The Originals: Casting Update! Danielle Campbell Joins TVD Spinoff as Witch Davina

danielle-campbell-the-originals-castingThe Hollywood Reporter has learned that Prison Break alum Danielle Campbell has been cast in the anticipated potential Vampire Diaries Spinoff The Originals as witch, Davina.

The Vampire Diaries potential spinoff has added a young witch to its ranks.

Prison Break actress Danielle Campbell has been tapped to join the CW’s back-door pilot The OriginalsThe Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Campbell, who also co-starred in the feature Prom, will play Davina, a young and troubled witch who has been over-sheltered by protective caregivers. Her innocence about the way the world works makes her equal parts wondrous and dangerous. She’s delicate and ethereal but not without her own demons.

For continued coverage of the new Vampire Diaries Spin-off, The Originals, head on over to our sister site The Originals Online.


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  1. hey to Damon,Stephen, and Elena. I l♥ve this show very much. I was wondering is season 4 the last season yall will ever make. Are yall still doing the vampires diaries or are yall done with doing the show. Is the same people doing the show if yall are still making more shows of vampire diaries. I had a dream bout Stephen+ Damon +a witch last night.But anyways i hope the real person who plays Damon+Stephen+Elena+Caroline+Germany replys back to me if yall are still making new shows good luck and i hope vampire diaries will keep on making new shows bc i dont wanna lose this show half of the shows i used to watch do not play anymore but i hope yall do i L♥ve this show very much and hope yall reply back the real Elena and things I just wish i could meet yall in real life or actually talk to u in real life thats has always been my dream to meet the cast of this show but i think that dream will never come true but last night i dreamed of damon+stephen but that was in a dream i wanna actually meet the cast of the show in real life IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM TO MEET THE CAST OF VAMPIRE DIARIES hope it comes true and hope the real people who plays vampire diaries replys back not someone who put this website up but I LOVE YALL GUYS sorry if i repeated my self a couple of times so yea keep up with the good luck and hope season 4 comes out on netflix and is season 4 THE FINAL SEASON EVER AND THERE WOULD BE NO MORE or is there more seasons after 4 but u know hope the real cast replys back not the owner of it like send me a message or some thing on facebook or do some thing hope my dream comes true but i know it will not thought but any ways hope yall cast of vampire diaries reply and answer my questions my email is mariebohannon1994@yahoo.com but the one up there is mine but thats the one i get on to see my emails♥ ♥ ♥ love to all the cast

  2. ok in the vampire diaries one witch black and the other series is white in the originals is like Jass

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