Vampire Diaries: First official cast photo!

Thanks to E! Online we have the very first cast pic from the Vampire Diaries. They look awesome!

Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Nina Dobrev (Elena) and Paul Wesley (Stefan)

Ian Somerhalder (Damon), Nina Dobrev (Elena) and Paul Wesley (Stefan)




  1. O.M.G….Can’t.breathe…

    Okay, now I am sooo ready for a peek at their fangs, heh.

  2. oh god this is not how i pictured it at all this show no offense to anyone but its gonna suck cause its nothin like the book and if i watch the show its gonna ruin the book just like twilight the movie ruined the books reputation cause that movie sucked too.

  3. Elena is hott..but uhh if you havent notcied the girl is suposed to be blond.

  4. Yes, Elena is supposed to be blond, but let’s give it a chance, it just may surprise you!

  5. They look great! I could care less if she’s blonde or not. Maybe they will make Katherine blonde so we can tell them apart.

  6. Agreed Allison…it doesn’t have to follow the book to the letter in order to be a great show! The book gave us great characters and a great starting point and I am sure the writers have come up with an equally fabulous storyline!

  7. agreed with Allison and Sass.
    yes, Elena was blonde in the books but it’s the acting that counts really.
    and she still looks stunning anyways

  8. OMG I Have Read All Of The Vampire Diaries Series, and I Cannot Wait For The Tv Show, But There Are Some Flaws I Wanna Point Out…
    1. Elena Is Supposed To Have Blonde Hair.
    2. Damon and Stefan are Supposed to Be HOTER THEN ANY HUMAN…and their not…
    3. They are supposed to be in High School, not College…

    All in All, It HAS to be good… <3

  9. NOnoONOono seguramente nadie entiende lo que digoo pero es basuraa, elenaa gilbert es rubiiaa, Stefaann es belloo un diOss al igual k damon k les pasaa, ademas esos chavos se venn muii mayoresss….nonooo no me gustaa no es para anda como el libro, no see entoncess por que?? ponen la leyendaa “basado en la novelaa best seller y no se k de L.J Smith , si de todos modos hacen lo q qieren mejor digan k es un guion libree y enfrente demanda por el plagio de los nOmbre y puntoo…..biien por los que saben español paraa los k no traduzcann hahah
    i LOveee Stefaann Salvatoree and Damon too. they areee soosoosoo hOtee and i don’t know ……. i love themm!!!!!!!!

    i cannot wait!!! im so gunna love his even tho ill have to watch in on youtube ill still love it lots even if elenas ment to be blonde its gunna rock!!!!!
    so excited!

  11. forst of all, if elenas hair is brown, who cares? and u cnt hav kathrines hair be blonde then because the main focus of the first book is that elena and kathrine look so much alike…. so having us be able to tell them apart will kinda defeat the purpose…
    and its kinda hard to make the characters look how EVEYONE who read the books pictures them. news flash, the world doesnt revolve around you so if its not exactly how you picture the characters to look get over it.

  12. This is so not how I pictured it. The characters look nothing like how L.J Smith described them.

  13. ok, i have honestly had enough of vampires ever since the explosion of twilight. but this show looks pretty f’nn awesome. i can’t wait… they look pretty damn hot…those two dudes, what are their names? oh well, i think that i shouldnt read the book, chances are the tv show isnt anything close to the book…


  14. I’m so pumped for the show. I hope it’s like the book. I wonder what bonnie and merideth are gonna look like if they are gonna be in there at all. YES!!!!!!! My life is almost complete!

  15. I am personally not going to watch this series I love the books and the trailer makes it all wrong… Ughhhhh it’s based on the books so it should be close enough

  16. I thought Damon was going to be more attractive that Stefan,
    but i guess not, haha. & they look a little old. haha.
    but even though she isnt blonde, i like nina,
    i watch degrassi all the time, so she should be able to act
    this part. she is super pretty as well.
    And like someone else said, i hope this doesnt ruin the
    book, like twilight the movie did for it’s books.
    so yeah.

  17. why doesnt elena have blonde hair they totally ruined this nina is pretty sure but um seriously i rest my case

  18. Personally I like the fact the characters look older. Since I started reading these books way back when I was fifteen and now that I am twenty years old it would be weird fangirling over characters that are younger than me. I do like the actors that were chosen as Stefan and Elena because I have seen them in other roles, and they were pretty good. Yet there is the fact the Elena should be blond, but I don’t mind much if her acting will bring Elena to life to many other audiences who have not yet become avid readers of L.J. Smith’s work.

  19. the show looks great but Elena is supposed to be blonde guys, and who is playing Bonnie and Meredith??

  20. the picture looks great but damon looks a little older than i thought. but he’s kinda cute! they did a good job :-]

  21. i really wanna read these books before the tv show comes out. dont take me wrong i love the twilight books but did stephanie meyer copy off of these books? Wow those two boys are super cute and elane or whatever her name is, is on Degrassi as mia and i love that show

  22. you know what half of you who cares if she is not blonde but why make it a show if your not gonna make it like the books not that it will be bad cause i am sooo soo excited to see it i think even though it is a little diff it looks awesome and it has nothing to do with twilight twilight was soo awesome so leave it a lone and the show will not ruin the book and twilight movie did not ruin the twilight series
    and i wish the vampire diarie actors and actresses luck i hope there will not be drama for the actors you guys seem like good actors keep it up have fun and stefan and damon are sexy and damon i adore your looks :) <3

  23. mhmm.
    she is supposed too be blond
    buuttt ohwell.

    and i have too disagree i love the book and movie too twilight.

    i know this show will be good… too.

  24. well I remember reading this series when I was a tacker of 11 or 12. I am super excited to see it been made a series.I was disappointed Elena was dark haired instead of blonde too but I do hope the actress can pull off the role either way.
    I am not disappointed with the casting of Stefan and Damon.Though not what I expected I believe everyones imagination differs and the characters never would live up to the hype.
    bring it on and I hope it makes our screens soon. Good Luck

  25. Oh and Stefan and Damon look 30 years old. when thier supossed to look like seniors in high school.

  26. love it stefan damon elena i love the books!!!!!! and stefan and damon there sooooo hot

  27. oh jeez i cant get over the fact that the girl looks NOTHING like i imagine Elena to. I makes me a bit sad, I hope it’s not another of my favorite books ruined. Hopefully they do okay, ugh.

  28. even though the characters look nothing like they were described, im still pretty stoked for this show. it better be good(:

  29. it looks good i just hope that it doesnt ruin the books. and stefan looks like a senior in high school. damon doesnt

  30. it looks really good even thought the characters are not as descriped but its the actting that counts and how they act like the character
    and damon is supposed to be older then stephan and he does
    cant wait
    and that girl elena looks better with brown hair.

  31. Okay Elena is gorgeous, which, if you read the book, is the main factor. The fact that she’s blond and blue eyed is mentioned what, once? seriously! Anyways its the acting that counts. And for anyone who says that Damon and Stephan are supposed to be hotter then a human, fyi, that isn’t possible… even the hottest guy in the world couldn’t BE hotter then human because he would BE human! Plus, again, the acting is what counts. And obviously the tv shows going to be different so don’t get your hopes up, because there not going to have a word to word script, and they can’t because the book is one thing, as with a show, it has to happen quicker and is divided into sections. Technically they could do each eposoid based on a chapter, but then some would be really boring because some are practically all diary entries where as others are, well… others may have everything; suspense, action, heroic actions, romance, ect.


  33. I have read up to the4th book and i love it! the book is so much better than the show. i really wish elena was blond and that merideth was in the tv show . In the book it is so different. i WISH they would have made it more like the book! But then again you would never be able to get that same type of understanding of the characetsr and the story from the show.the book just has so much more feeling.It is reallygood.

  34. I love this show!! i reckon the guys on this show are waaaay hotter than the guys on twilight and true blood, esp ian somerhalder and mike trevino… they are so friiccccckinnn hotttt! nina is pretty awesome too. i love the way she acts and she’s gorgeous. it doesnt really matter to me that she’s not blonde, i like her. but my main reason for watching this show is def damon salvatore!! the guy is a god and im inlove with dose eyes =)

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