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It may be the Murder of One, but bodies turned up all over the place this week, in various states of decomp! Fasten your seatbelts! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Editor’s note: We’re apologizing right up front for mixing tenses in our prose this week, but we needed CPR before reporting could even begin! Thanks again to Ruthie for enduring all the suffering to bring you this week’s screencaps!


Always start any home workshop project with a little Elena coffee and whatever (chocolate muffins?) delivery to Ric’s loft–but don’t let her in! Damon answered the door and badgered her about being all paranoid and control freaky, after all, Ric was indecent but fine this morning. He wasn’t hiding anything from her, not him! He got rid of her by suggesting she was trying to convince herself she was still mad at him, but Ric was on lock down and all, have-a-great-day-thanks-for-coming-by! Well she didn’t like that one little bit, but left anyway.

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We now have the extended preview for The Vampire Diaries Arpil 19th episode “Heart of Darkness”. *Spoiler Alert*

UPDATE: The song in the promo is Turn It Back by Nik Ammar, here’s a link on YouTube.

We have the song list for tonight’s episode “The Murder of One”. Thanks to Chris Mollere for sharing, as always. :)

1. Sleigh Bells “Demons”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Shame And Fortune”

3. Alabama Shakes “On Your Way” – Available on Amazon

Oh wow…tonight’s episode was such a game changer! Let me know what you guys thought about it in the comments! But first, check out the preview for Episode 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”.

UPDATE: For those asking about the song in the promo, it’s Turn It Back by Nik Ammar. Here’s a link on YouTube.

Kat Graham chatted with fans today live via Ustream. And Zach Roerig even stops by to say “Hi”. Check it!

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TV Guide has released their latest Vampire Diaries Bite featuring Ian Somerhalder. Check it!

The CW has released the synopsis for April 19th episode 3.19 titled “Heart of Darkness”. As always, very spoilery, so beware. Click “show” to view.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

The CW has released the producer’s preview for this week’s episode “The Murder of One” with Julie Plec. Lots of new footage from the episode, so SPOILER ALERT for those not wanting to be spoiled.

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