Candice Accola to Narrate Kami Garcia’s “Unbreakable” Audiobook

Kami Garcia/UnbreakableThis is exciting news! EW has released a clip of Kami Garcia’s “Unbreakable” audiobook, with our very own Candice Accola narrating!

Kami Garcia, best-selling co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series, takes on ghosts in her new paranormal thriller, Unbreakable (out Oct. 1). So who better to narrate the audiobook of Unbreakable than someone very familiar with all things paranormal? Candice Accola, who plays Caroline on TheVampire Diaries, has been tapped to read Garcia’s newest novel. “I can’t begin to describe how exited I am to have Candice Accola reading the audiobook version of Unbreakable, the first book in my new series, the Legion,” Garcia said. “I’m a hugeVampire Diaries fan, and Caroline is by far my favorite character because of Accola’s ability to show vulnerability without ever compromising strength or independence.” Check out this exclusive clip of Accola reading Unbreakable after the jump.

Check out the exclusive clip over at EW!


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  1. hmm this Accola is good so good for her to tell a mysterious storys so good to star a new series well this series of Unbreakable very exciting very well so good i like it so just lets just see the trailers on this one to see on how they goes i asume very exciting this new series of Unbreakable

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