E!Online has some scoop on our favorite Big Bad Hybrid. Check it!

AlexJohnJohnson: Vampire Diaries, pretty pretty please?
How about some scoop on Klaus? Good? Good. The OG hybrid will have a “heroic moment” in Thursday’s episode, but in a classic Klaus move, it’ll be followed by “something so horrible, you’re like, ‘Man, what’s wrong with you?!'” teases executive producer Julie Plec. “Klaus will never be a hero, but that’s not to say he won’t do heroic things.” So what’s Klaus’ next move now that his mother has successfully created the ultimate vampire hunter? “This is a second call of arms to Klaus, who may have gotten distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses,” Plec says. “This is the reminder that this guy means business, and he’s not going to let his guard down again. It’s a nice reboot of the villain.” Hero and villain all wrapped in one devilishly handsome British hybrid? Only on TVD!

Mystic Falls Messenger

It’s cryin’ time again in Mystic Falls! Keep your shirt sleeve handy to wipe your nose, and saddle up for the Sadie Hawkins Decade Dance. Calling all dapper dandies and hipper flappers! Break out the bathtub gin and do not go gentle into this week’s news!

Editor’s note: Thank you, Ruthie, for keeping the staff supplied with Kleenex during this week’s episode! We borrowed from your stash while you were screencapping! (and doing background research for our team–xoxo)


With his landscapes featured in The Hermitage, local artist in residence Klaus Mikaelson is rumored to be undertaking a vast wall mural at his palatial home, Fortress Klaus. MFM’s art critic got a glimpse, and it seemed a tad dark and morose for a landscape! Our interview with the artisan was interrupted by his tardy sister/mother, Rebekah/Esther. Apparently PsychoRic didn’t want to hand over the last of the White Oak Stakes, nicknamed The Doomsday Stake last edition. Bexter *wink* was successful, though. Such a charmer. Klaus did the honors and pitched the evil weapon in the fireplace. Or did he? But lo and behold, what will Mystic Falls do for culture in the near future?


We now have a preview clip for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”. Klaus comes a knockin’…

As always, thanks so much to music supervisor Chris Mollere for posting the song list from last night’s episode “Do Not Go Gentle”.

1. Blind Pilot “We Are The Tide”

2. Caro Emerald “That Man”

3. Sinead O’Connor “You Do Something To Me”

4. Helen Forrest “The Man I Love”

5. The Fray “Be Still”

6. Daughter “Medicine”

We have the extended preview for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”. Thanks to MiI2aCIe for posting! And as always to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up!

Wow…tonight’s episode was a shocker! Let me know what you guys thought, sound off in the comments. But first, at your own risk, take a look at the US & Canadian (always more spoilery) previews for next week’s episode “Before Sunset”.

US Preview

Canadian Preview

THR caught up with Ian Somerhalder to weigh in on Damon and Elena’s future. Let’s hear what Ian says that Damon would do if Elena does NOT choose him.

What??? Ian Somerhalder joins Ryan Seacrest and talks about a potential casting for the anticipated movie 50 Shades of Grey, based on the New York Times Best Seller of the same name? I have to admit…I am currently reading the series, and am totally sucked in. Love the characters, and I could definitely see Mr. Somerhalder as the “domineering” Christian Grey. ;)

Here’s Ian talking about it…he’s reading the book!

Also, you can check out the entire interview on via audio, where he talks about the Delena Kiss.

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