Vampire Diaries Casting news

I was just looking around over at the Vampire Diaries IMDB page and saw that a few new characters had been added to list.

Benjamin Ayres – Mr. Tanner (who knew he was hot?)

Chris William Martin – Zach (who?)

Steve Belford – Darren




  1. Such a great looking group of guys! Love them all!

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  2. Sass, you crack me up! I have a feeling Mr. Tanner will not be killed off anytime soon. He’s way to hot to die. Maybe he’ll have his own subplot and everything!

  3. omg..mr. tanner! these guys are just getting too crazy, but im not complaining! lol

  4. I’m not going to want anyone to die on this show! They are all just too cute!!

  5. yummy to Mr. Tanner !!! But hmmm with green contacts Mr.Belford would make a yummy Stefan,dont ya think?

  6. Steve Belford would make a much better Stefan than the current one..he and Ian would have made believable brothers.

  7. Mr. Tanner!!!!!! I worked on set that day as an extra and all I have to say is YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  8. Just noticed, you may want to correct this…his name is spelled Ayres not Ayers.
    According to IMDB


  9. Not to sound silly, but wasn’t Tanner supposed to be the annoying-geek teacher? This guy is way to freaking hot to be geek…but of course, I kinda like geeks. :) And yes, he would make a great Stefan, but he couldn’t pull off the whole high school thing.

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