Nina Dobrev Covers Ocean Drive Magazine’s September Issue

Ocean Drive Magazine features Nina Dobrev on its Cover for a Second Time!

The Vampire Diaries gorgeous, Nina Dobrev, is featured on the September cover of South Florida’s quintessential fashion and lifestyle magazine, Ocean Drive. She was last feature on the magazine’s cover exactly five years ago, September 2012.  In an interview with the magazine, Nina dishes on her upcoming new film, Flatliners, her new furry friend, Maverick, being in the spotlight and much more. Check out a sneak peek of her interview below.

Your dog Maverick is a “doctor-certified emotional support animal.” She seems so important in your life.
She is a bundle of joy and her resting position looks like she’s smiling and it makes me so happy to have that energy around me all the time. She’s cuddly, cute, fun, and makes my heart happy. I can barely remember life without her. I did have another bundle. My cat, who passed away a couple months ago, was the other light in my life and I miss her every single day. I guess I need to always have a furry friend.


How do you handle the online critics?
The online world can be beautiful but also vicious, and it’s very much like high school in the real world. After you graduate, you’re still a student and you still get bullied and have good and bad experiences. The thing about the online world is that it’s almost worse because they can hide behind a screen and say what they want without face-to-face confrontations. So as a result, they end up saying worse things because it’s harder to say something mean to someone’s face. I just try to ignore it. I don’t read comments often if I can avoid it. I try to practice what I preach, and if I put good vibes out there I hope that they’ll come back to me and karma will bite them in the bum.

Read the full interview with Nina at oceandrive.com and don’t forget to check out the stunning shots of her below.

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