TV Guide has posted yet another Vampire Diaries Bite, this time it’s from Kat Graham, when they visit the set! Watch now, and then head on over to TV Guide for more on what’s coming up for Bonnie.

This was a nice twist! This time we are getting a “cast preview” rather than a “producer’s preview” for tomorrow’s episode “All My Children”. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev talk about what the Originals are up to and MORE clips, so SPOILER ALERT!

As we mentioned a few months ago, Joseph Morgan, David Anders and Lauren Cohan will be attending MegaCon in Orlando FL. There will be opportunities to have photos taken with them and a Vampire Diaries panel is scheduled for Saturday at 11:40PM to 12:30 PM in Room 224. Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the reminder!

Thanks to TV Guide, we have our first look from upcoming episode 3.16 titled “1912”. They spoke with Cassidy Freeman about her character Sage. Also, we are informed that this episode will air 3 weeks after next week’s episode “All My Children” on March 15th.

In the March 15 Vampire Diaries episode — a flashback to 1912 — Freeman plays Sage, a bloodsucker with ties to the Originals, as well asIan Somerhalder‘s Damon. “She [is] really aware of what being a vampire is and owns it,” says Freeman, who says it “has been a dream to play a vampire” and that she was “jumping for joy” when she got the part. Sage will also resurface in modern-day Mystic Falls with a murky agenda. “She comes back for good reasons, but she is [out] for herself.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! The CW has whipped up a few Vampire Diaries related Valentines to share with your friends. Enjoy valentines from Damon, Klaus and Stefan…I personally think they should definitely add some from the girls, don’t you think? Head on over to The Vampire Diaries official Facebook page for all three!

Mystic Falls Messenger

The Devil’s Mama Wears Prada! The Slasher attacks take a back seat to an atmosphere that simply reeks with class! We’re puttin’ on our top hats, tyin’ up our black ties, brushin’ off our tails! We’re leaving out the “Ball” jokes–just too, too obvious!

Editor’s note: So many pretty people to pick from! Thanks to Ruthie, we get to see them all!


Alaric Saltzman spent the night in the hospital after his latest brush with death. Elena Gilbert and Matt Donovan, his rescuers, were overheard in the corridor having a boring convo regarding the health and welfare of their friends and the serious lack of suspects in The Slasher case.


It’s no secret that we at Vampire Diaries Online have taking quite a liking to one of the new Originals, Kol Mikaelson (played by Nathaniel Buzolic), so when we came across this article by TV After Dark, we just had to share it. They compare exchanges between Kol and Klaus vs Damon and Stefan. Here’s a taste, then head over to TV After Dark to read the rest of the analogies!

Kol: “Long time, brother.” Damon: “Hello, brother.”

Of course, the number one eerily familiar moment was Kol’s first appearance (alive) in The Vampire Diaries – in 3.13 ‘Bringing Out The Dead.’ Kol’s “Long time, brother” quickly alerted us to his personality and the connection could be drawn to Damon’s “Hello, brother” in the Pilot. If Kol is going to be half as good as Damon turned out (if he lives that long), then I like this Original brother already.

So what did you guys think of Kol (one of the new original brothers) the other night on “Dangerous Liaisons”? I loved his bratty personality. And his response to Damon when he asked if they’ve met before was just hilarious! Well, Nathaniel Buzolic, who plays Kol on The Vampire Diaries, asked for questions on his official Facebook page the other day, and today he posted a video message answering those questions. I just think he is pretty awesome for doing this. You can also follow Nate on his Twitter @natebuzz.

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