Fans can submit their questions and watch Kat Graham answer them LIVE this Tuesday (4/26 @ 1 pm PT) as she sits down with E! correspondent & OpportunityNation supporter Michael Yo to talk about what it takes to break into and succeed in your dream career. OpportunityNation is the newest campaign of Be The Change, the organization that launched ServiceNation and the civilian military initiative ServiceNation: Mission Serve with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and Mrs. Alma J. Powell. More information below. Thank you for your consideration.

OpportunityNation Launches “Mentor Chat Series” with Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham

LOS ANGELES (April 21, 2011) – OpportunityNation, a campaign powered by the people to focus on the revitalization of the American Dream, announces today the launch of its “Mentor Chat Series,” which will allow the general public to engage with opinion leaders and successful industry experts. The series serves to provide tangible tools and advice to people as they pursue their dream career.

The inaugural chat will be hosted by E! News correspondent Michael Yo and feature “Vampire Diaries” star Kat Graham. The singer/actress/writer/dancer will speak about her experience breaking into the industry and the people and organizations that helped her along the way. After a string of guest spots and commercial gigs starting at age six, Graham was selected at 17 by the Coca-Cola company to star as one of the “Fantanas” in an international campaign to promote their soft drink Fanta. Keeping the importance of education in mind, she simultaneously completed her college degree in recording engineering during this time. Since joining as a regular on the hit series “Vampire Diaries,” Graham has continued pursuing her passion in music, recently completing a world tour with The Black-Eyed Peas and releasing her first single, SASSY.

Fans can join the conversation by submitting questions for Kat at OpportunityNation.org/MentorChats and watch the LIVE interview on April 26th at 1 pm PT to see their questions answered and hear advice on creating a path to doing what you love and overcoming adversities along the way. Question submissions will also be accepted during the live chat by tweeting them @oppnation or posting on the organization’s Facebook, Facebook.com/OpportunityNation.

OpportunityNation is working to build a multisector national coalition for a non-partisan agenda to enhance opportunity and economic mobility in America. Before their national summit in November 2011, they will be uncovering, discussing and debating the best approaches in education, job creation, community development, and healthy families to create an opportunity agenda for our nation and our communities. OpportunityNation’s vision is that every man, woman and child should have the opportunity to reach the American Dream.

Launched at the 7th Annual “Roots Jam Session” during Grammy weekend, OpportunityNation is the newest campaign of Be The Change, the organization that launched ServiceNation and the civilian military initiative ServiceNation: Mission Serve with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and Mrs. Alma J. Powell.

To learn more, visit OpportunityNation.org.

Alright, darlings. Lets play a game, shall we? It’s a little game I like to call ‘Last One to Swoon is a Rotten Egg.’ Because to be honest: if your heart didn’t stop for a moment or ten – or in the very least, didn’t skip wildly out of kilter – at the sight of the scene that first greeted us in Episode 13, then quite frankly, dearest, you may want to go get your eyes checked. Because ladies and gentleman, Damon Salvatore is IN da HOUSE. (Please excuse my Kanye speak, people – I know it’s terrible. The equivalent of your nanna quoting PDiddy, really,  but moving on…)

The great thing about Daddy Issues was that it really did cover a lot of plot bases, from the Tyler-who-loves-Caroline-who-loves-Matt-and-Tyler-too-a-little-bit-sort-of triangle, to the epic ongoing tangle of life, unlife and love that is Damon, Elena and Stefan. Okay, so Bonnie and Jer didn’t get much of a showing this week, but it had been seriously noted by Julie Plec that their time was about to come soon – it just wasn’t this episode.


KTLA’s Sam Rubin caught up with Kat Graham at LA Live for a Pre-Grammy Event. Kat talks about Bonnie & Jeremy’s “make-out” scene and we get to see her perform her new song “I Want It All”. Check it out!


Here’s a video interview with Michael Trevino and Kat Graham at EW’s Pre-SAG Party courtesy of CW Source.


Part 2 of Zap2It’s interview with Kat Graham was posted last night, and here she chats a little bit about Bonnie and Damon…TOTAL SPECULATION on her part. So please check your “hate comments” at the door. She also discusses what Elena might think of a relationship between Bonnie and Jeremy. Please head on over to Zap2It to read the rest of Zap2It’s article after watching the video below.


TV Guide‘s Robyn Ross has posted yet another one of her video interviews with the The Vampire Diaries cast from her previous set visit. Here Kat Graham talks about how Bonnie really wanted Jeremy to kiss her, and that she was just trying to protect him from getting hurt. Find out what else Kat had to say!

Zap2it has posted yet another one of their interviews from their December set visit. This time Kat Graham chats about her Garbage cover of “Only Happy When It Rains”, and how that came about and then teases about her upcoming Janet Jackson cover set to release later this month. Can’t wait to find out what song it is! Check out the video interview and then head on over to Zap2it to read the rest of the article.


Here’s a little Jeremy/Bonnie/Luka scoopage to get ya to talkin’ via E!Online’s WWK Spoiler Chat.

@TooCool_2012 (via Twitter): Is Bonnie gonna hook-up with Jeremy or the new guy Luka? #TheVampireDiaries

Yes! That’s a pretty safe answer to your question because Katerina Graham herself just told us this about what lies ahead: “Bonnie does get a kiss.” So which guy will seal the deal? She’s not saying, but she did spill some other deets on Jeremy and Luka and the possibility of Damon and Bonnie (and the Delena fans go crzazay!), so stand by for more from Katerina soon. (For the record though, my money is on Bonnie and Jeremy. Care to wager?)

@caitlinems (via Twitter): Duhhhhh, anything on Vampire Diaries! Maybe a little more of Matt in future episodes?

I’m told more Matt is definitely on the way. You are welcome.

Yesterday, The Vampire Diaries cast (Kat Graham, Sara Canning, Zach Roerig and Steven McQueen) and executive producers, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson appeared at the 2010 New York Comic-Con for a discussion panel and signing!

Thanks to @cadlymack for posting the pic and you can view some more from the event here. I’ll be making another post later with pics from the carpet and panel and my friend Shira’s fan experience!

But first here is video of the panel discussion thanks to PhillyFilmGirl and you can follow her on twitter at @phillyfilmgurl.

Here’s a great interview with Kat Graham by Crushable. She talks about what the girls might go as for Halloween..Spice Girls! Drinking soda while eating Pop Rocks and some predictions.

Crushable: Any plans for Halloween?

Kat: I think the girls from the cast and I are going to stay in Atlanta this year. I’m really hoping we can pull off the Spice Girls for a costume. I really want to be Scary Spice, finally, after all these years!

Crushable: Ha, Mel B.! She has the new reality show out.

Kat: I know, I really want to watch it and see how accurate I am.

Crushable: It’s a Scary World.

Kat: It’s a Scary World, with Mel B.! And Nina (Dobrev) would be Posh, and Kayla Ewell would be sporty, and Candice Accola would be Baby.

Crushable: We might be going as the two guys from Mythbusters.

Kat: What’s that?

Crushable: I don’t know…these two guys go around and I think…bust myths?

Kat: Oh, I know one. Pop rocks and soda won’t kill you. I didn’t even know that they might, I only heard about it after I had already done it.

Crushable: Wait, you just tried to drink soda while eating Pop Rocks without knowing that was an urban legend?

Kat: Yeah! Why not?

Read the rest of the interview.

Seventeen Magazine has posted an adorable video of 7 Things You Didn’t know about Katerina Graham. Thanks to Kat Graham for the heads up! Check it!

Take an exclusive peek inside Kat’s kitchen cupboards, find out about the car she shares with her character Bonnie, and learn what kind of funky DIY fashion pieces she loves to make in her spare time.Bonus: You’ll get to meet Kat’s adorable dog Izzy and learn about her strange pets (and their even stranger names!).

Check out this brand new music video for Kat Graham’s Cold Hearted Snake! Love it!

We had a great time chatting with Kat Graham on Ustream today. If you missed it, never fear! The entire stream was recorded and you can view here right on Vampire Diaries Online! It’s split into 2 videos, because her computer froze on her for a bit.

You can view the rest of the chat HERE! (It would only let me embed one video)

Today Kat Graham announced on Twitter that she will be doing a live video chat on her Ustream tomorrow, 9/20 at 3:30PM EST. We will be posting reminders through out the day on Twitter! Never been to one of her Ustreams? Then you need to check out her very first one she did almost a year ago! We posted it here on Vampire Diaries Online!

Here’s another great interview with Kat Graham, this time with TV Guide. She discusses where all her relationships stand, specifically her relationship with Caroline after the most recent turn of events, and what we can expect from Bonnie in tonight’s episode, “Brave New World”.

TVGuide.com: Will Bonnie and Elena ever be as close as they once were?

Graham: I don’t think the relationship with Bonnie and Elena will ever go back to the way it was. I think they can be friends and they can still be close, [but] it’s different. We all have those friends we have serious problems with, but you know they would die for you.

TVGuide.com: Do you see the vampires and witches ever aligning?

Graham: For the benefit of a life, yeah. Just for the benefit of the vampires? No, I don’t think Bonnie would do that.

VGuide.com: What about Bonnie and Stefan or Damon?

Graham: I don’t know if it’s never going to happen, but I don’t know about a friendship. They’re going to have to work their asses off to get Bonnie to even like them. I think if it helped Elena, she would definitely work with them and I think that says a lot about Bonnie.

TVGuide.com: How does Bonnie take her anger out on Damon in the second episode?

Graham: She keeps her promise, I will say that, and she will do something unthinkable.

TVGuide.com: How will the dynamic between Bonnie and Caroline [Candice Accola] change after what happened during the premiere’s final scene?

Graham: Caroline’s always been the chatty, blonde, silly frenemy, and now that that’s changed. It’s left them all in a vulnerable place, especially Caroline. Bonnie wouldn’t ever just cut anyone off for no reason. If they were really not going to be friends anymore, it would have to be because of something Caroline did. No matter what Caroline is, it would have to be something awful. Other than that, Bonnie is pretty accepting of the fact that her friends are a little different. I think Elena choosing a vampire is just as strange as Bonnie being a witch, personally.

Read more at TV Guide.com.

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