really liven up the place, eh? I’m hearing some very good things about that storyline—It’s gonna be twisty and turny and cool. Also hearing Malese Jow (Anna) and Kayla Ewell (Vicki) will be in about a handful of episodes (somewhere around six) and they will be recurring throughout the season. So you’ll get some fun “dead chick” splashes there for a while, but they won’t be around enough to muck things up with Bonnie. Win-win-win.

Thanks to TV Line for posting yet another still from The Vampire Diaries Season 3 opener “The Birthday”. This time we get our first look at guest star David Gallagher.

As TVLine previously reported7th Heaven alum David Gallagher will kick off TVD‘s new season with a guest appearance in the first two episodes as Ray Sutton, a Tennessee-based werewolf. Far be it for Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) to deny one-half of his hybrid lineage any attention during his terror tour with Stefan (Paul Wesley), so it looks like things are nothing short of intense when Sutton and the vamps collide.

We also have some scoop from TV Guide’s Mega Buzz on Damon, Stefan and the Originals. Both TV Guide and Hollywood Life chat with Kayla Ewell about her character’s return, what she’s after.

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Got any scoop on the new season of Vampire Diaries? — Amy

NATALIE: It may be a supernatural show, but executive producer Kevin Williamson says the story is and always will be about family. “We’re going to dive more into the relationship [between] Damon and Stefan,” he says. “You’re going to see them confront each other.” Plus, there’s that pesky family of original vampires whose diluted lineage will cause a lot of trouble for the Salvatore brothers. “This year, with the original family afoot, it’s going to be about the hybrid and about Klaus and what he’s up to, because he’s the bastard child of the original family. We’ll see his agenda and how Stefan plays into it.”

TV Guide‘s Interview with Kayla Ewell on Vicki & Anna and how long will they be sticking around:

“Vicki has a master plan and it’s trying to be stopped by Anna,” Kayla Ewell, who plays Vicki Donovan, tells TVGuide.com. “A lot of what Anna says is, ‘Beware of Vicki, be careful.'”

Besides being dead vampires, Vicki and Anna (Malese Jow) have another thing in common: Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). When the show debuted, Vicki and Jeremy began hooking up and developed deep feelings for each other — until Vicki was turned and killed. Anna soon came to town and she and Jeremy got together. He even asked her to turn him, but she met her demise in the finale. Vicki and Anna came back as ghosts in the final moments of Season 2, and Ewell says the two will be definitely around for a significant chunk of episodes in Season 3.

Hollywood Life Interview with Kayla on Matt & Vicki’s stroll down memory lane:

“There’s a whole storyline between Vicki and Matt,” Kayla tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “We’re really exploring their brother-sister relationship, which is wonderful. I mean, I just died and left and he never knew what happened.”

Part of Matt (Zach Roerig) and Vicki’s recovery process involves a stroll down memory lane, but be warned — family photos can be deceiving.

Wetpaint has posted exclusive interviews with both Kayla Ewell and Malese Jow. Both discuss the return of their characters and speculate what “they are” and why they have returned.

Kayla Ewell on Vicki:

What’s your theory on Vicki’s return?

For me as an actress it’s an interesting job to get the script, to know that I was coming back, and to have absolutely no idea what I was — if I was a ghost, if I was an angel, if I was actually there in person? It was really interesting for me to have to come up with kind of a reason as to why I was there. I have a theory that I’m kind of keeping to myself because I want to see if it comes true or not, and we’ll have to see if it does. It was just so much fun to create a backstory, and to realize why I was there. It was interesting to go back to [the writers] and talk to them because they were like, “You know what? Actually, we don’t really know what you are yet either. So we’re going to have to come up with that.”

I think what’s interesting about Vicki coming back is that it’s not just solely about Jeremy. It’s about having unfinished business with my brother, Matt (Zach Roering), and my ex-boyfriend, Tyler (Michael Trevino). There are just so many different ways to go with the story. And after my little talk with Kevin Williamson I think they’re going to do some really fascinating things. There’s going to be so many twists and turns — even just talking to him about it I had butterflies in my stomach! I was just so excited about the ideas they’ve been tossing around. So we’ll see what they come up with, but I just know that Kevin and Julie will do a fantastic job whatever they decide.

Read the rest of the interview with Kayla at Wetpaint.

Malese Jow on Anna:

Kayla Ewell is convinced your characters are angels. Do you agree?

I’m totally down with that. I mean, I’ve heard everyone’s predictions, and, you know, I kind of have a few myself, because I haven’t heard anything definite from anyone over at The Vampire Diaries. So, right now it’s all speculation. And an angel/spirit thing would be a great facet to the show, I think.

I mean, I think they definitely portrayed vampires and werewolves in a non-cheesy, very convincing way. And I think if that’s a new part of the show, that they’ll make it really creepy and really cool and incorporate it really well. So, that’ll be great. And there’s always the option we could be resurrected for real. So, I mean, I guess we’ll see what happens and to what extent we’ll be part of the show. It’s really exciting.

Read the rest of the interview with Malese at Wetpaint.

Kayla Ewell stopped by Clevver TV to talk about Vicki, and stay tuned to Clevver TV on Youtube (Don’t forget to subscribe!) for the full interview. Here Kayla talks about how she thought her return to TVD was an April Fools joke.

A few spoilery (mainly speculation) tidbits from Ausiello over at TV Line courtesy of Kayla Ewell. Also TV Guide caught up with Nina Dobrev and Kayla at the MTV Movie Awards, and they shared some of their speculations for season 3.

Via TV Line:

Question: Is there any more news on Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries? —Lisa

Ausiello: Kayla Ewell has yet to see a script, but the actress believes she’s cracked the mystery surrounding Vicki’s season-ending return from the dead. “I’m thinking [she’s] not a ghost, but more of an angel or good spirit coming back to help Jeremy,” she offers. “Vicki really, really loves Jeremy, so [I think] she’s going to try to come back and help him any way she can. But also, wherever Vicki goes, she stirs up trouble. Her intentions may be good and pure, but [I suspect] there’s going to be lots of trouble going on.”

Via TV Guide:

In Season 3, Vicki will tend to “unfinished business with my brother, my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend, with so many people,” says Ewell. “I’m coming back with a vengeance. It’s going to get crazy.”

“It’s going to be interesting what happens next,” Dobrev told us.  “I really would like to see the whole play on Elena and Damon’s relationship, what kind of repercussions and what kind of consequences there will be, and what kind of awkwardness there will be. There’s so many ways it could go.”

Dobrev thinks Elena’s heart will always belong to Stefan, even if he’s enjoying a taste of the dark side. “You always want what you can’t have, and that’s why for so long [the writers] have been keeping [Elena and Damon] apart because they want the fans to want what they can’t have,” she says. “Now that Stefan is gone Elena will want what she can’t have and she’ll miss him and wonder if he’s ok, and I think it will make their relationship stronger.”

The Vampire Diaries was representing at the MTV Movie Awards. Nina Dobrev, Kayla Ewell, Steven McQueen were all in attendance. Check out the photos below courtesy of Vampire Diaries Web (view the rest in their gallery), and some videos with Nina Dobrev and Kayla Ewell on the red carpet, talking about season 3.

Video interview with Nina courtesy of On the Red Carpet:

Video interview with Kayla courtesy of Clevver TV:

Yesterday I received a notification in my inbox. Someone had replied to my comment that I made on Candice Accola’s blog post on Lymenaide. A blog dedicated to the awareness of Lyme Disease and a platform for those affected with it to gather, support and lend their voices to the awareness of this disease. It was from Teri, Candice’s best friend that she was speaking of in her blog post and PSA. She wanted to thank me for my words and posting the banner on my blog. I’ll just say that it made my day and brought tears to my eyes. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy, because it made me feel good to know I was doing something to help and support awareness of a disease like this. A disease that is very controversial and many go years and years living with it, not knowing they have it, or knowing they do and no one believing them. Which is why it is so important to raise awareness. And also to raise awareness on how it can be prevented. The following PSAs from some of our Vampire Diaries cast explain it for us. Check them out. New one from Candice Accola, Michael Trevino, Kayla Ewell and guest star Spencer Locke (Amber Bradley, “Miss Mystic Falls”). These PSAs are just one way for us to raise awareness. May is Lyme Disease Awareness month, go to Lymenaide to find out how you can help “Paint May Lyme Green”.

Candice Accola

Michael Trevino

Kayla Ewell

Spencer Locke

Major spoiler alert!! Kayla Ewell reveals some major TVD Scoop to On the Red Carpet in this video. Thanks to Maria from TVDStarbuzz for the heads up!

“There’s a lot of new characters coming on.  And I can tell you at the end of the season, someone dies.  Someone else that’s really really awesome and it’s going to be pretty devastating,” she said.  “Major death, yeah.

Check out these scans from InStyle’s Latest Issue featuring Nina Dobrev, Kayla Ewell, Candice Accola and Katerina Graham.  The spread is called Viva La Vamp. Don’t they all look so beautiful?? It reads:

Sultry yes. Spooky, not a chance! The cast of the CW’s Vampire Diaries proves that mythical creatures and mere mortals alike can pull off dark lips. The secret? Finding that one gorgeous bold pigment that suits your skin tone and contrasting it with a soft smokey eye.

Several the cast members of The Vampire Diaries attended the 2nd Annual Golden Globes Young Hollywood Party.  Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Katerina Graham, Candice Accola and Kayla Ewell were all there.  Check out these great pics courtesy of Vampire-Diaries.net!  Here’s a few and you can view the rest HERE!



Over the weekend, Katerina Graham and former cast member Kayla Ewell attended the 2009 Hollywood Christmas Parade!  Here are a couple of pics courtesy of Katerina-Images.com (view the rest HERE) and huge thanks to @djscorpia for the heads on this video of an interview from the parade.



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