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There are eight million stories in the Naked City. These are but a few from OUR TOWN. Oh, and there are eight million Naked Damon scenes in the Naked City. Just sayin.

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Our undercover reporter choked back showerhead and towel jealousy to bring you Naked Damon in the shower with a Cheshire cat smile. Whistling, no less. Could the camera have panned down “just” a tad?

Via TV Line:

The Vampire Diaries has cast a face very familiar to The CW viewers — Cassidy Freeman (aka Smallville‘s Tess Mercer) — in a mysterious and delicious-sounding new role, TVLine has learned exclusively.

In the 16th episode of TVD‘s Season 3, Freeman will play Sage, someone who is described as “sexy and fearless, with a devilish smile.” (You don’t say….)

Appearing in flashbacks circa 1912, Sage’s allure is felt by the Salvatore brothers as well as by the Original family. The role is potentially recurring.

The CW has released a new clip from next week’s episode 3.12 “The Ties That Bind”. Bonnie, Elena and Damon search for Bonnie’s mom.

Here’s the song list for yesterday’s episode “Our Town”. As always, thanks to Chris Mollere for sharing!

Click the links to downlaod from iTunes.

1. The Naked And Famous “Punching In A Dream”

2. Coldplay “Up In Flames”

3. The Daylights “You Are” – Unavailable

4. Trent Dabbs “False Alarm” – Unavailable

5. The Airborne Toxic Event “Goodbye Horses”

6. Gemma Hayes “Keep Running”

7. Courrier “Between”

Thanks to EW Spoiler Room, we have some scoop about this new Gilbert everyone has been talking about, Julie Plec dishes on “Klaroline” and can we expect to see Katherine back any time soon?

Hi Sandra! I’ve been reading a lot online recently about a new character coming toThe Vampire Diaries, Samantha Gilbert, and that she’s supposedly a new love interest for Damon?? As a hardcore Delena shipper, please SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! — Sophie

It isn’t so. “She’s not for Damon,” EP Julie Plec assures. “We’ll meet her in the past, not the present. She’s somebody that we meet in not present-day Mystic Falls.” All better, Soph?

I am dying over these Vampire Diaries photos right now and don’t know what to think, especially Caroline and Klaus. I need scoop immediately anything on #TVD. — @Gval21

You should be dying — of excitement. Because as hinted in last night’s episode — and teased to Spoiler Room by Julie Plec — it’s on. “I have a feeling that Klaus ultimately is equally capable of indulging in love and sabotaging love, just like Damon is. But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon,” she told us Wednesday night.

Anything about TVD‘s Stefan/Katherine? Thanks! — Rose

Though she’s currently on the down low, I’d expect to see Katherine very soon. “She’s gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she’ll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop,” says Plec.

Once again, thanks to MiI2aCIe we have the extended preview for next week’s episode 3.12 “The Ties That Bind”. You can view a VERY spoilery version from THIS Canadian Preview. Thanks to @xLuvDamonx for the heads up on these!

Thanks MiI2aCIe we have the preview for next week’s episode “The Ties That Bind”.

Great video interview with Nina from E!Online in the press room at the People’s Choice Awards, just after Nina won Favorite TV Drama Actress!

E!Online caught up with Vampire Diaries boss, Julie Plec. She talks about tonight’s episode, Caroline is celebrating her 18th birthday, Jeremy’s leaving, and what’s going on in Elena’s head after that epic kiss.

“Whereas everyone would think Caroline would throw herself a fabulous party and  she would be on cloud nine, Caroline’s actually really bummed out. She’s not  excited for her birthday at all. The is the first time she’s realizing that even  though she’s turning 18, she’s not really turning 18,” Accola explains. “This is  the first time she’s realizing that her being a vampire will hold her back from  a lot of firsts in her life and first and foremost, turning 18. Everyone’s  excited to celebrate and she’s the only one who’s not really looking forward to  and it and she just wants to be alone for her birthday.”

“Elena is confused, frustrated, trying to focus her energies away from  herself and the questions she’s having in her head about her feelings for each  brother individually and she channels that into wanting to help shake Caroline  out of her funk on her 18th birthday,” Plec explains. “But in the process, she  gets into a pretty bad situation with Stefan that shatters her soul a little  bit.”

Plec teases that a scene at the end of the episode will shed a lot of light  on Elena’s state of mind: “There’s a nice scene at the end of the episode where  Elena reflects where she is and how she’s gotten there and who she used to be  versus who she is now. It’s a really nice moment for her that will let the  audience a little bit inside her head on how she feels about everything.”


Kat Graham chatted with TV Line and TV Guide about tonight’s episode and what’s coming up with Bonnie and her mom, Abby Bennett.

Via TV Line:

TVLINE | This week is Caroline’s birthday. How does the gang celebrate the big day? In an unpredictable way. And where it takes place and what happens during the birthday is also a surprise that I don’t think has been revealed yet. It’s not a normal birthday.

TVLINE | Caroline is struggling as she turns a year older. What’s going on with her? Getting older is hard, especially if you’re a vampire. She’s facing new thoughts that she hadn’t necessarily considered before. Everything’s kind of triggered it. She’s also in a slump because of what happened with her and Tyler.

TVLINE | It’s been a while since we’ve had some good Bonnie/Caroline or just friendship scenes. Does this episode give you a chance to have more girl time? Absolutely. Girl time is so important. We have this powerhouse female as a writer, Julie Plec, who’s just so girl power in everything she does. You’ll definitely get to see some scenes of us together.

Via TV Guide:

“How Elena is affected in all this really is very important to Bonnie [so] she’s going to be weighing all the options. If she does [open the coffin], does she let Elena know? Does she not let Elena know? What would happen if she lets Elena know?” she says.

Ironically, Bonnie’s involvement with Stefan leads her to an important person in her life: her mother, Abby Bennett. “This leads her back to finding her mother who, we’ll learn, left town 15 years ago, gave up her witchcraft and gave up her family,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “[She’ll be] reuniting and working out a lot of issues with her mother.”

Graham adds that Abby’s involvement in the mythology is “intriguing and shocking and important and you’ll be surprised.”

Last night Nina Dobrev made People’s Choice Awards history, by being the first write-in vote to be added to the ballot and then going on to win her category! So we would like to congratulate Nina for winning Favorite TV Drama Actress and thank all the fans for rallying together, and making this happen! Truly shows the power of the fandom. Unfortunately, The Vampire Diaries or Ian Somerhalder did not win their categories, but that’s ok. We will work harder next year, and we would like to congratulate the CW and Supernatural for their win for Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite Fantasy/SciFi Show.

Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network and Vampire-Diaries.net (click links to view more) we have photos and video of Nina, Ian and Paul from the event. First video is of Nina winning her award and then we were surprised with a special treat. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder presented the award for Favorite Comedy Movie in the next video.

PeoplesChoice.com chats with Nina on the red carpet where she talks about the long awaited kiss…

The CW has released the synopsis for Episode 3.13 “Bringing Out the Dead”. The episode airs February 2nd.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Tonight is the night! The People’s Choice Awards is live tonight on CBS, starting at 9/8c. Not only are Nina and Ian attending, but Paul Wesley is scheduled to appear with them as well, and I have a pretty good feeling they will be presenting! And this is the first time any of the cast of The Vampire Diaries have made an appearance at the awards, so very excited. Last year the People’s Choice Awards were a little confusing, they would announce several awards at one time, so keep your ears and eyes open! Here are the categories we need to look out for.

The Vampire Diaries – Nominated for both Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite Fanstasy/Sci-Fi TV Show

Ian Somerhalder – Favorite TV Drama Actor

Nina Dobrev – Favorite TV Drama Actress

The best of luck to the show and cast! Crossing fingers!!

EW chatted with Paul Wesley, where he talks about how he is enjoying playing the villain, and here he talks about the upcoming scene with Elena that we’ve seen in the promos.

 “He’s essentially kidnapping her,” Wesley says. “There’s layers of humanity, regret, and sadness in his eyes, but it’s all sort of masked by this sociopathic, raging maniac who’s scaring her to death. His relationship [with Elena] is sort of the antithesis of what it was, which was this really romantic, soft, protective relationship. Elena is the key to everything [in his battle with Klaus], and Stefan will go to any extreme to get what he needs, which makes him much more terrifying.”

On playing the “Bad Boy”:

Early in season 2, you sat down with Plec and said that while you love Stefan’s heroic side, as an actor, you’d love to dirty him up a bit. She told you she and Kevin Williamson already had that in the works. Has this arc turned out to be everything you hoped for?

Yeah, I don’t want the arc to end. I don’t want to go back to being the good guy. Look, Julie said we’re gonna milk it as long as we can. I also understand that things get old. Hopefully this is still new and fresh. You know, he was the good guy for two years. Maybe I can do another two years as the bad guy to balance it out. [Laughs] I think everybody likes playing the bad boy.


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