Check out the most recent preview clip released for tonight’s episode “Black Hole Sun”. Hilarious.


Heads up my UK friends! Finally ITV Press Centre has announced that The Vampire Diaries Season 6 will premiere on ITV2, Tuesday, November 4th at 9PM! Mark your calendars!!

Black Hole Sun

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Any more scoop on The Vampire Diaries? — Makayla

Get ready to see some old familiar faces when two characters (and no, we’re not talking about Bonnie and Damon) return to the show. As for this week’s big ’90s flashback, not only will you get to see Damon flirting with a young (and long-haired!) Liz Forbes, but you can also expect a major hint about sketchy newcomer Sarah’s past. (It could even link her to the Salvatores.)

Thanks to Chris Mollere we have the song list for last week’s episode “Welcome to Paradise”.

1. Royal Blood “Figure It Out”

2. Ace Of Base “The Sign”

3. Brock Tyler “The Stars On Your Way”

4. The Maine “Run”

5. The Kooks “Bad Habit”

6. Vava Voom Feat. Sean Kingston “Supersonic”

7. All 4 One “I Swear”

8. The Silverman Brothers “Like You Like That” – Unavailable

9. Ashley Nite “Say Anything” – Listen on YouTube

10. Cartel “Something To Believe”

Check out highlights from my latest Top 6 Favorite Moments on WhoSay for The Vampire Diaries “Welcome to Paradise”. Then head on over to WhoSay to read the rest!

1. Stefan’s on a Revenge Mission

Stefan’s had enough of his jerk of a boss, so he proceeds to compel the guy to give him a few days off. He’s got some business (avenging his new girlfriend’s death) to take care of. So, boss is to drive his car into the woods, and dispose of said girlfriend’s body. Oh yeah, he’s planning on coming back to his “sanctuary” and he wants a raise!

2. Elena Sees Stefan

Stefan is back, and the first person he goes to see? Elena. Very sweet moment between old flames. “Stelena feels” anyone? They sit for a chat, and Elena mentions she knows about his “new girlfriend.” Elena talks Stefan into coming to a party she has planned at the old swimming hole, which is her effort in getting the gang back together, because she feels they have been growing apart. Oh, Enzo’s going to be there? Stefan is in! By the way, Elena invited new hot guy, Liam, who they’ve (the hospital volunteers) nicknamed “Cute Brag.” We’ll find out how he got that name later. She plans to introduce him to Caroline.

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EW has a preview of this week’s episode “Black Hole Sun”. Click the screencap below to view!


The CW has released the episode stills for Episode 6.06 titled “The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get” airing November 6th. SPOILER ALERT! You can read the episode synopsis HERE.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


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