Yay! Just keep these comin’ CW! Here’s another episode preview from Julie Plec for tomorrow’s episode “The Hybrid”. Lots of spoilery goodness in this preview clip, so if you aren’t “into” that than beware. Thanks to everyone that tweeted us about it!

It’s that time again! Last week, the season 3 premiere of The Vampire Diaries opened with an awesome selection of music courtesy of music supervisor, Chris Mollere. Here is the song list in order of appearance.

1. Ingrid Michaelson “Are We There Yet” – Are We There Yet - Everybody (Bonus Track Version)

2. Two Door Cinema Club “What You Know” – What You Know - Tourist History

3. The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow” – Barton Hollow - Barton Hollow

4. Trent Dabbs “Means To An End” – Not Available For Download

5. Andrew Belle “Make It Without You” – Make It Without You - The Ladder

6. Martin Solveig and Dragonette “Hello” – Hello - Hello - Single

7. Mona “Shooting The Moon” – Only available in UK – Shooting the Moon - Mona

8. The Kicks “Hawk Eyes” – Hawk Eyes - Hawk Eyes

9. Walk The Moon “Anna Sun” – Anna Sun - I Want! I Want!

10. Location Location “Starpusher” – Starpusher - Starpusher - EP

11. Cobra Starship “You Make Me Feel” – You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) - You Make Me Feel... (feat. Sabi) - Single

12. Ron Pope “A Drop In The Ocean” – A Drop In the Ocean - A Drop In the Ocean - Single

The CW has released a preview clip from this week’s episode “The Hybrid”. I agree with @JarettSays, Elena doesn’t seem too “bothered” by the news that Stefan killed Andie…what happened here??? lol

E!Online has some juicy Vampire Diaries tidbits in their latest Spoiler Chat. Check it!

ChicaNikkil49: I’m like a vampire without blood when I’m not getting any Katherine Pierce scoop from TVD. Can you help me, please? Kevin Williamson tells us, “Katherine (Nina Dobrev) doesn’t pop up right away. She hauled ass.” However, Katherine won’t stay gone for long. “Katherine is too delicious to go too long without seeing.” So what can we expect from our resident evil vampy vampire who only loves herself? Let’s just say that when one of the brothers is away, Katherine will play. We know, can we vague that up for ya? But you’ll take what we give you and you’ll like it! (Or just send us angry tweets. Whichever you prefer.) Sunchick116: Any good Stefan/Elena info at all? Or should we just prepare to cry ourselves to sleep the whole season? Apologies to your tear ducts, but like we said last week Stefan (Paul Wesley) is gone for the first half or so of the season, so we don’t think that bodes well for The Vampire Diaries’ longstanding couple. As for the show’s not-really-a-couple-but-basically-a-couple, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena, I’m hearing he’s going to be giving her the Big U soon. The Big U being an ultimatum, obviously. TooCool_2012: Vampire Diaries scoop please! Will ghost Vickie & ghost Anna be affecting Jeremy & Bonnie’s relationship? I hope not. Good question. In fact, we asked the same thing when we ran into Kat Graham at the CW party. And by “ran into,” we mean she was on the carpet and we had a camera and, well, you know how interviews go. Anyway, she told us that Bonnie will be both helping Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) with his little issue and struggling with it. “They’re definitely trying to explore all sides of it: her being a compassionate person that the character is. And then the explorations of just natural female jealousy,” Graham says. “Like, ‘Why are you talking to your ex?’ They’re not even his ex-girlfriends! They died—even worse!” Bumpy road ahead for those two, eh?

Thanks to Clarissa over at TV Overmind, we have episode stills from Episode 3.03 “The End of the Affair”. Stefan is looking awfully dapper in this flashback still isn’t he?

Again, as we mentioned in our last post, Creation Entertainment‘s first Vampire Diaries convention was this past weekend in Nashville, TN. And we have some photos and highlights from the 2nd day of the convention.

Michael Trevino, Paul Wesley and Zach Roerig appeared on Sunday. And again, you can thank @KYChelsMarie for the awesome captures of them during their panels, view the rest on her Twitpic profile.

So far, we have heard wonderful things about the convention itself. Hopefully, we can get someone to give us their own account, so stay tuned for a possible review!

Highlights from Exclusive Gold patrons panel via @tvdnews:

  • Paul helped up his little sister’s school popularity by picking her up from a party.
  • Everyone loves working with Candice.
  • Zach would like to see Matt do something for himself this season. Jokes he should hook up with Sheriff Forbes.

Via @TVAfterDark:

  • Michael says the Werewolf transformation was very exhausting. Shot it over two 14hr days. Mentally exhausting and being in that vulnerable state and feeling wrecked in the head, it was intense. He’s never been challenged as much as he was in that scene.
  • Who is your favorite cast member to work with? Like working with Candice and Matt Davis.

Highlights From Michael Trevino panel via @TVAfterDark:

  • Michael says he is shirtless so far for at least ALL the 5 episodes so far.
  • Would you like being a werewolf or vampire? Thinks vampires are kinda feminine. He likes his wolf.
  • Intimate scenes are not awkward for him, he enjoys them immensely. :)
  • Describe your self in 3 words? “Daring, spontaneous & determined and a RAGER if I can get a 4th one in there.”
  • Who would you love to work with dead or alive? Dean or Brando in his younger years.
  • After the scene when Tyler’s mom shot Caroline, his mom texted him and said, “That’s right see how its done!”

Highlights From Paul Wesley’s panel via @tvdnews:

  • Loves playing Stefan, but if he had to play another character, Klaus.
  • Asked about make up time for Stefan: “Are we including my hair?”
  • If you were a real vampire, human or animal blood? Paul: “I don’t want to drink blood, guys!”
  • When the camera is just on Ian sometimes Paul makes faces at him.
  • He and Gillies crack each other up a lot.
  • Asked about research for Stefan: watched lots of vampire movies, but tries to play Stefan as an individual, a person.
  • Lots of flashback stuff is shot in real locations, a big benefit to shooting in Atlanta.
  • Stefan could hurt Elena while he’s the ripper, the ripper is like a whole different person, very dark.

Highlights From Zach Roerig’s panel via @tvdnews:

  • Really wants Matt to have a love interest soon. A real one, with sex scenes.
  • Hard jobs: baling hay, pouring concrete. Hardest thing he ever did: moved to NYC.
  • Most daring thing he’s ever done: jumped off a 40 foot cliff.
  • Was in 4-H, raised pigs. Participated in a pig scramble (catching greased pigs) as a little kid.
  • If he had to pick between being a vamp or a werewolf in real life, he’d pick wolf.
  • Watching himself on tv is awkward, but useful for learning.
  • The night he was born, the doc told his mom he’d be stillborn. A couple minutes later, there was Zach, very alive!

If you follow us on Twitter (@tvdfansonline), you know that the weekend was a buzz with the first Vampire Diaries convention by Creation Entertainment, that took place in Nashville, TN. Thanks to all that kept us updated from the event, @tvdnews, @TVAfterDark, and @vampireidiaries. And huge thanks to those that shared photos, especially @KYChelsMarie. I’ve posted a couple of her photos below but you can view the rest on her Twitpic profile in the link provided. Thanks to @TVAfterDark for the photo of David Anders.

On Saturday, Daniel Gillies (Elijah), David Anders (Unlce John) and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) appeared on stage for their Q&A panels. Here are some photos and highlights from their panels.

Highlights from Daniel Gillies panel via @tvdnews:

  • Elijah will be pissed when he wakes up.
  • On s3: nobility will have to take a backseat to revenge.
  • he’s learning about photography in his free time.
  • Daniel was “incredibly personable, asking questions, complementing fans, feels like we’re all at his place hanging out”.
  • on heart snatches, prop was latex spongy balls covered with fake blood.
  • not surprised by fan reaction to Elijah, on reading it, he knew that he’d grow on audience.

Highlights From David Anders panel via @TVAfterDark:

  • David Anders ia going to be on a zompire film. It’s dark & awesome. He had to wear contacts he couldn’t see through.
  • Will you be back on the show as a ghost? It’s a possibility.
  • What is your fave scene on TVD? Says the scene where he died for Elena.

Via @tvdnews:

  • First cut of finger cutting scene was too gruesome to use.
  • Asked if there is ad-libbing on TVD- yes, some. He and Ian ad libbed a lot.
  • What was he like in high school? Short, funny, class clown. Liked reading aloud in different voices.

Highlights From Joseph Morgan panel via @tvdnews:

  • Has been teased by producers that Klaus might be infatuated with someone season 3. Will keep asking for it.
  • Had to force Gillies. To be quiet during scenes where Elijah is daggered – Gillies would crack them up with comments.
  • They had him in the trunk for the whole scene before his first appearance.
  • This (his role on TVD) is the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Has always wanted to play a supernatural creature.
  • Last season his chair said “cast”, is happy to have one with his name. (Joseph is now a series regular on the show)
  • He loves playing the bad guy and causing the drama that the good guys must fix.
  • Favorite part of playing a vampire is the power and fearlessness, intimidating people as Klaus is fun.

MTV‘s Josh Horowitz caught up with Nina Dobrev on the red carpet at the 2011 Primetime Emmys. Nina teases Vampire Diaries season 3 and talks a little bit about her new movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” that she just recently filmed with Emma Watson and Logan Lerman.

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