Heads up guys! Our very own Michael Malarkey has just released his first EP “Feed the Flames”. We currently have a link to the EP on Amazon and iTunes. Enjoy!


Buy Michael Malarkey’s “Feed the Flames” on Amazon Today!

Michael Malarkey’s “Feed the Flames on iTunes


Hey guys! If you didn’t already know, our very own Michael Malarkey is not only an extremely talented actor, he is also a pretty amazing singer and musician. Before Michael became an actor, he played in various punk and hardcore bands, then later moved to London to pursue his acting.

Well, you guys are in for a treat! On October 11th, Michael will take the stage at Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, GA to perform his original music, and will be releasing his first EP on October 12th. Even more exciting for me, because that’s my birthday!

Tickets for his performance go on sale TOMORROW, August 29th at 10AM EDT via Ticketmaster. More details about the performance and ticket information HERE.

See you guys there!

Heads up UK peeps! If you missed out on the chance to see Ian Somerhalder’s new movie The Anomaly, in UK cinemas on July 4th, then worry no more! The film is being re-released in UK Cinemas August 1st, 2nd and 6th! Check out this clip from Ian Somerhalder’s The Anomaly Diaries series below!


Check this out guys! Not only will Nina Dobrev be attending SDCC on Saturday for TVD, she will also participate in a panel for her upcoming comedy, Let’s Be Cops at Nerd HQ on July 25th at 1:15PM PDT. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Check out the trailer for the documentary “I Am Steven McQueen” airing tonight on Spike TV at 9/8c. Our very own Steven McQueen, along with many other celebrities, friends and family pay tribute to the legendary actor, and Steven’s grandfather, Steve McQueen.

Hey guys! So excited to see this! Some time ago, Zach Roerig spent his time off filming this amazing film called “Field of Lost Shoes”. Zach stars alongside Luke Benward, Jason Isaacs, David Arquette, Tom Skeritt, Lauren Holly and more! The film is set to premiere in theaters in September of this year. You can find out more about the film and view stills over on their official website.

Check out Ian Somerhalder’s new movie The Anomaly in it’s first released trailer. The film will be in theaters in the UK July 4th.


Several Vampire Diaries alums have been cast in the new Supernatural spin-off titled Supernatural: Bloodlines. The back-door pilot is set to air April 29th on the CW as part of Supernatural’s 9th season. The episode will serve as a pilot that will ultimately be considered for The CW’s line-up next season. Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol on TVD), will play a shapeshifter named David Lassiter, Sean Faris (Ben on TVD) plays a werewolf named Julian Duval and Stephen Martines (Frederick on TVD) will play Detective Freddie Costa, a Chicago cop and mentor to a newbie hunter.

I’m actually very excited about this new show, and just wanted to throw a little promotion to our TVD alums! Check out the synopsis for the episode below and be sure and tune in after The Originals, April 29th 9/8c on The CW!

UPDATE: I’ve included photos of our alums from the episode below!



SAM AND DEAN INVESTIGATE MONSTER FAMILIES IN CHICAGO — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a case in Chicago, where they discover that various mafia-esque monster families are, unknown to humans, running the underbelly of Chicago.  One is a family of shapeshifters run by Margo Lassiter (guest stars Danielle Savre), whose leadership is thrown into question when her brother David (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) returns home.  The other reigning family in town is made up of werewolves, lead by Julian Duval (guest star Sean Faris).  While in Chicago, Sam and Dean meet Ennis (guest star Lucien Laviscount), a man with a personal vendetta against the monsters.  The Winchesters warn Ennis about heading into the hunter lifestyle, but Ennis refuses to listen and starts down a dangerous path.  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#920).



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