As a lot of you are aware, Ian Somerhalder is desperately trying to raise funds through his foundation, ISF, to open an eco-friendly animal sanctuary in his home state of Louisiana.  But not just any animal sanctuary.  The aim is to provide a place for outcast, neglected, and mistreated heavenly creatures, with their two-footed human counterparts that have bullying problems learning to care for them.  It’s a win-win!  The kids will find compassion through caring for the animals—who accept love so easily and want it so badly!  The animals will get to teach the kids about love and kindness, the kids will learn how great it is to care, and maybe all their lives will be the better for it!

Time is running out.  The desired land needs to be purchased quickly or it will be back to the drawing board.  Ian figured it out for us:  If 1000 people pledge/donate $10 a month for one year to get this off the ground ISF can make the purchase!  Less than the cost of most movie nights out, your online video service, or what you spend on junk food in a month!

We’re sending out an SOS to all loyal Vampire Diaries Online readers to please help ISF save animals, stop bullying, and support ISF’s goal of building a sustainable future for them.  Added bonus, there will be great volunteer programs to spend time at the sanctuary!

Won’t you help Vampire Diaries Online, ISF, and Ian Somerhalder reach the short-term goal by visiting the ISF Animal Sanctuary Donation page and making a donation or pledge?  Thanks for answering our SOS!

~Mak and Ruthie

Photo Credit: St. Tammany Humane Society

The CW and Bing have once again teamed up to bring you insight into what the cast does in their spare time. So far we only have videos from Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder. I’m hoping we see more from other cast members. We’ll also get to see more during the Season Finale.

Bing – Kat Graham Doing

Bing – Ian Somerhalder Doing

E!Online caught up with Daniel Gillies to chat about his new foundation he started for a 2 year old little boy named Isaias who’s battling a rare form of cancer. Daniel also offered some Vampire Diaries finale scoop. Enjoy the excerpt below, then head on over to E!Online to read more about Isaias, how you can help and what we can expect in The Vampire Diaries season finale.

Of course, we had to ask Daniel about the Vampire Diaries upcoming season three finale, which yes, he will he a part of. “I’m coming back. There’s a hot mess in Mystic Falls. It’s a hot mess! We need a little Elijah to restore some order,” Daniel teases of his reappearance.

While Daniel couldn’t say too much about the finale, he warns fans to “brace” themselves as the episode is “just going to rock the foundation of the fandom. It’s stunning what the writers have done. I love what [executive producer] Julie Plec has done. I’m as eager as the fans to see how it evolves. It’s deeply tragic. You can expect some tragedy. That’s all I can really say. Whatever’s happening with this group of people is about to be changed forever.”

As many of you may already know, Ian Somerhalder and his brother Bob have started a very unique business. Built of Barnwood is special that it takes vintage wood to create usable art pieces and decor items for your home.

Via Built of Barnwood’s website:

BOB is a collaborative effort between two multi talented brothers. Built of Barnwood is based in the charming coastal town of Bay St Louis Mississippi. They are focusing on reclaiming, recycling and re-purposing vintage wood and building materials. Once reclaimed they are turned into usable artwork, home furnishing and design accent pieces. Together Bob Somerhalder and Ian Somerhalder strive for a greener more sustainable economy. With this green desire in mind, they have launched a clean and sustainable business that is a hot and trendy product line for home decor and furniture.

And today, they are trying to sell 1000 Earth Day Green Crosses by midnight. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. But that’s not all, if you purchase 5 crosses, you will receive a personalized autographed photo from Ian himself! FREE Shipping is only available to those living in the 48 US states. International shipping will be billed separately. So to help this great cause and unique business, head on over to Built of Barnwood to get yours now!

Thanks to my pal Lynn (@justlynn01) for reminding me that I needed to post about this! As many of you know, our beloved Daniel Gillies (Elijah) has been trying to raise money for a project of his, a movie titled Broken Kingdom that he directed and starred in. Well it looks like Broken Kingdom is only a little over $4,000 away from becoming fully funded. You can donate HERE.

But that’s not all, tomorrow is Daniel Gillies birthday, and what better way to wish him a Happy Birthday, than to donate to his cause, and help his project get fully funded. The film also stars Daniel’s wife Rachael Leigh Cook. You might be asking, “What’s Broken Kingdom?” Here’s a short synopsis, and then a video about the film from Daniel, Rachael and producers.

Two stories weave their way from the harrowing slums of Bogota to the lofty hills of Hollywood.

BOGOTA – JASON AND SERAFINAAmerican writer Jason Hollister has withdrawn to the shadows of Bogotá, Colombia.

When Jason rescues a teenage prostitute after a violent attack, a strange relationship blooms between them. The young girl, Serafina, ignites Jason’s all-but-extinct desire to write. In turn, Jason negotiates this peculiar ‘muse’ into his world… Hiring her to be his companion.

With her departure from the formidable slums, Serafina is seduced with a poisonous delusion: the opportunity of a different life. A deep yearning is unlocked as Jason inevitably comes to represent hope and change.

This initial harmony is short-lived however, as Jason catapults deeper into a creative cocoon. Employing every strategy of distraction to usurp his attention, Serafina is met only with defiance and anger.

The emotional landscape of this unusual friendship soars and plummets as they walk inexorably through their tangled fate.

Marilyn is an enigmatic 28-year-old teacher at a Los Angeles day-care.

Her story begins when she accosts and then interrogates the white father (Chris) of an African-American boy (Julian) one day after school. Though the situation is swiftly resolved, it takes an unusual turn.

The following day, Chris invites Marilyn on a date.

She accepts.

As their relationship ensues Marilyn’s peculiar fascination with Julian is enough to disturb Chris.

Only towards the end of this tale do we begin to understand the intricacies of her preoccupation and the details of her savage fate.

Broken Kingdom is a dramatic feature film starring Rachael Leigh Cook, Daniel Gillies, Darren Le Gallo and Seymour Cassel. Executive producers: Chris Ouwinga and Darryn Welch.

Words can not express how much a I love this chick. Sorry I just had to get that out of my system…lol PopSugarTV caught up with Kat Graham at the Global Green Pre-Oscars Party on February 22nd. Here she talks about what’s coming up for Bonnie and Elena, Global Green, ISF and her upcoming new single and video! LOVE her gorgeous green eyeshadow!

Hey guys, I know we can do this. Andrea of Nina Dobrev Network has a campaign going to raise $2300 in honor of Nina Dobrev’s birthday. She and Free the Children have come together and created a page where you can make your donation. Please head on over and make your donation. It will mean a lot to Nina, so please help make this campaign a success. You can also click the banner above and it will take you to the donation page. Thanks guys!

On December 10th, Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder hosted the event The Ripple Effect, a charity dinner to benefit The Water Project. Several cast members and crew from The Vampire Diaries were also in attendance to show their support for the cause. Michael Trevino, Nina Dobrev, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson. As well as former guest stars Bianca Lawson and Arielle Kebble. Here are a few photos from the event (view more over at Katerina Graham Source), and a couple of video interviews with Nina and Ian from Mingle Media TV. You can view more celebrity interviews from the event on their YouTube channel.

Video Interviews with Ian And Nina by Mingle Media Network

 Fans Online