Remember our pal Shannon, who created the amazing video tributes to Ian Somerhalder (All I Want For Christmas is…), Paul Wesley Welcome to Twitter, and Ode to Julie Plec? Well, check out this really cool video she made about how The Vampire Diaries has made an impact on her life…grab a box of tissues. After you watch, make sure you connect with Shannon on Twitter at @mrsisomerhalder.

We would like to wish Michael Trevino a very happy birthday today! Hope you get lots of pressies, and spend time with the people you love! Have an awesome day!

Also, check out this cool fan video created by AndreaTVD, a tribute and fan appreciation video for Michael!

Oh my goodness…what an amazing work of creativity. Every now and then, we like to feature fan videos that we feel deserve to be showcased here on Vampire Diaries Online. Today, my friend @Waschal tweeted a link to this one that is all about Bonnie Bennett. Thanks to YouTuber Ozwierzus093 for creating this!

Check out this awesome fanmade video featuring the tortured soul of Damon Salvatore. Thanks to @HannahRodgers for bringing this beautiful video to our attention, and to YouTuber FatallyxFragile for creating it!

It’s been too long for some of us TVD fans. Okay let’s face it for all of us. However, I just saw something that will make everyone of you want to die next.

Yes, like for most of you, who ever FELT. WANTED. HOPED. DREAMED and IMAGINED the day when Stefan played by the utterly AMAZING and hilarious Paul Wesley (@paulwesley) would bring to life the other side of a bad-ass Vampire and its blood lust effect, should watch this fan video by (@karldeeds). Its crafted for one thing, to ask yourself.

Will. You. Be. Next?

Squeee Season 3 -BRING IT! – *with hands waving and neck exposed happily* – Enjoy!

As we tweeted earlier, Deadline is now reporting that Joseph Morgan has officially signed on to play “Klaus”. TV Line’s Michael Ausiello was originally the one to break the news. Ausiello also reported the other day that Klaus will make his debut in the April 21st episode.

Joseph Morgan has now been signed to play him. Morgan, who’ll next be seen in the Henry Cavill-starrerImmortals, played supporting roles in the Peter Weir-directed Master and Commander, and Oliver Stone’s Alexander. He plays the title character in ABC’s upcoming miniseries Ben Hur. He was set for the show after more than 100 actors read for the role all over the world. Morgan’s deal was made by WME, Richard Koenigsberg Management and London-based Curtis Brown Group.

So…what do you guys think, now that we have official confirmation? Check out this fanmade video below showcasing Joseph Morgan in some of his previous projects.

TVD After Dark Recap 1/22/11

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Thanks everyone for making TVD After Dark such a success once again. Since so many of you are asking for all of the links and what we discussed, I’ve done a quick temporary site so that you may see it all.  I may have missed a few things and I’m sure you will let me know. Next Viewing Party will be on Saturday, January 29th 2011, No more Thursdays, I only did it because of the TVD hiatus and well you guys demanded I did. Some very nicely and some with threats of being skinned.  I can’t believe it’s that enjoyable to see me in my living room blabbing about the Vampire Diaries. Lol! They were all with love I’m sure and it’s really appreciated. So I will see all of you on twitter for the Vampire Diaries return. @RomanciaLove

Discussion of Descent (Excerpt) Of course we couldn’t escape the Damon Salvatore shower scenes discussion and I tried very hard to get of this topic. LOL! I was as close to an online death as anyone wants to get with the shrills of screams in the chatroom over the whole Damon Bedroom and bathroom scene discovery. I’m just going to wait and drool like the rest of you. View More TVD After Dark Recap

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Last night Eyecon announced that Michael Trevino will be joining the line up for the very first North American Vampire Diaries convention to be held March 25th – 27th in Atlanta, GA. We are so excited to hear this news! Michael will be joining previously announced guests, Paul Wesley, Steven R. Mcqueen, Rob Pralgo, and Chris William Martin. Along with musical guests, Jessarae (Steven McQueen’s little bro) and Nova Echo. So if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, now’s the time. Platinum tickets are close to selling out! Head on over to Eyecon to purchase your ticket now!

I personally am really looking forward to this convention! As we mentioned before, Vampire Diaries Online will be there to cover the entire event. To follow the coverage, be sure and check out our Vampire Diaries Online Eyecon Coverage page with all the details!

Also, Eyecon has announced their TVD Fanmade Video/Film Contest. Here are some of the details:

Are you a budding filmmaker? Or the biggest TVD fan in the universe who happens to have a video camera? It’s time to showcase your creativity to the EyeCon crowd. We’re looking for fan made film submissions! Simply shoot a 10 minute or less video set inside the Vampire Diaries universe and send us a link to the video (YouTube or any web link that directs to the video will be fine). We are going to be offering up some prizes for the ones we think are awesome and showing them to the crowd at the convention!

  • The videos must be 10 minutes or less running time
  • They must be set in the Vampire Diaries Universe
  • They can be any film genre you would like (parody, comedy, drama, horror, etc.)
  • They will be judged on creativity, originality, style and effort
  • If you are notified as a winner, we will need a higher quality DVD or video file of the video to show to the crowd (since YouTube vids are lower quality)
  • Deadline for submission is Friday, March 11, 2011. Have fun!

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