Vampire Diaries Casting: Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler

4 more characters have been added to the cast list for the Vampire Diaries pilot.


Candice Accola is Caroline


Katerina Graham is  Bonnie


Michael Trevino is Tyler


Sarah Carey is also listed to play “Jenna”. Any info, pics, etc.. on this actress would be greatly appreciated!




  1. And the hits just keep on coming..It is obvious who ever is doing the casting never read the books.

    Katerina is beautiful and would be better served playing Caroline. Bonnie is supposed to be a bubbly, borderline insecure in herself, no faith in getting the guy, shaky in her psychic abilities…I can’t fathom the CW’s vision of Bonnie having those characteristics.

    WHY WHY WHY are they even bothering? Please for the love of all things, just call this show something else and change all the character’s names..because this is NOT the beloved series I have read since I was 13 years old. The ONLY good casting they have done..is Ian as Damon.

  2. Talk about never reading the books… GEEZZZZZ.. Bonnie is a TINY LITTLE PALE RED HEAD GIRL… I’m Sorry.. THE CW IS JUST GOING TO TURN ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS (SERIES) INTO CRAP.. LIKE SWORD OF TRUTH!!! (LEGEND OF THE SEEKER) PIECE OF CRAP.. ONLY SIMILARITIES ARE THE NAMES!!!!! Thanks CW for destroying another wonderful series.. OHHHH and the guy they cast for Stephan is WAY too big.. he’s more a MATT.. and the guy they cast for MATT should be Stephan.. actually… Ian Somerhalder should be Stephan.. He has the acting chops to do justice to the character.. crapppppppp….

  3. The only person they got right so far is Damon. I mean look at these characters. They need a fans opinion on the casting. I agree with these guys that htye must have not read the books. I hope it gets better before it gets worse. Redo all the characters except for Damon. NOW before you guys looks your contract with CW and dont last a year.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. NONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got it all WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Did they NEVER read the darn series??? SERIOUSLY. African American? That’s the complete opposite of Bonnie!!!!!!!! And since when was Caroline a red-head? Did I miss something? Jeez. We need to like gather together and like demand re-casting!!!!!!!!

  5. This is dumb since uh, the girl playing Caroline could’ve totally been cast for Bonnie (the picture on her imdb is better).

  6. Bonnie is a red head with Celtic ancestry. Completely wrong casting. Damon is the only one cast correctly and they should have someone similar looking for Stephan they are brothers after all.

  7. I am not feeling Bonnie at all. Caroline looks good. And I am the only one who thinks that the guy they picked to play Tyler would actually be a good Stefan? :-)

  8. Maybe switch the two girls and it might work. But to change Bonnie from the friendly, spirited pixi-like girl with a head full of red curls is just wrong.

  9. im sooooo annoyed honestly bonnie is my fav charecter in the hole book what is wrong with these people???

    lisa(jane smith) should do something about this they are butchering the books come on im not beings mean katrina is gud for some other part maybe but bonnie?? really??? get some eyes!!!!!!!

    they need to do recasting 4 hur

    not acceptable

    sorry about the text language too its late

    please somebody tell them about bonnie!!!

  10. i dont really like the person who’s going to play Bonnie. I’m not being racist but i thought Bonnie would have been white. what’s her last name again?….isnt it a white last name? idk….just saying. i dont like the bonnie. she should be really short too, right? hmm…..i think they should recast alot of people…..quickly.

  11. if they dont want this show to suck (like some other book-to-screen failures….TWILIGHT) i really think they should listen to the fans of the book…because honestly WE’RE the ones who plan to watch it and WE’RE the ones who are going to support it. and if WE’RE not happy we wont accept it! if it doesnt portray the characters from the books there will be some VERY…i mean VERY unhappy people. just look at how twilight burnt in flames! it sucked and it lost alot of supporters.

  12. what the f#$k is this???
    katerina is cool and that guy playing tyler is fine. but BONNIE!! what the hell men come on shes supposed to be a red headed PALED FACE pixie!! come on dont you guys ever read the books!! GEEZ YOU GUYS JUST RUINED IT!!!
    and nina is pretty but why is she brunnette! elena is supposed to be blonde. but shes still cool its just bonnie!!! WHY!!!!!

  13. I am just so upset about the whole thing. I dont even know if i will watch it. If they cannot get thecasting even close how will they be able to cast their personalities?!?

    I could cry that they are making this horrible and not creating L J Smith’s vision at all!!

  14. I AM SO MAD AT THE CW! bonnie doesn’t look , ANYTHING like she does in the books. geeze, i thought wb did a number on harry potter but at least they chose actors that look like the characters. bonnie is a cute, small witchy redhead which is not what the actress playing her is. she is pretty, yes, but she is not bonnie. Did the CW seriously not think a small, cute, redhead would not be attractive or cool enough? I don’t think I can respect this version of the Vampire Diaries after this (I was willing to overlook Elena being a brunette but this is too much) and will probably only watch it by looking it up on youtube or something. I’m so disapointed that they’re ruining one of my favorite books, a book i first read 15 years ago, long before vampires were the cool thing for teen girls or whatever, and now i have to watch it be wasted on this. pathetic. at least they got caroline and tyler right, although who cares about them when bonnie is one of the most love characters in the series?!!?!

  15. Maybe the girl they cast for Bonnie can be used as Meredith. I haven’t seen anything about her being cast yet.

    I read the Vampire Diaries WAY BACK when they were in first release – all the way back in 1991. (Yes – I’m that old). It has long been one of my favorite book series. I am also HURT because of the liberties the CW is taking with the adaptation. I have had a vision in my mind of how the story played out – beautiful blonde Elena and her dark, Italian brothers; Matt and his square jaw and blonde curls; tall, dark, and lean Meredith; short, pixie-like Bonnie with her head full of red curls… for a girl who moved to a new town and was pretty much friendless for the first couple years – these were my “friends”.

    Plus – Elena may be orphaned, but in the show she has a BROTHER. In the series she had a younger sister – and integral key to her character. Bonnie was wiccan – and while I’ve known more than one African-American wiccan, Bonnie is decendants of druids. I believe I’ll be fairly accurate in saying there were no black druids. This is, again, a key plot point being pushed aside.

    If you are going to make a book series, certain liberties must be taken. I get that. You can’t change the story completely though or you will lose the loyal fan base that could make the series a huge hit.

  16. But LJ Smith has put her stamp of approval on the project. I’ve trusted her this long with the story – I’ll continue to do so.

  17. Come on why is everyone hating it is just a show. The books are great just give them a chance before you start judging people. I think the people could do a really good job playing these people. they decided to drop Aunt Judith and Margret and put a brother in and someone named Jenna to take care of them. maybe they wanted a change. So watch the show when it comes out and then if you don’t like it DO NOT WATCH AND MOVE ON.

  18. ok….has anyone seen the trailer for this? the characters arent the only thing slaughtered here….they also changed the name of the town (now Mystic Falls) and stephan and damon aren’t even from italy, they are from virginia….oh and did i mention NO ms. flowers….nope just some random dude who know who and what they are…..and HELLO Merideth Sulez not Mary “Blondie”….and of course bonnie….Celtic….”druuuuid”….need i say more? yes i understand that L.J. has the final stamp of approval, but i just hope it goes as plans for her….she is my ALL time favorite author and i wish her all the success….but plz CW for the sanity and the loyalty of all her friends….plz listen to us and fix it.

  19. WHERE IS MERIDITH?! This is ridiculous! Bonnie is all wrong! Druids are her ancestors, not Salem witches. And she’s red-headed and insecure, not black and gorgeous! And did I mention where the heck is Meridith! Changing Elena from blond hair and blue-eyed to brown-eyed and brunette wasn’t an unwelcome change, that I like. But what about kicking our her 4-year-old sister for a teenage brother? Really? REALLY? “Disappointed” doesn’t even begin to describe it. If you’re going to so drastically change the characters (including their NAMES), and add in randoms of your own, CHANGE THE NAME instead of ruining the books. What is wrong with our society. Poor Bonnie. Poor Meridith.

  20. I am not happy happy with most of the casting and with how they change the characters. I am going to start off by saying: WHERE THE HELL IS MERIDETH? She is a staple in the books and to be completly left out of the series is down right just wrong. My next point is BONNIE. From what I got of the previews she is nothing like the character in the books the T.V. character reminds me of Merideth not Bonnie. There is also the physical differences. Bonnie is suppose to Celtic and Druid heritage…..enough said. There is no way they can work that into the show with the actress playing her. She needs to be pale and tiny. She suppose to be insincure. It is also implied that Damon has…well I don’t know what he has for Bonnie but these two you can tell right off the bat they will have no chemistry. I know that the show needed to be updated but that means change the cloths, slang, and every other aspect of Pop cuture not the physical and background of the characters. Elena should be blond blue eyed and a little stuck up so that being with Stephen can redem her. The only chracter they got right is Damon. What I can’t tell is because they got the casting right or because I.S is a really good actor.

  21. The only hope I see is now when you see the preview you no longer see Bonnie in them so maybe they are recasting her in time for the fall premier.

  22. Okay, everyone please like stop leaving nasty comments ’cause at least there making it a show. Yes, I’m disappointed in the choosing of Bonnie, yes the girl who plays her is gorgeous, but still. Nina Dobrev is a really good part as Elena, even though she is not blond, she is really doing great. Now, Paul Wesley is exactly like I imagined Stefan. Ian Somerhalder is amazing as Damon, he is very sarcastic, just like the book Damon. So, I give thanks to the producers of the show,, and say”Job well-done” and thank-you for making these fantastic books into a show.

  23. ok where the hells merdith? and bonnie aint black no offense. stfans to bulky and who the hell is jeremy!!! they changed this completely from the series i love and why does elena look completely opposite of what she is and she isnt even close to the personality the book discribes.the only reason to watch this show is to enjoy looking at the boys damon is the only person that they got right! ugh stupid CW!

  24. WHat the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonnie is a pixy-like porcealin skinned redheaded Girl!!!! not a black girl! AND caroline, is dark, with auburn hair!!!! Tyler is perfect, damon is perfect, but stefen, elena, jeremy, and the other crappy cast are not! Why the fuck did they have to ruin everything? i am officially not watching the shows. AT ALL!

  25. Well don’t watch sheesh…relax much? I am loving Bonnie I believe the producers were trying to add a little diversity to spice up the pot and appeal to the masses or basically it would have been an all white main cast. If she can act the part and bring something new to the character what is the problem. I have never read the books and even if I did I am usually not so narrow minded, anyways it is interpretation of the book if you want the book regurgitated read it again.

  26. you guys are damn harsh, u should at leats gve it a chance, i bet ur gnna regret not watching it, its actually good!

  27. Um the show is actually good i mean its nothing like the books but i actually like it better. if you give it a chance at least you might like it

  28. Wow yeaa there’s a little something called racism and it’s ppl like u who make coloured (black gurls) feel insecure and lonely and hated. It’s called reality. Deal with it. Katerina is perfect for the role.I think you guys should check yourselves cuz I’m sure there’s something to judge about you:)

  29. I like the show, it’s actually really quite good.
    But Bonnie was my favourite character in the book so im rather upset that she’s not the pale pixie with a head of red curls. Also Meredith should totally have been cast.
    Ian Somerhalder is quite perfect as Damon

  30. I like the serial a lot. I haven’t read the VD books but i planned to do that. I actually don’t understand why u people are complaining so much. For people who haven’t read the book yet is the serial very good ;) I also liked Twilight movies and books also! Both where good. First i saw movies, after that i read the books too. And i wasn’t novel reading person before!!! The stories are just so addictive that u wan’t more and more :) I’m so happy that after twilight i can see and read more of these vampire love stories (L) :) Jei! And i’m not teenager, i’m 27 :) (in spite of the target audience)

    In the VD story, i don’t actually like Damon like you do here :D Actor is ok, but the character is just not my taste. I like very much Elena and Stefan characters & actors, very sweet choice of actors!!!

    There will be always good and bad sides. At the moment i see more good sides from my view angle ;)

  31. I like the show, especially Bonnie. I don’t like the triangle at all. Brothers fighting over a girl is gross to me.

  32. It’s quite amazing how small minded some of you are being. If you noticed or read any of the interviews KW did, you’d realized that they strayed away from the book. So sorry you didn’t get the memo. So far I’m like the cast of VD. It’s alot more interesting that some of the shows that are out now. Or even movies (*cough cough TWILIGHT cough cough*) I could seriously get past the 1 girl in love with 2 brothers thing though…I mean if I wanted to see multiple seasons of that I’d watch the Jerry Springer show. No, I’m good thanks.

  33. I dont agree with anyone. I think that the cast is good . So what if it doesnt follow the book, its good either way. Its good to change things around sometimes, right? I think they should just keep doing the stuff that there doing and let the show keep going. like seriously give them a break. its not there fault that they cant do everything they want. everybody has there own opinions and everybodys different in their own unique way. So why doesnt everybody stop complaing and enjoy what they do. At least they even made a show about it. thats all that matters.

  34. I read the books and, well, these people DONT look, no way, with the characters. CW should talk with a fan or something BEFORE it choose the cast. Like, Bonnie’s looking like Meredith and Caroline… Well, Caroline’s the better. But Elena… Elena is BLONDE on the book. And isnt so “inocent” as she is in the TV. She’s not bad, either. But she isnt that “oh, I’m so naive!”

  35. Wow. Get a GRIP people. I watched the show – fell in LOVE with it – and now that the first season is over, I am satisfying my Vampire Diaries hunger (and my DAMON hunger :) by reading all the books this summer. I LOVE the books – and personally – I prefer the black Salem witch Bonnie to the mousie red headed druid Bonnie. Damon is YUMMY in both…and Stephan bores me in both. But I will say…I DO hope they add Meredith to the show, because after reading the first two books, and now getting into the 3rd, I can’t imagine the show without that character – love her. Also, I kind of like the cute tortured little brother – who may…or may NOT be a vampire next season! I cannot WAIT for the season two opener…and some WEREWOLF action! I have not seen a season finale THAT good in a LONG time! So all you haters out there…be thankful it’s even on…even with all the differences…it’s a DELICIOUSLY good show…and actually the differences allow the faithful readers to experiences a little suspense, since even THEY don’t know for sure WHAT will happen next :)

  36. Oh, come on. I’d say I loved the stories and thought it was perfect until I read the Book Reviews. I didn’t see a popular and superlative attitude on supposedly blonde and blue-eyed Elena Gilbert, and she did not act like she wanted Stephan to be hers and only hers nor did Stephan avoid her like the plague. And let’s also say that the actress for Bonnie did a great job, though Bonnie was supposed to have porcelain-like skin and red curls and should be not as overpowering as the African-American was. No Racism, please. And the turning the 4-year old into an older more mature brother was better to me. Oh, come on, admit it. Jeremy’s hot. =P~ I’m planning on reading the books after I finish the ones I’m currently reading, and the one I’m planning to buy. Loooong summer. :)

  37. I just have to say if you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. For myslef, I LOVE it!!!! Damon, the HOT, bad boy with a hidden good side, is my fav! My daughter on the other hand LOVES Stephan. This show is the one show that we both LOVE. We both are so anxious all week to find out what is going to happen next! I have not read the books, but she has. Although she loved the books, she actually is more into the show.
    I just love how there is always the unexpected happening. I never know what is going to happen next.
    Keep it UP!

  38. I just love Vampire Diaries, the book AND the series:):):D The series is so much better, because otherwise there wouldn’t be Katherina Petrova and so much drama-rama!!! And don’t get me started on Jeremy!!! Superhot:):):P So, for all the haters, just like another series or direct your own version!! And I love Bonnie just as she is!!! Can’t wait for Bonnie and Jeremy to start dating!!! Love them….oh and great casting!!!!

    Love, superfan:):) hahaha!!!
    You guys rock!!
    Much love, from South Africa!!! Xoxoxoxoxox

  39. For all you haters out there, just to bad.. I absolutely LOVE THE SERIES!!! I wouldnt change a thing, all the characters that have been casted is fabulous in their roles. Bonnie wouldnt be Bonnie if it wasnt Katerina Graham. Each episode is intriguing and full of suspense. Why moan and mine about who plays who, the show is great, so suck it up.

    Best show ever!
    SA fan

  40. I think you guys are over reacting. This cast is a good cast. This show is different from the book, it gives it a twist, and i like that. Who cares what they look like, just watch the show. I love the show just the way it is, more than the book. I also think Nina is doing the best as playing Elena. And i love Bonnie. Get over it, its not your show to re-write.

  41. I think for most people who oppose to the show are the ones who grew up on the books. I’m 26 and I can say from over 10 years of reading these books to what this show is…its way too different from what I know and love. I love the show but it almost has nothing I’m common with the books the names and title only. It is a little sad I would have liked to have seen a little more ties to the book but it does not suck the way twilight does, no redemption for it. I would like it if the girl who plays bonnie was Meredith instead since Meredith and alaric hook up in the book and if Caroline had dark hair. Don’t get me wrong I’m not upset bonnie is black or anything but very least give her curls to keep it a tiny bit real to the book. I am annoyed that they left out ms flowers she has more key points to this book…but then again its a series with no comparisons to the books. I like the books better they will always be better to me since they kept me sane growing up…but cast aside its not that bad. I like having the eye candy that is Damon to watch as much as I want.:)

  42. Ive never seen the series, but ive seen the adds and it looks cool. They shouldnt have changed the names of the cast though, its kind of convusing! But i would have that the chick that plays quin febray in glee would look exactly like elena in the books, but nina (forgot her last name) is pretty. They got Damon excactly how I wanted him! Why did they have to change the his and stefans last name tho! Eh, I dont really care about how Bonnie looks, in fact, she kind of gets on my nerves in the books, BECAUSE SHE COMPLAINS AND CRIES ALL THE TIME! (No offence to bonnie fans, i got to admitt, shes kind of cute sometimes) Stefan bores me because he reminds me of edward cullen to much which bores me to, caroline i pictures blond and slutty, matt not as bulky but still manly, and meredith I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO BE IN THE SERIES! But i guess im just manly disapointed because Ive read to books first and got up my expectations, but what can you do? Im sure its a good change I guess. So when I finish the books ill try to watch the tv series. PEACE! (PS: damons the hottest guy i have ever seen)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jesus, stop the hate people! vampire diaries is one of the best series ive watched in a long time and i watch nearly evrything ;) i love damon, ian somerhalder is Perfect as damon hehe but i also love stefan. i think paul wesley is a good choice as he is a very hot actor and also very good ;D i looovee him :D
    i was annoyed at first cos they missed out meredith but the show is still good without her. bonnie is fantatstic (!) and her and jeremy make a gorge couple :D although elena is a bit drabby she is also good but i expected her to be alot more hard/stubborn and more attractive too :/ not that she isnt cos she is…
    anyway i <3 tyler cos he's so fineee ;) i hope he comes back hehe caroline is perfect for the role except she could be a bit more slutty like :) also i <3 matt! aww he'sthe most adorablest character on the show, hands down.. actually jeremy is rather cute too hehe
    anyway i love the series actually more than the books because tere's so much more drama and a better story-line too. i like them both separately rather than comparing them as they're both two different story-lines so you could say there near enough completely different. you may say they're not meant to be differentbut i personally think that it is better that way :D

    anyway LOVE VAMPIRE DARIES and keep up the god work guys, absolutely love it <3<3

  44. The show is just BASED on the book, it doesn’t mean it has to be identical to it so stop b*tching because they can make it whatever they want if they’re not following he book, anyway the show is way better than the books and the characters are better

  45. The series is AWESOME!! im re-reading the books atm and i know how good thy are VERY DFFERENT but awesome in their own way :) the books and the series are completely different which is good, they’re like 2 different stries and i LOVE that!! anyway i can’t wait for series 3 to come out on september 15 :D sooo excited hehe, also i hear that they are going to be introducin a Meredith… can someone please confirm that, im not sure if its true………
    anyway LOVE the series and keep ut the good work

  46. Interesting views. Think the guys who commented back in 09 must be feeling mighty sheepish right now cause this series is gooood. I guess I can see where they were coming from though. Things were opposite for me!I watched the series before attempting to read the books and I just COULD NOT get past the first few chapters… Elena was sooo not likable as a blond who thinks she runs the school and can’t comprehend why Stefan hasn’t noticed her, Caroline is mean and bonnie as a small little red head? Really? The show seems to be infinitely more better than the books…

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