TV Guide spoke with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries about the upcoming episode and Liz Forbes fate, and how Caroline is handling it.

So excited for tonight! Check out this preview of tonight’s episode from Ian Somerhalder himself.


We also have some interviews with Ian Somerhalder, Julie Plec and Caroline Dries to share. Check them out!

Via ETOnline:

Throughout the first half of Season 6, Damon and Elena have been forced to fight for their love. They’re not just getting their happy ending handed to them on a silver platter. And despite the agony, it’s creating a “worth the wait” type of scenario. And when ETonline caught up with Somerhalder, this was an observation that the 36-year-old-actor wholeheartedly agreed with.

“Actually that’s a really awesome observation,” Somerhalder said. “They haven’t just been handed this. In the past we’ve fast-forwarded through a lot of the cool, gushy parts that you would typically see in a new love story, so I think that Damon being in this space of who he loves genuinely gives him a sense of purpose.”

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Via EW:

Elena could get her memories back, though she probably won’t anytime soon. Plec and Dries agreed that there is a possibility for Elena’s memories to return, but it’s not on the books in the near future. “I think the fun of that story actually is the fact that she kind of can’t get them back so it’s like realizing oh the feelings are inside you whether or not you get rid of them through compulsion,” Dries said, with Plec adding, “There’s no magic switch that we’re just going to come up with a loophole for.”

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Via TV Fanatic:

TVF: Will we see a different Jo now that she has her powers back? Do we see her differently as a character?

CD: Actually we don’t. She still kind of puts being a doctor and being girlfriend of Alaric as the main priority in her life. She never really, I think, identified herself as being a witch and so she has this now…she’s going to try to embrace it and try to win the merge, is what she decides she wants to do. But she’s going through her own growing pains as Kai is with dealing with the magic.

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Woke Up With a Monster

Paul Wesley has made the rounds talking about tonight’s highly anticipated midseason return, “Woke Up with a Monster” directed by Paul, himself. Check these out, and we’ll add more as the become available.

Via Yahoo TV on Chris Wood’s character Kai:

While he loves working with Michael Malarkey, who plays Enzo, Wesley’s favorite parts of the episode are the storylines involving Caroline and her mother and Kai (Chris Wood) holding Elena captive. “[Wood]’s work in my episode is pretty hilarious. He would surprise me and do things that even I didn’t think of, and I would use those takes in my cut,” Wesley says with a laugh. “The best actors bring their own little spin to things. It’s always intimidating joining a Season 6 show, being relatively new. Having the sort of confidence to just start improvising and doing your own thing is really pretty ballsy. It’s either gonna work or fail, but it really works in his favor.”

So much, in fact, that Wesley says, “The notes that I got back when I submitted my episode were, ‘We love Kai.’ Like literally, everyone loves Kai because he’s so likable despite the fact that he’s completely sinister. That was what was so exciting about the way it was written — you kinda like him, even though he’s doing all these awful things, which makes it really interesting. Otherwise, it would just be really boring.”

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Via THR, more about Kai and the last 15 minutes of the episode:

What can you preview about the other storylines?

Kai — Chris Wood — has a lot of stuff with Elena. The interactions are pretty amazing. Caroline has a lot to do in my episode, and Candice Accola is dealing with some things with her mom. Those were the two storylines that are the most pivotal in episode, and the most compelling and effective. And if people can get through the episode, then they’re really in for a great treat at the end. The last 10-15 minutes, I want to make sure people watch it. There’s not a lot I can tease, but I really want to make sure people stay with it; make sure you watch it live.

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Via TVLine on losing series regular, Steven R. McQueen:

TVLINE | Lastly, how do you feel about losing Jeremy — and Steven R. McQueen as a series regular — next year?
It’s weird. We’ve gone through this before, but certainly not in Season 6. I love Steven. He’s such a sweet and nice and kind kid. Of course it’s sad, you know, but he’s a young actor, we’re in Season 6 and I’m excited to see what he does next.

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People caught up with Paul Wesley, he talked directing tomorrow night’s episode and here’s some Stelena scoop for ya! Also, to commemorate tomorrow night’s return of The Vampire Diaries, check out the awesome new promotional photo shared via @cwtvd.

As a couple, are Stefan and Elena dead and gone forever? Or is there hope for Stelena yet?

I don’t think it’s out of the question. I think it’s contingent upon the writing – writers are really magicians. They can come up with anything, and it just depends on what the audience wants. Writers can make it seem like Caroline and Stefan are the end game, and suddenly switch it on a dime and then everyone is rooting for Stefan and Elena. You never know on this show, but I think that’s what keeps it fresh and exciting. If you do have a preconceived notion of what’s going to happen next, it just becomes unreliably boring, and so I don’t think you could ever rule anything out.

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Paul Wesley and his Amira & Sam Co-stars sit down with Collider to talk about the upcoming release their film. Here Paul mentions The Vampire Diares and talks about the show’s future.


Check out Teen Vogue’s photo shoot and interview with the latest TVD bad guy, Chris Wood (Kai).

With Kai being kind of a crazy person and all, it turns out fans of the show who meet Chris in real life are surprised by the down-to-earth sweetheart they find. “I was in Florida at this convention and the thing I heard most often was ‘You’re not at all what I was expecting you to be like.’ I’m always thinking, ‘Well I hope not. I hope you didn’t think I was going to be a nut-job,'” Chris says. “He just ticks in a totally different way than I do. The material is very dark, but I really get to play the whole package: A comical character who’s also intensely villainous and terrifying. It’s a blast.”

When he gets a break from filming, the entire cast has a handful of things they like to do off set in Atlanta, Georgia. And knowing this guy, of course they’re a little artsy. “They have this thing called the BeltLine in Atlanta. It’s a bike path that goes around the entire city,” Chris says. “It’s very scenic—they have all these cool local art projects along the side of the path: big scultpures, windmills, and pendulums that move. So we bike that some weekends when it’s nice. There are also always great concerts, food, and music. We also love game nights—we play a lot of charades. And Cards Against Humanity.”

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Michael Malarkey recently made the rounds chatting with various news outlets about his new EP and The Vampire Diaries. Check out what Michael recently told Hunger TV about…well his amazing TVD fans. *wink*

Do you ever get used to the Vampire Diaries fandom? Have you had any bizarre encounters with fans?

I was in no way prepared for what was about to hit me when I started on the show. I watch as much as I can as far as television goes. I try and watch all the pilots that come out to see what’s out there. As an actor it’s my job to be informed. So I’d seen a couple of episodes, but I had no idea that the fan base was so expansive. I think it is the most popular show on social media in the world, there’s something like several hundred million viewers worldwide. I had no idea it was that huge. It was a shock. It’s been great, and the fans are part of what makes our show what it is; without them we wouldn’t really have a show. It would have been cancelled after a couple of years. We owe a lot to the fans and it’s important to be able to give back, and we do a lot of personal appearances and conventions. And in my mind that’s us saying that we appreciate you. And we do. They’re amazing.

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Paul Wesley stops by The Wrap‘s “Drinking with the Stars” with Rebecca Rosenberg. He talks TVD, Steroline and more!


TV Fanatic was on the set of The Vampire Diaries recently. Check out what Candice Accola had to say about tonight’s episode!

“They’ve cut all romance from the show,” Accola joked before delving into the aftermath of her character’s awkward discussion with Stefan on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7.

“Normally, she likes to cover it up and pretend everything is fine, so we’ll see a little bit of that,” Accola said about how she’ll respond to essentially being rejected last Thursday night, adding:

“Caroline is very much still embarrassed at having realized her feelings and she’s found the only way to deal with it is to say what she said last episode: ‘I hate you… because if I don’t hate you, I’d hate myself.’ That’s gonna be a theme carried out over the next couple episodes.”

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Live from the set, Ian Talks Damon hurting with Access Hollywood.

Give Me My Remote had a chance to chat with Julie Plec while visiting the set of The Originals. Here she teases what’s to come on tomorrow night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries “Fade Into You”. And head on over to GMMR to watch Julie talk about honoring the fans with the “Delena Rain Kiss”.

Check out TV Guide‘s latest video from their recent set visit to The Vampire Diaries. By the way, if you read the synopsis for Thursday’s episode, watching this video reveals a bit of a spoiler possibly. So you have been warned!

TV Guide’s Robyn Ross had a chance to catch up with the cast on the set of The Vampire Diaries, check out what Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had to say about Elena and Damon, and how she will react to his return.


TV Fanatic had a chance to chat with the new big bad on The Vampire Diaries, Chris Wood about Kai’s place in this whole mystery of why he, Bonnie and Damon are reliving May 10, 1994. Check out what Chris had to say about why Grams brought Bonnie and Damon to this place.

TVF: I’m definitely intrigued now! If they’re all in Kai’s Hell, why is it the place Grams chose to send Bonnie? Aside from helping you escape, will we find out why she’s there?

CW: Bonnie’s magic is very important to Kai. Like I said before, the prison world has its own rules and we’re going to learn about those and what Bonnie’s part in it is. Whether this was where Grams meant to send Bonnie or whether Kai brought her there somehow is the real mystery.

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